Pretty good week, other than the Constipated Toddler

Not too much has been happening. I had a really bad, bad cold last week. I thought it was a sinus infection but now I’m pretty sure it was just a really awful cold. Glad it’s passing me by…. we got our alarm fixed (the battery was dead) so I’m glad to feel secure again. We don’t live in a dangerous area, but I generally feel safer at night with the alarm on. 🙂

I’m still suffering from morning sickness. Some days are better than others. I ate some chicken last night for dinner and was glad to do so as “meat” in general has been grossing me out. Big time. That and cheese. YUCK. It’s sort of weird as we usually go through a pound of cheese a week (at least, sometimes more!!) between the four of us. I’ve cut back giving the girls cheese at lunch because, well, I can’t stand the idea of it! Dairy just grosses me out. Pregnancy does some funny things to a person. No one is allowed to say the F word either. No, not the profane one. F as in – they live in the sea and people eat them. The very mention of the word will send me gagging into the bathroom! I’ve been craving things like potato chips, mac & cheese, and yellow mustard on wafer sliced turkey on plain grocery store sandwich bread (yep, the only meat I’ve been eating consistently). I normally avoid over-processed foods but it seems I can’t get enough of them. I’m just glad to be eating!

The girls are doing great! We’re working on our plan to tell the family about the new baby. We’re going to have them point to all their body parts in front of the whole family (where’s your nose? ears? eyes? etc) and then we’ll ask them: where’s the baby? They are supposed to come and point to my belly at that point. They get it right 7/10 times…. so fingers crossed they’ll get it right at the big performance! 🙂

We’re also dealing with terrible constipation in one of my girls. It’s awful. We don’t want to jump right into medicines (I just don’t see the good in giving my 21-month-old a laxative….) so we’re trying all sorts of natural remedies. It’s frustrating because she won’t drink the prune juice we’ve attempted to give her (and her sister because if they don’t have the same thing… hell breaks loose!), even when I overload her with wheat crackers (full of fiber, and one would think it would drive her to quench her thirst afterwards – nope, she’s too smart for that). Last night after dinner, they ate HALF A JAR of apple-blueberry sauce (applesauce and blueberries always used to make them poop as babies). I mean, HALF A JAR – and she still hasn’t pooped. I feel so badly for her. We can tell she’s in pain, and she nods her head ‘yes’ when we ask her if the poopy hurts. She’s just not old enough to understand how to resign herself to get it out. Poor thing. Any ideas?

Speaking of, I think the poop may be coming. Got to run!!


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