STILL Haven’t Gotten Our Money Back from Expedia.

You can read all about my trouble with Expedia, here.

Hubby says to wait until tomorrow morning to check our bank again for receipt of the money. I shall do so. I’m also expecting a phone call today from, “___”, the woman who said the refund would be back in my account by today, “FOR SURE”.

For sure, I will never be using Expedia for anything after the money is back in my account.

Update: I am contacting Tucker Moodey, Senior V-P of Expedia Corporate Customer Operations tomorrow morning regarding our refund. I believe it kind of him to reach out to me upon reading my previous blog regarding Expedia. Clearly, he cares more about the company than the people working in the “customer service department” based on the fact that he found my little blog and cared to comment.


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  1. Thanks for the kind mention! I can assure you that Expedia does care. If you email me your itinerary number, I can see what is causing the delay, and do everything I can to get this resolved for you. Best, Tucker

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