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Feeling Less Than Worthy…

My in-laws bought the girls a playhouse. I haven’t seen it yet. I imagine it’s used from a friend of theirs (which is fine, totally okay that it’s used, I have no problem with used childrens toys in good condition) but maybe they bought a new one. I don’t know. I haven’t seen it yet, I was just told tonight that they bought them a playhouse.

Just another way to make me feel less than worthy.

They didn’t do it on purpose, I’m sure. Why would they think that would make me feel badly? I just do. I put a playhouse on the registry so that we could purchase it after the baby was born for 10% off… I wanted to buy my daughters a playhouse. (Although, not that we’d really actually have room here for a playhouse…) What, are they going to take the girls to DisneyWorld without me? Take them to Europe for the first time because we just can’t afford it?

I can’t provide for them in the ways that I want to. We can’t afford to put them into dance classes, or tumbling classes, or music lessons (yes, I know, they’ll only be two in two weeks… but we won’t be able to afford these things next year, or the year after that when they would be able to take classes). We are trying to figure out how in the world we’ll be able to send them to private (Catholic) schools. We are both really unwilling to send them to public school, for many reasons of which I won’t get into today. (Mainly, the Catholic thing.) I’m glad that my children have grandparents who can “take care” of them… but it makes me feel completely unworthy as a parent that I can’t do the same. I mean, it’s just a freakin’ plastic playhouse… right? I don’t want to (nor do I feel qualified, especially in THIS economy) go out and get a job because well… if I did, then they’d be missing out on ME. I think it’s very important for me to be at home with them until they’re at least in school (all the kids in school). I’m not trying to knock the working moms out there – good for you! I’m glad you have a job you love and that you’ve been allowed to succeed in… I never had that kind of luck when I was a working girl. More power to you! 🙂

It’s just with the new baby coming, I already feel like the little I could give them or was giving them is being taken away or cut down. And I think it’s so unfair to do to them when they just deserve the best of the best. And it’s unfair to do to them when they’re just now getting to the age when I could do stuff with them. Like baking cookies together and outings, etc. Especially now that I’m pregnant, I can hardly push them around the mall without overworking my body. There’s no way I could push them around the zoo – it’s very hilly, not to mention all the strapping/unstrapping to lift them up to see the animals… not a one person job. (Again, to all you SuperMoms out there who CAN do it all – good for you. I’m not one of you Super People.)

So here I am. Feeling less than worthy. And when I try and talk to “good old Hubby” (seriously, I’m in need of a sarcastic font… aren’t we all?) he just takes his pillow and turns his back to me in silence. Because he thinks I’m just making a stab at him and his salary. But the thing is, I’m not. He always thinks I am when I get upset about these things, and I’m not.

So not only am I the worst mom ever… I’m now an ungrateful wife. Great.

Big ultrasound tomorrow. I hope it’s a boy just so he’ll shut the F**K up about “third legs”, “penises”, “having a SON” (as if having a SON is the greatest most wonderful amazing stupendous thing that will happen to him during his life)… I’m so tired of all the male-whateverness this is about. SO TIRED OF IT.

I hope our SON grows up to be a flaming world famous ballet dancer.

I’ll write tomorrow about the ultrasound, etc. Till then I’ll just be wallowing in my unworthiness gorging myself with the butter cookies that Junie, Mags and I made tonight after dinner.


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Big Ultrasound Next Week!!

Our big ultrasound is next week. I’ll be 22 weeks tomorrow. Man, am I HUGE. I know ‘they’ say that with the second pregnancy you are bigger than with the first. I had twins the first time around though… so shouldn’t I be about the same if there’s just one baby in there this time? Or maybe even smaller the second time around since there’s just one baby in there? I’m confused by my size.

I’m starting to wonder if there really isn’t just one baby in there. I mean, it’s totally possible there was someone hiding in the first two ultrasounds. The first ultrasound we had was very blurry, the screen was very dark and the doctor confessed it was a new machine that she didn’t know how to work well. She was unable to fix the settings but was able to find a fetal pole.… I was nine weeks along though so there should have been more than a fetal pole at that time, according to all standard Google Research. 🙂

In July, we went back for another appointment and made (ok, we asked nicely) my doctor check the baby via ultrasound again for growth. Just one baby showed up on the monitor. The post I just linked to apparently doesn’t tell much of a story about the ultrasound but basically, the baby was measuring right on target for 13 weeks (the amount of weeks I thought I was pregnant before the whole fetal pole episode – so I WAS 9 weeks when the ultrasound only found the pole (which still doesn’t seem right)). Just one baby there… so we all think.

