Grandma’s Funeral & Nausea

We buried Grandma today. Well, we had her funeral today. I have to say there were quite a few looks around the room when the priest said what a joyful life she led. LOL. If anyone knew how to complain and make a scene, it was Grandma! HAHA. But the ceremony was beautiful AND I made it all the way to the cemetery before I had to take an anti-nausea pill. It’s the generic form of Zofran (generic is called: odansetron). Thank GOD we have insurance. These pills cost $439.99!!!! And it’s the GENERIC form. I can’t imagine what Zofran itself costs. This is normally an antiemetic for patients undergoing chemotheraphy, so you can imagine the sort of nausea I’m having. I’m not trying to relate this to chemo – which is in itself an incredible journey for a person to endure – but I have to say, as sick as I’ve been, I feel I can much more empathize now with a cancer patient than before. It’s amazing. The pill, not the empathizing. Within 20 minutes of taking it I was ready to take on the world. Before I took it, I was ready to crawl into Grandma’s casket and go with her.

It hasn’t been tested much on pregnant women which worries me A WHOLE LOT. I don’t even like to take Tylenol when I’m not pregnant. I only plan to take it when I’m ‘near death’ as I was today (no pun intended) but as long as I can stick it out I’m going to avoid taking the pills. I have my first prenatal visit next week (six days, I cannot wait, this week will drag by I’m sure) and I’ll be sure to discuss with my doctor other, more natural ways to cure my nausea. I know the fuller my stomach is, the less likely I am to be sick – but it’s just so hard to eat overnight while I’m sleeping. 😉

I ate so much at the luncheon afterwards that I feel great now! I might go take a nap as I can feeeel the tired coming. I’m just glad I got to eat today. I did lose about five pounds last week which brought me five pounds closer to being ten pounds away from my pre-babies weight. YAY! I finally make it back down and back up I’ll go again. At least I have a leg up on myself and the next baby-weight.

Rest in Peace Grandma. Thanks for being such a terror to my MIL during the whole time you knew her – without you, I would not have the best most understanding helpful wonderful MIL in the whole world. She is a gift to me, from you. My daughters got so much of their spunk from you and I will always treasure the legacy you left in them. I’ll miss seeing you in your armchair in the corner but I know you’re dancing in Heaven with your mom and watching over us. I promise we’ll take extra good care of Grandpa. He’s going to be a busy guy this summer.

Oh, and thanks for all the FAAAAAABULOUS jewelry. I’m glad I married an only-child of an only-child. And I know we both understand the beauty of a Big Fat Rock. 😉 Your legacy continues… XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!


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