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So I missed a lot of information…

Clearly, I haven’t written in a long time. I didn’t even get past the part where we found out it was twins….

To All Parents Expectings Twins: See, this is what happens to your brain on twins.

I’ll have to write more later, as naptime is now over. 😦


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One Year Later…

On October 13, 2007….. my babies were already a month old! Haha…they were DUE Oct 13th, but were born Sept 13th. So I will always think of Oct 13th as a special day for them, regardless of when they were actually born.

I’m not sure when they started walking. I didn’t write it down; eleven months? At the end of ten months? I remember the first steps ~ both were to me…. and it was so exciting. 🙂 Juniper walked before Magnolia, but Mags caught on much quicker than Junie did ~ Mags wasn’t as nervous to go ahead and “take that leap”! We’ve got nine teeth between them; Mags got an upper-side tooth before she got one of her middle uppers. They really, really, really have a thing for cherry tomatos (sliced, of course) and cheese – either together or separate. Both will pretty much eat ANYTHING we put in front of them and neither is allergic to peanut butter/peanuts ~ this will make life and lunchtimes so much easier. I eat about a jar of peanut butter myself (hubby likes crunchy, I prefer creamy but will eat either, so anyways He and I have our own PB in the house) every 2-3 months. I love it. And if my kids had nut allergies, I’m not sure even I could handle the constant worry about it.

We’re learning signs. Mags has it down better than Junie but Junie did the signs first ~ go figure! Milk and Cat are the most used signs… Cat isn’t generally that informative to us but sometimes we’ll get the sign for diaper although usually we can smell the problem first. We started thinking it would be helpful but a lot of the time we just feel stupid trying to sign to the babies. It’s a learning process for all…

I really enjoy reading this one wordpress blog – ‘andbabymakesfive’ – it’s about this couple and their quest via surrogacy for twins. The wife was born without a uterus (rare!) and they truly have this amazing story. I’m always tempted to Facebook her and tell her how much I love her blog ~ I wish she would be my friend cause I think she’s super cool. Anyways, the blog always makes me laugh and often makes me cry. I wish they lived closer to me so I could help out or at least be another twin mom to hang out with and lament about our husbands’ love for Phish (eh, they’re okay, remind me of an ex of mine so I can only tolerate so many bootlegs before I neeeeeeeeeed some Zeppelin). The mom is always so matter-of-fact and seems to have such a happy, love-filled life. Uterus or not, I wish I could be her.

I don’t know any women in the Little City with twins. Other than the much older woman that we get a lot of our stuff from. And I’d never hang out with her. She’s the kind of mother that picks the baby  runs to the baby immediately and coddles it when it falls from a sitting position. (Was coddles the right word?) Now, I’m not about to let my kids fling themselves down a staircase but a bruise or bump now and then isn’t going to hurt them.

What else… yeah, this IS only my third post and this blog has definitely not been written “on” in a while. Turns out I don’t have as much time as I thought I really did. Maybe I’ll start writing more next week. You know, when all the chores are done and all the errands are run and both the girls are fast asleep all through the night.

LOL ~ Like THAT’S ever going to happen.

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