But now, I’m HUGE. I’m measuring about 3cm bigger than I should be at this stage. We’ve been comparing pictures from the last pregnancy to pictures of me right now… and I’m bigger. WTF? All this combined with the intense movement I’m feeling in my belly have me, my mother-in-law, my father-in-law, and Hubby a little on edge. I mean, if it’s twins – that’s awesome! Two babies!! AGAIN!! We’d just be so lucky! If it’s one baby – that’s awesome too! One baby!! Can anyone say CakeWalk?? Haha.

We just can’t wait until that next ultrasound!! Aside from definite (let’s hope, right?) confirmation of number of babies inside… we’ll also be able to find out boy or girl so that’s pretty exciting. My entire life I intended to not find out what I was expecting – but then came the girls so we felt financially it would be best to find out what they were so we could plan accordingly. I’m not a pink-princess kind of girl but I DID want to do a green and purple dragonfly bedroom for my daughter. Their room was also a beautiful deep blue color before we painted it purple & green, so had it been boys we would have kept it that blue! So we found out. AND now that we have lots of girl clothes and only some boy/girl clothes – we’re finding out this time around what we’re having. It’s still a surprise either way, just an earlier surprise. 🙂

Maybe we won’t tell people what we’re having? I’m pretty positive though that the grandparents wouldn’t fly for that AND that if we asked them to keep it secret – they would not be able to. No way, no how. I love these people immensely, but they are unable to keep secrets. HAHA.

The girls are nearly taking off their bibs so I must run before my floor is covered in lunch. 🙂

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Thoughts about Loss

I just don’t understand why bad things happen. I don’t think I ever will.

I’m still so sad about Miss Annaleigh. I never expected to become so “involved” with a blog. Is that weird? I came back every day hoping for an update on the miracle that was those babies. I’ll continue to read, of course, for as long as the blog remains. I cried when I read they were born… I cried when I read about the little milestones they were stepping on. The minor weight gains, eating 2ml, being able to breathe better, kangarooing – it all affected me so greatly. I went first thing in the morning/last thing at night to check for an update. I thrived on knowing the babies were doing well and growing; I said as many prayers when they were well as I did on the days things seemed to go awry. I’ve cried so many times this week over Annaleigh and for Joe and Brooke and Charlie and Lily. I don’t even “know” these people.

And yet, I do. They are parents just like me. They are a family, just like mine. Although all of my babies have been big surprises – they tried and tried and tried again until they were blessed with three. I wasn’t trying, they were trying – we’re parents just the same. We know the joy of seeing our babies for the first time. We know the heartache of being told there is something wrong. I don’t know the heartache of having to give my child back to God – but they do. It hurts me when I know that other parents know that pain. I can only imagine there is no worse hurt. The pain of losing the people in my life that I have lost is always with me. It’s strong. On bad days, I lament my losses endlessly until I fall asleep, puffy-faced and tear stained. On good days, I am able to laugh when I think of random memories. On bad and good days, I feel them around me and know that I’m never alone. Even for a moment.

I don’t know personally the pain of losing a child to God. I only know the pain of loss…. I am adopted. I’m the oldest of six adopted children. There were several times we had to give a baby back because a birthmother changed her mind or a birthfather wouldn’t sign the papers. As a child, giving back those babies… the pain of losing my new brother or sister – has stayed with me all these years. I still wonder about them. I don’t know the pain of losing a child to God. I only know the pain of loss. If God had taken my brothers and sisters away, they’d still be here with me.

I was very scared we would lose Magnolia after she was born. I was practically convinced we would. Before she was born, she was diagnosed with hydronephrosis in her right kidney as well as likely having reflux issues with said kidney. Her other kidney (the left one) never developed properly we were told, so after she was born we should expect it to disappear.

She was born and put immediately on antibiotics as a precaution. An ultrasound was performed on her kidney and it turned out to look pretty bad. Surgery was probable. We would visit the specialist two weeks after she came home. Being born at 35 weeks 5 days, we were very lucky that the girls only had to spend an extra day (than me) in the hospital. No NICU time. We were blessed. I cried all night the day they stayed in the hospital and I went home. We went back to the hospital at 11pm to visit them. I felt so bad leaving my precious babies behind. I felt like I was losing time with them.

