Quest Diagnostics… SUCKS!

Okay. Can someone explain to me WHY they give you a brochure with maps, phone numbers and addresses of the various locations you can choose to patron to get your testing done? Last week, I called the number of the chosen office to schedule my appointment. Not only is there no LIVE HUMAN BEING available, the number of the very office at which I’d like to make my appointment shoots me to a general appointment-making directory. I have to supply the zip code in which I’d like to visit Quest Diagnostics, and then the automated robot says “There are 10 locations near this zip code. I will say a location and you tell me if this is the correct one.” Waiiiit a second. Didn’t I call the location at which I wanted to make my appointment? This makes no sense. Only slightly more frustrating is that if you request to speak to a person, they say “Sorry, no one is available. Goodbye” and click, the call has ended.

Who is the “genius” who came up with this system?

Final Quest Diagnostic Frustration: I ended up making my appointment online because frankly, I can’t STAND automated systems. I don’t have the patience, I’ll admit it. I clearly state ‘yes’ and the robot doesn’t understand me…. growl. (ex: Me: “Yes”   Robot: “I’m sorry, did you say Cincinatti?”) So, being the Internet-saavy girl I am, I made my appointment on the Internet. I made an APPOINTMENT two days in advance for 10am on Saturday. I arrived at the chosen location at 9:55am (I would have arrived earlier but I was looking for a green QD sign, not the red one that this location happened to be marked by). I’m often reminded in these situations of a Seinfeld episode (but still haven’t ever seen it, I just know the gist of it…) where Jerry makes a reservation and the reservation isn’t held. “Anyone can take a reservation, it’s the HOLDING of the reservation that counts.” (words to that effect, thank you Jerry Seinfeld.) SO I make this appointment, arrive early by five minutes, and I end up not being taken into a room for my blood work until…. 10:45am!!!!!!!! WAIT A SECOND. Didn’t I MAKE AN APPOINTMENT???????? If you can’t staff your offices efficiently to accomodate your appointment slots then you need to spread out your appointment times instead of making them every ten minutes. OR another genius idea would be to honor those who HAVE APPOINTMENTS and make the people who ‘walk-in’ wait until those who have appointments have been seen. (Disclaimer: I understand a ten, maybe fifteen minute allowance for waiting for my blood-work but…. 45 mintues is frankly, unacceptable.)

I know I’m pregnant, but I’d be this pissed off and ranting even if I wasn’t. I’d actually be even more pissed off. I’m trying to keep my calm so I have a calm baby and less pregnancy complications, like high blood pressure.

(Insert wild scream of frustration.. HERE. and HERE.)



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3 responses to “Quest Diagnostics… SUCKS!

  1. seattlegraphix

    Aww hang in there hun!

  2. Andrea

    I just got back from there. They are rude, they are awful, they get worse each year. And they can be awful, because they are one of two labs in town and the other sucks even more.

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