Boo me.

Boy were ‘they’ right when they said I’d forget all about how terrible morning sickness was when I first saw my girls. They were so right. I really forgot.

I am soooooooooooooo sick. I think I’ve figured out that between 10:30am and 11:30am, I’m bound to feel okay. So I’m checking in with WordPress. 🙂 But I’ve been really sick. I’ve been a huge bitch to Hubby this week (which I’m not proud of, read the rest of this) but let’s be frank – it’s his damn penis that got me in this situation. I know I know, you’re thinking: um, it takes TWO to make a baby. Well, sometimes this wife doesn’t WANT to have sex but goes ahead and does it anyways just to be NICE to her Hubby. Just so he doesn’t stray, right? Got to keep him interested. So here I am, dealing with the complications and repercussions of my giving heart. Dammit.

He sympathizes with me – but he really doesn’t GET how sick I feel. I tried to tell him to drink a bottle of Bourbon and wash it down with a case of beer…. but he didn’t want to take the chance to feel how I feel. But that’s pretty much how I feel.

His grandma died on Sunday. This is a sad thing but it was her time, so I’m not terribly upset. I’m relieved that Grandpa will now be able to leave the house after 20 years and live some of his life before he goes. (Long story short, Grandma kept him at her beck and call the last 20 years as she sat in an armchair in the corner, refusing to participate in physical therapy to rebuild her muscles and walk again. That’s sooooo very much a short version.) Because my husband is the only child of an only child (back five generations) – it was left to me and my MIL to pick out her outfits, etc. I don’t mind this. But why did she have to die this week? It’s too early to tell our families (and why would we break such joyous news at such a sad time) but I can’t help but want to blurt out “I’m pregnant. I’ve got terrible morning sickness. I can’t be of help to you. Sorry!!! Excuse me while I go puke my guts out.”

I really feel like a terrible person. Boo me. But I’m so sick. 😦



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2 responses to “Boo me.

  1. seattlegraphix

    Fruit and veggies are your friend – i’m currently on my 2nd pregnancy and the first one I was sick all 9 months – and so far i’m on month four of constant “morning” sickness. Discovered the only thing i can consistently keep down without much problem are fruits (hence your fruit salad) and veggies – also – i was surprised to discover watermelon is a GREAT anti-nausea food – will keep you from being nauseated for a few hours. Although be warned – you get sick of it all after a while.

    Good luck to you!


    • Lady

      Jen! Thanks! It’s funny you say watermelon – canteloupe, honeydew, and watermelon seem to be some of the only things I can keep down! Thanks!

      I’m only about seven weeks into my 2nd pregnancy. I’ll be shocked if the doctor says I’m not having twins again – I’m so sick! Hope you’re feeling better soon, too! 🙂 Congrats on the new baby! 🙂

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