And here are parents (not just the DiGiuseppes) but other parents I know (and blog-stalk, not in a creepy way I promise) who have had to leave their babies in NICUs for weeks, months, etc. How do they do it? Here I was worried about ONE night. God never gives us more than we can handle, so I can only think these parents must be really, really, really freakin’ strong. And God just likes to throw me on the edge for a minute before pulling me back. He knows I can’t handle the edge.

Two weeks after she was born, we went to the kidney specialist. He reviewed her ultrasound and the tests performed at the hospital and basically told us that we need to wait. She would need surgery before she was five years old. It was best to put surgery off for as long as possible, providing no big issues creeped up. We needed to make sure she was making pee-pee diapers and things were “working” okay. He said to call if we had any concerns, if it seemed like things weren’t working, etc. And come back in a year.

And so we waited. We changed diapers religiously to ward off the chance of infection. We went every two weeks to pick up the new Rx (the medicine lasted only 14 days every time it was made). We freaked out when we missed a dose – often waking her up in the middle of the night to make sure she got her “pink mo” (mo-mo is what we call milk in our house; so ‘pink mo’ is what we called the pink medicine – yes, we’re strange. we know it.) I was crazy about people washing hands before they touched her and I nearly washed my hands off (seriously) trying to keep a germ-free-no-cross-contamination zone in my house….. I didn’t let anyone (ANYONE – except for grandmas, grandpas, and my siblings (hubby is an only-child)) in our house for a whole month. We actually held the girls up the window for people to see them. Seriously, like monkeys behind glass in a zoo. I was mildly psychotic. I’ve yelled at old women in church for touching my daughters, and I’ve smacked strangers hands away. Call me crazy. (I don’t care if you do.)

But I HAD to be so protective. This was my daughter. If I wasn’t SO protective, I would lose her. I was sure of this.

We went back to the doctor six months later to the specialist who did a reflux test and checked her now nearly disappeared left kidney. The reflux came back a 5/5. A 5 being the worst it could be. He told us to continue the antibiotics and that sometimes these things correct themselves. At 5/5 we shouldn’t expect it to correct itself but he still wanted to wait to do the surgery. He said basically “the longer we can push off the surgery, the better for her”. I knew my daughter would need surgery. I just hoped we could push it off until she was four or five. That was the age the doctor said would be best. We prayed. We prayed a lot. We just wanted her to get better. We wanted there to be no problems this year. The pink mo would help keep infections away & I would continue on with my protective mothering.

A year later we returned. Magnolia was now a year and a half. Thriving. Running, jumping, biting her sister, trying to talk, and had gotten very used to taking her pink mo. We had no issues during the last year. Pee-pee diapers were plentiful. Some days she’d wake up dry, some days she’d wake up with the pee-pee-est diaper ever. But nothing major had creeped up on us.

The first reflux test was difficult; she was only six months old. They had trouble with the catheter insertion… she cried a lot… but she was still a baby-baby. She didn’t have the ability to really comprehend or be scared. (I think?) She was more aware this time of what was happening to her. She did not approve of all the hands touching her, nor did she approve of the catheter for the reflux test. That was very hard. “Daddy, daddy, daddy” she kept screaming. I was of no use to her. Her Daddy would protect her, this she knew. I would have protected her, too… but in a way, it’s nice that she knew her big strong Daddy could “fight off her offenders and protect her honor”. Mommy would just tell her everything would be okay and that Mommy was proud of her. (She also couldn’t say Mommy yet…)

Her left kidney is gone. Disappeared. Vanished. “Reabsorbed into her body” which sounds super sci-fi. The reflux test went well, apparently, as we were told by the specialist that her kidney had corrected itself. There was no more reflux… a 0/5… she didn’t have to have surgery… she could stop taking the pink mo… I needed him to repeat all of this twice because I didn’t really aborb it. It was surreal in a way. I was confused. My husband had tears in his eyes, I hardly showed an emotion. I think I was shocked? I’m not even sure now why I… acted that way. I suppose… I don’t know, I guess I was so surprised that everything had changed. In an instant.

I had been so sure that I would need to prepare myself for a goodbye. A forever goodbye with my precious Magnolia. My daughter. A piece of me. A piece of my husband, too, but a piece of me I had carried with me for my entire life. Only at her conception did she fully become My Magnolia – but until then, she was there with me. The whole time, just waiting for Daddy to come and give her his part.

