2 Year Check-Up went Fantastically! And a short Baby Update!!

The girls had their two year old check-up today with the pediatrician. Everything checked out fine! Both girls are in the 25th percentile for height and weight – not surprising or of concern because I was always less than that when I was growing up. In fact, at three years old I weighed only a pound more than they do right now (at two)… tiny people procreate more tiny people! Haha!! 🙂

Both girls are right on target as far as all the questions the doc asked us about talking, stacking blocks, responding to their names, etc etc etc. Neither girl tested positive for autism (we had to fill out a YES/NO questionnaire) although we admitted they do seem to wander aimlessly around our main room sometimes. The doc assured us that their wandering is not the same wandering a child with autism might have and that we need not be concerned. Awesome! 🙂 I wasn’t really concerned about autism but you never know.

My youngest brother is autistic but my parents have never admitted this to anyone & don’t have him treated or in therapy for it. It’s created a lot of issues for us, his schoolmates, and others & it’s really sad that they refuse to admit it. We have a friend who works with severly autistic children – like, she has a masters degree and is one of the top people in the city where we live who works with these children. When my family was in town last year & she met them, after they left she said to my husband, “Wow, I had no idea Lady’s brother was so autistic!” So, he’s autistic, big whoop – but it’s a shame my parents don’t admit it so he can get some help. We’d all be better off.

ANYWAYS… 🙂 Magnolia was better behaved (duh) and actually let the doctor look in her ears, her eyes, her mouth, and listen to her heartbeat. Oh did Juniper squirm and move around and squeeze her lips together so the doctor couldn’t get a great look at her. He got well enough a look though so that’s nice. 🙂 They each got a shot for Hep A (standard procedure vaccinations) and we declined getting a Flu Vaccine shot. I’ve never had a Flu Vaccine shot – not that I’ve never gotten the Flu, I just don’t think it’s really that important to get. Hubby feels the same way, most notably because the one year he actually got the Flu Vaccine, he winded up getting the Flu! We’ll take the chance and if they end up getting really sick we know we’ll be heading straight to the hospital for fluids and medical interventions.

We also got a prescription for Junie’s terrible constipation. Miralax. I haven’t decided yet if we’ll get it filled… I’d kind of like to try some more natural approaches to this issue. (She’s going to hate me later when she realizes I’ve spread her constipation issues on the web. Haha.) I kind of feel like it’s not even constipation… she can poop, she just doesn’t like to so she holds it in for days until it’s just, like, as big as her arm! I know, TMI. Or not? Does anyone else have this problem with their toddler? She’s always had big poops so this is not a potty training issue – it’s more of a “she’s older now” issue and she realizes she can “hold it” if she really tries… which just backfires in the end. *sigh* The life & times of a toddler with poop problems. LOL. 🙂

So the girls are doing well and the doctor, of course, is happy to take on another patient when our next little girl is born!

We have the middle name picked and her ‘third’ name picked. Our girls are not known by others as Juniper & Magnolia. I mean, people know that’s what we wanted to name them it’s just not what we ended up naming them. Too much backlash from both Hubby’s and my parents caused us to change their names to “something more normal”. Looking back on it, we were NUTS to listen to our parents about this. Also looking back, if Hubby was as stubborn as me and could stand his ground… we probably would have ended up giving them the legal names of Juniper & Magnolia. We’ve called them by J & M since birth, along with their “legal” names and they answer to all of them. It’s neat, and we really love their “real names” (Juniper & Magnolia). Word of advice to expecting parents -> do not under any circumstance share the names you’ve chosen for your unborn baby!!! Wait until the kid is born & THEN tell everyone his/her name. You will thank yourself for this later on. 🙂

In light of June & Maggie’s situation, we’ve decided to give our newest little girl her own, botanical “third” name. This time, it’s going on the birth certificate. First Second Botanical Last. That’s how it will read. And we’ll use it as a nickname/lovie-name like we use Juniper & Magnolia for the girls.

Drumroll please………. we’ve decided on Gardenia for our littlest lady. Both Hubby & I LOVE Gardenia flowers. He would have worn one at our wedding but he would have looked like a clown (with a water shooting flower) had he worn a huge Gardenia flower on his tux! He regrets not wearing one; I’m glad I was able to say the florist said so. Hahaha. 🙂 Hubby’s grandma also really loved gardenias so it’s also a small nod to her in memory.

Miss Juniper & Miss Magnolia & Miss Gardenia. I’m so excited for my little flower ladies!!! 🙂


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