I want my own bed.

Sick as a dog. I mean, sick as a friggin’ dog. I can barely swallow my saliva because it’s so sore from throwing up tonight. I don’t know why tonight’s episode of puke was so bad… maybe it was the chili I ate? In any case, it was bad. Probably one of the Top Five Worst Pukes of My Life.

I’m one of those people that has a really hard time getting to sleep. Perhaps it’s the quiet in the room that causes my mind to race with thoughts. I have a hard time turning it off. It took me nearly an hour to wrestle my mind into silence and fall asleep. It could not have been more than fifteen minutes later, my husband came up to go to bed and sure enough, I get woken up. Now, it wasn’t really his fault that I woke up. I’m just a bad sleeper – one small noise and boom!!! I’m awake. Here I sit now, downstairs in my kitchen blogging, because an hour and a half later I still can’t sleep. I was FINALLY asleep, finally getting the sick feelings out of my body… 😦

I want my own bed back. While I’m wishing… I wish for my own room. Seriously. From now on, Hubby’s gotta come to bed when I do or find another place to sleep at night. I can’t keep waking up like this and not being able to fall asleep. It’s hard enough to fall asleep the first time. And the all-day sickness is always worse when I’m running on less sleep. Always.

I really need to be sleeping right now.
And I’m just so tired of being sick all the damn time. WTF. 😦


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