I still worry now that something will happen to her even though the doctor gave her the all-clear to live life… And I count myself blessed every day that I wake up and she’s babbling (or crying) with her sister in their room. I still worry we’ll wake up and she’ll be gone. I’ll probably never stop worrying about this. I am blessed, I know. I have been given a gift that some other parents have not been given. I have been dipped into the waters of loss… And because of this gift, I am able to empathize with the hardships and trials others are given.


I can’t wait to read more about Lily & Charlie and how well they’re doing. They have a long way to go from here. But they also have their sister, Annaleigh, watching out for them from Heaven, her hands on their shoulders as they pass through life helping to guide and protect them. She’s always going to be there for them and for her Mommy and Daddy.

Brooke & Joe – I am so very sorry for your loss. I’ve prayed for you and your family for a long time and will continue to do so. I hope you are able to find comfort for the rest of your life through Charlie & Lily and the memories you were able to make with Annaleigh. You are blessed in an infinate number of ways. Even though it’s not in the best or happiest way possible, Annaleigh will always be there with you. Thank you for sharing your story with me.

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Please say some extra prayers tonight!!

One of my two most favorite blogs is a triplet blog, called “Three Cheers for Babies“.

The babies were born June 27th of this year and are still in the NICU. One of the babies, Annaleigh, passed away this afternoon after being diagnosed with NEC. Please keep them in your prayers (to whomever you pray) during this very difficult time. They need all the support we can give them. Thanks!

Bless you Annaleigh & the DiGiuseppe family.

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Oh, Disappointment…. you bitch.

I’ll just lay it out.

A few weeks ago, our flight out west to see DMB at the Gorge was changed. This was the third time it was changed, the third time I had to call & get the flight changed back to the original flight plans (long story short, the new flight had us flying east on a layover just to get back on another plane and fly west to our destination – this makes no sense, obviously). So I had the flight changed back. My husband said, if they can’t change it back just get a full refund and we’ll find other airfare.

This morning, I got a lovely email notifying me of Urgent News. Our flight has been cancelled. I called said husband who didn’t answer his phone. Twice. Nor did he call me back within the allotted time I was giving him. So I took it upon myself to call and figure out our flight. When it couldn’t be changed to my satisfaction I got a full refund and started to look for other airfare. I found airfare, but it’s nearly twice what we were paying previously. This cost, plus car rental, plus two nights hotel after camping/concerts, plus the bill we received in the mail for my 3-hour hospital stay for a G**D*** UTI (which could have been diagnosed IN my doctor’s office instead of me being sent directly to Labor & Delivery… growl, I’m not getting into that now) – it’s all too much money. So now we’re not going.

Devastated is probably too dramatic a word to use. SUPER FUCKING DISAPPOINTED is closer to the feeling but not strong enough. I’m so bummed out. I know that everything happens for a reason. I’ve had enough crazy things happen to me in my life to know that there’s always a reason, and it’s normally a good reason. And if I can’t figure out the good reason, I will eventually. I have my big ultrasound three days before we were supposed to leave for this trip. What if that ultrasound showed something bad and we were going to end up not being able to go on the trip anyways? What if I am already dilated and have to be put on immediate bed rest? What if they find a second baby in there? What if we went on the trip and something happened to Junie or Mags? I’d never forgive myself if I couldn’t get to them fast enough. What if we went on the trip and I went into labor? Or I lost the baby? I would never forgive myself. Everything happens for a reason. I ought to get that tattooed on my arm.

So, we’re not going. We’ve got quite three sets of tickets to sell PLUS two other sets of tickets we were planning on selling anyways… at the most it will be a loss of around $500. Plus of course, the $550 bill from the hospital. Our insurance covered most of it, but it’s pretty crazy that $550 is still owed. I mean, seriously. They tested my piss and gave me a glass of cranberry juice. And checked my baby’s heartbeat… I was there less than three hours. That (the hospital bill) makes me want to NOT have a c-section and push this baby out in the comfort of my own home. No crazy hospital charges here (providing everything went fine and we didn’t have to be rushed to the hospital). While I know my doctor is okay with me having a VBAC, I can be pretty sure she wouldn’t be down with me birthing this child at home. Maybe it will come by itself. I’ve heard of crazier things (like ‘I didn’t know I was pregnant’)…. and it’s possible to deliver a baby in a car, or on the living room floor if it coming fast…

Disappointment SUCKS. I’m going to go soothe my disappointment with a Flavor-Ice.

