Unexpected Surprises

Okay, this time I really mean it. I’m going to blog at LEAST three times a week. Even if it’s a short post – I’m setting my mind to it.

We received an unexpected surprise last night! We found out my husband’s best friend’s wife (he’s also a good college buddy of mine) is expecting a baby! She’s six weeks along… we can’t believe they’re telling people. We’re not overly superstitious or anything but when I was pregnant with the twins we waited until I was past the first trimester to share any news! Just in case!!

Well, as it turns out I’m late. And after DD’s good news last night… we thought it might be a smart idea to go ahead and make sure I wasn’t pregnant. So I went to Walgreens this morning and picked up a pregnancy test (I used a coupon!). I realized as I was checking out that I had forgotten to put on my wedding rings before I left the house. It’s not that I have anything against unwed mothers – I was an unwed pregnant mother myself… until my Irish-Catholic family made us get married before the girls were born instead of after. I just look really young for my age (which is actually 26). I mean, I can get the student discount at the movie theater without showing my “school ID” and I often need to talk my way into a bar because they think my ID is fake. Anyways, I look really young for my age and thus don’t like people thinking I’m some high-school floozie whose period is late. LOL. I felt stupid and back home I went, test in hand.

Hubby and the girls were eating breakfast when I came home. He left for work and after a few cups of water & one episode of Play with Me Sesame, I was finally ready to take the test.

“Tick tock tick tock ears our ears we hear a clock.”

Well, it didn’t take more than a little bit to show that yes, indeed, I am pregnant!!! WOOOOOOOOW!!! I was shaking. Laughing. “OH MY GOD!!!” This was so very unplanned, like the other time, and that’s the way I like it to be. This whole past month I’ve really been trying to lose the baby weight (from the twins) and I’ve felt like I was starving. I just figured my body wasn’t used to eating so little. HAH. 🙂

WOW – We can hardly believe it. I’m already six weeks along based on the online calucator at http://www.babycenter.com – which means I’m just as far along as DD’s wife. Weird! DD and Hubby are really really really really really good friends. He’s our first kid’s godfather and stood up in our wedding as a groomsman. My baby is the size of a lentil right now. The girls will be nearly 2 years and 3-4 months when the new baby is born.

I keep saying baby. Although secretly, I hope it’s two babies. I’ll honestly be a little sad if it’s just one – only because we had twins last time and having twins is something I’ve really come to love. Oh sure, I have my days when all I want is to be 21 again smoking joints with my BFF in our rental apartment… but for the most part, the girls have been the best gift of my life.

Baby. I’m having another baby. A third child. Will I even be able to handle all of them? Of course I will, God would not have given us this child if we couldn’t handle it. He never gives us anything we can’t handle. I clung dearly to that thought when we found out I was having twins two years ago. Strangly, two years and ten days ago.

My egg was only viable for 24 hours and Hubby’s sperm found it. This is the Miracle of Life, folks. IT’S A FREAKIN’ MIRACLE!!!! I was strongly against it before I had children – but now that I’ve had children, now that I’m having another child (children??? my chances of twins are much higher now…) I can’t even fathom how people agree with abortion. Sure a woman has a right to choose. We all make choices every day. But I don’t think anyone has the right to choose when to end someone else’s life, no matter how short it has been or if this life will give you stretchmarks and put your life on hold for nine months. I am the oldest of six adopted children so any time I hear of an aborted baby, all I could think (as a child, and even sometimes now) is that the tiny aborted baby could have been my sister or my brother or a child for my parents who could not biologically have their own. It’s so sad to think that the aborted child may have known how to bring world peace. That child could have found the cure to cancer. That child would have been loved by a family that wanted it more than anything in the world. And for a woman to choose an abortion to save her own face, body, career – that’s pathetic. Disgusting. Weak. Every new child in this world is a new life that has the potential to change humankind for the better. We just need to teach our kids to be accepting of others (races, religions, genders, etc), to spread peace, and to love.
Ah, but I digress. Abortion is sooooooo not what I want to talk about today.


So excited! So nervous. I’m a little bummed cause Hubby and I have two, count them TWO, trips planned for this summer and pretty much paid for already. Bonnaroo and then seeing Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge in Washington State. (Yes, we’re into music.) We were both really looking forward to getting away from the kids and since we never had a Honeymoon (I was way too prego with twins to go anywhere), I really look forward to our trips alone. They’re my mini-Honeymoons.
Lots to do. The girls are at Grandma’s house so I have free time to organize and clean. Of course, I just feel like napping. Maybe I’ll do a little organizing and then take a nap. I need all the rest I can get, right?

Lordy, Lordy. Another baby.
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


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