Oh that’s GREAT.

Had a doctor’s appointment today. It went great, other than us not hearing the heartbeat yet and not doing another ultrasound to check the size.

I promised her I wouldn’t freak out if we didn’t hear a heartbeat. I wasn’t totally lying. I didn’t freak out in her office. But of course, now I am. I know it could be too early to hear it but since the baby measured small for age last visit…. how could I not be worried?

I’m also bummed because our plan to tell the families on July 4th is now a no-go. There’s NO WAY I’m telling people I’m pregnant if I haven’t even heard the heartbeat yet. No way. Jose.

My next appointment is in four weeks. Oh, that’s GREAT. (<—-sarcastic.) Just enough time for me to go crazy and enter a loony bin. Great.


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