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Halfway There!!!

I’m 20 weeks today!!!!!

Baby has been moving A LOT lately. This is of course, awesome. 🙂 Hubby has managed to catch a few punches & kicks but for the most part, Baby waits until his hand is off my stomach to continue moving. Silly Baby. 🙂 According to my baby is about the size of a banana from head to toe. That’s so BIG!!! I hope he or she is growing well in there.

I’m getting bigger. I think I weighed 118 at my last appointment. This, I am appalled by, but I guess this is how pregnancy goes. I hope to be back below my pre-pregnancy weight by April (95-105, hey I’m little!). Hubby says that I’ll be back to normal a month after I’m done healing from the c-section. We’ll see about that. It’s nice that he’s so optimistic but I’m not buying it. Haha. 🙂

I’m pretty sure, not positive, that I’m going to elect to have a c-section again. My doctor said I could go ahead with a VBAC… part of me wants to, the other part says no. I’m just not sure. I had the c-section with the twins for several reasons, mainly that I wasn’t progressing past 7cm after 18 1/2 hours of labor (14 1/2 of which were spent without drugs, I didn’t need them then either but… I was tricked into thinking I did, long story…), and that Baby A (Juniper) became very distressed and they thought the best option would be to take them out ASAP. We laugh now about that last one because Junie sure is our baby that gets frustrated easily. I’m not surprised she got upset during labor. 🙂

So I have a decision to make about that. I really hate the idea of choosing my baby’s birthday. I want it to come when it’s ready to come out, you know? And being due Jan 1st, that means I’d have to choose a date between Christmas & New Years. What a crummy time for a birthday! If the baby came naturally, maybe it would come when it was supposed to -> January 1st. What a lovely day, I think. 🙂

So if I have to choose a date, which date do I pick? I’m leaning towards Dec 27-30th. I don’t want to do it Dec 26th for obvious reasons. And no offense to my offspring but New Years Eve is one of my two favorite holidays and I don’t want to feel badly about leaving my child on its birthday every year so I can party. Seriously, it’s one of two days a year that I actually let go & have fun! 🙂 SO…. I’m left with Dec 27th-Dec 30th. The 27th is on a Sunday, a nice day to be born but then my Hubby would have to take the WHOLE week off work (well, most of it anyways… I suppose he could make some service calls between hanging out with me at the hospital – yes, I’m one of those who want their Hubby there as much as possible during my stay). So, thinking of his work (he works for his dad, so really it wouldn’t matter anyways…but still…) then Dec 30th (a Wednesday) would be the best day to choose because we could schedule it later in the day so he could work in the morning, and only have Thurs/Fri off, and then hopefully I’ll be back home by Sunday. I have no idea what to do.

And then there’s the VBAC. I WANTED to have the girls naturally – no drugs, no surgery, etc. That didn’t work out in my favor so this is my chance to do it. How COOL it would be!!! However. What if I didn’t progress again past the 7cm. What if something went wrong and my vag was destroyed forever? I’d be disappointed. What if something went wrong and I had to have an emergency c-section? I’d be disappointed. My friends who have had children naturally (ie. With drugs and Through the vag) (okay, there are three of them) – all had horrific births. Okay, maybe horrific isn’t the right word. One baby came out practically sideways, another girl had a TON of stitches, one just had a very unpleasant time. They said everything goes back to normal but… I’m not sure I buy that. My c-section was no fun recovering from… but to risk sharing too much information, I’m still super duper tight & I want my vag to stay that way. So does Hubby. 🙂

Any thoughts regarding birth days, scheduling c-sections, and VBACs?

Braxton Hicks – I’ve been having them. Since 18 1/2 weeks. It’s not all the time, probably twice to three times a day & three or four days a week. Of course, they come more often when I’m out running errands, or home cleaning the floors instead of resting. I just CAN’T sit and do nothing these days. It was easier when I was pregnant with the twins to just sit around and be lazy. But now, there’s always stuff to clean up, laundry to do, cups to wash, little girls to entertain…. I really like getting them out of the house and since we’ll be in the house much more when the baby comes, I feel like I need to get them out as much as possible until then. I’ll probably go into labor at Nordstroms if I keep this up. Anyways, I thought Braxton Hicks came later. I did a little research and it’s possible to have them sooner with second & later pregnancies… I’ll mention this to my doctor next time but it’s only slightly concerning as I’m having dull low back pain as well. That is a pre-labor sign. But I ALWAYS have the dull low back pain, not only when the BH’s come… so I’m not sure. Is this normal pregnant stuff, or pre-labor stuff?? Who knows. I’m trying not to let it concern me, but like I said, I’ll mention it to the doctor next time. I don’t want the baby to come TOO early. A little early is okay but I’m still only 20 weeks along and this muffin has some more cooking to do. 🙂

