I spent, literally, most of yesterday puking. I’ve been feeling icky lately but since I hadn’t taken a pregnancy test… I don’t think my mind ever really let me FEEEEEEL pregnant. Now, I feel pregnant. And now my mind is letting me really be sick. I threw up twice at my in-law’s house last night (yeah, try hiding that well…) and had to excuse myself outside for fresh air numerous times. The smell of dinner was nauseating. I had one bite of chicken (which ended up being secretly placed in my napkin because ‘chewing meat’ suddenly became really gross) and a couple bites of asparagus. I think my mother-in-law suspects I’m pregnant. (I love my mother-in-law. I really wanted to tell her. I’ve got a wonderful, non-overbearing, helpful, fabulous MIL. I’m probably the luckiest girl in the world.) We finished dinner quickly and used the girls’ impending bedtime as an excuse to leave….fast.

I threw up several times last night (several as in seven or eight) and the last time I threw up was this morning. Bile. MMMM. Great. Haven’t thrown up bile since I was pregnant with the girls.

What if it IS twins again? Crap. I do want twins again. But Crap, just the same.

I was so sick before.

Oh and last night, one time I woke up quite literally drenched in my own sweat. Is that even normal? I never remembered that happening before. I have a doctor’s appointment in two weeks. I’m asking for anti-nausea medicine.

Several times last night, my tongue made me gag & head to the bathroom. Just the way it was lying in my mouth when I lay on my side… seriously, my tongue grossed me out.

I’m so pregnant. lol. Barf.


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