We find out August 31st if its a boy or a girl! And we’ll have the big ultrasound that day to determine number of arms, legs, heads, etc… We’re hoping it has two working kidneys as Magnolia only had one working one in utero and her second non-working kidney never developed and has since disappeared from her body. (The one working one is doing much better, I’m not sure if I ever wrote about that. If not, I should put that on my list of things to write about…hm….) However, we’re much better prepared this time for kidney issues are we’re more familiar with it. That’s the good part about having a second baby with kidney issues – it won’t be as scary! A little scary, but not as much as the first time around.

I can’t wait for everything. 🙂


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Baby Name Specifications…

We’re not sharing any of our names with anyone until after the baby is born. Even you, dear readers. 🙂

I WILL share our specifications for the baby names. The first name has to be three or more syllables. The first name also needs to not be popular. I like it when the SSA.GOV Baby Name Website returns my search with “This name has never been in the Top 1000 Baby Names.” Mainly, a name can stay on our list if it hasn’t been in the Top 1000 since the mid-1900’s. OR if it’s made the list somewhere around 850-900/1000 on the list during more recent years, that’s okay too.

If it’s a boy, his middle name is: Christopher. If it’s a girl, her middle name is Kelly. (Yes, these are both family names, though they are not mine nor Hubby’s names. :))

We actually already have our boy name picked out and settled upon. I’m 99.9% sure that we’ll even end up with this name for our boy so that’s kind of neat. 🙂 We do currently refer to the baby as this name although we still don’t know whether or not it’s a girl or boy. Haha!

The girl name has been difficult to pin down. Of course, we still have lots of time to decide on what to name her.

Our baby name book (we have just one – with the Internet there’s such a vast realm to search for names I didn’t think we’d need more than one actually book) actually lists “Celery” as a girls name. Celery. Really? Would anyone out there really, I mean really, name their daughter “Celery”????

“Celery: (Food Name (um, duh??) refreshing”

Um…. ? Really? And if Celery is in there, why not Potato or Asparagus? “Gus, Tater, come here and get your dinner!!!” Bong-Cha is another one of my favorites. It’s a Korean name and it means “excellent daughter”…. or “excellent weed, maaaaan” to most people in our social circle, LOL. Bong-Cha? I’m not ripping on culture, language, etc…. but Bong-Cha in our house means something quite different than a reference to our daughters. Schmoopie is another strange name in our book. Schmoopie – people, I’m not making this up I swear!!!

“Schmoopie: (American (oh great, don’t Americans look like f*cktards now….)) baby; sweetie”

Er… Please. If you know anyone thinking of naming their daughter “Schmoopie” please smack them upside the head. They need the wake-up call.

We didn’t look extensively at the boy names in the book but of course, there were some that stuck out. Like, for example-> Uranus.

“Uranus: ( Greek) the heavens”

Oh, what a nice meaning. Too bad schoolchildren don’t carry around name definition books so they can avoid hurting someone’s feelings. You might as well name your kid Penis-head or Scrotum because being named Uranus is only going to ruin…. everything.

“Buffalo: (American) tough-minded”

Unless you’re part of native tribe… stay away from such names like Buffalo and Sundancer. Gosh, even if you’re a Hippie stay away from those names. Stick to Hippie-regulars like River, Willow, and Sky. I’m part (a wee bit, but still part) Blackfoot American Indian so I suppose….. um, no. I still won’t do it. We joked about naming our firstborn Skyhippie Tangerine. I still love it. Maybe when we get a dog…?

And lastly -> Rambo. You really have a problem if you’re naming your kid Rambo. Either a strange Sylvester Stallone obsession… or something else, I don’t know. It’s not even a ‘real’ name. “Real” meaning, from a culture or country.

“Rambo: (Movie) daring; action-oriented”


Any ideas on three syllable, not-very-popular girls names? I’ve been to pretty much all the websites on the first 22 pages of a Google search for “baby names”… and I’ve got a good list of about 18 names that are possibles. I’d love to hear any suggestions from you. 🙂

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