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Rain, Rain, Rain…

It’s rained nearly every day this week! I can hardly believe. The “weatherpeople” are saying that if the temperature was cold enough, we’d have more than 2 feet of snow already!!! I WISH! 🙂

So of course, today is rainy. That’s not a bad thing, I like the rain too. We’re just keeping our ears open for water dripping and periodically checking the basement. Hubby caulked (?) the sidewalk out front and added some wood (? I don’t know exactly what he did ?) to the 3rd floor window about a month ago… and we haven’t had a leak yet! Knock on wood! 🙂

I went out and bought white paint for the trim this morning. Hubby only has to do a little bit of work today so hopefully he’ll get the trim painted by the end of the weekend… I also picked up envelopes for our Christmas/Birth Announcement cards. I’m making Christmas cards without the baby’s name but I’m including a small birth announcement card in the actual envelope along with the Christmas card. Yes, homemade cards… I know. (I roll my eyes at myself.) It’s just more expensive to buy them… too expensive, in fact! If I can save $50 by doing it myself, I see no other way about it! The cards are simple. I even got my cardstock at the dollar store! I have a paper cutter so it’s easy to cut the paper down to size. I’m adding 3×5 photos to the cardstock and decorating each with a little season wish and a glitter tree. Easy. I haven’t decided yet whether or not to write each wish or photocopy it on… I’m investigating that today during naptime. During which, I will also address the envelopes. And hopefully get to work on the 2nd lampshade.

Something inside of me is telling me to get my work done ASAP… I can’t imagine it helps that Hubby commented earlier this week that the girls (Juniper & Magnolia) didn’t start moving like Snowdrop has been lately until a few weeks before they were born… does this mean Snowdrop is coming soon? :/ I hope we can get everything done in time!!! 🙂

We’ve been looking at cars and will buy one sooner than later. Boo… Hubby is keeping MY car because well, his is on it’s very last leg. My car is a 2007 Highlander, we’re the only owners so it’s in really great condition. We’re looking at getting a Suburban or a Yukon XL. We need the extra trunk space. Even the mini-vans we looked at, didn’t have enough “trunk” to hold our stuff. When we drive to the Big City in the Highlander… I mean, we are packed to the brim. There is a third seat in the Highlander but unfortunately when it’s up there’s no trunk space… so we’re settling on getting a BIG car. We figure if we even have one more kid after Snowdrop (I think we will) we’ll need the space. Might as well get it now.

Snowdrop is doing well, moving like crazy as mentioned before… I can’t believe we’re down to the homestretch! Crazy! Juniper & Magnolia are doing great! Mags actually put her hand on my belly to feel the baby… she’s been really apprehensive about doing it so I’m glad she got her hand on there. I don’t think she felt her… but it’s a step in the right direction. They really LOVE green beans. Today for lunch, they ate peanut butter sandwiches with a side of green beans. It’s so funny, then they said “Tank you geen bean”. Thank you for the green beans? Awesome. No problem, girls, you can have veggies any time. 🙂 It’s also funny, they love tomatoes and often we’ll use tomatoes as dessert to bribe them into eating their dinners…

Junie went poopie on the potty yesterday (YAY!)… we still have yet to get Mags to do it but at least she is now letting us know that she has just pooped. She used to not tell us at all and run around with poop in her pants until we could smell her and figure out she needed a new one… it’s all coming along, I guess. 🙂 No one has done pee-pee yet on the potty.

Okay. Hubby just left for work and I foresee myself needing to mediate a battle over magnetic alphabet letters… off for now! 🙂

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Today’s Activities AND the First Recipient of the SuperFab Customer Service Award!!!

Today, I covered one lampshade. I still need to put the trim on it and of course, do the other lampshade but I’m proud I actually got my act together and FINALLY got started on the project.

When my Papa died almost two years ago (or is it one year? I’m sorry, I sound like a terrible person. I lost three people within ten days that January and it’s really all a big big blur to me)… anyways when he died, I was lucky to “inherit” some of his things. Like the dining room table and buffet – the buffet we use now to hold our table linens (that never get used), photo albums, and is our diaper changing station, I think my Nana would be proud – and we also inherited their bedroom furniture (including two lamps, I’m getting to that part), and the very FIRST coffee table that he and my Nana had when they got married! I think it’s really special that my Hubby & I get to share that coffee table as OUR first coffee table, too.

So these lamps, are awesome. There is one for each side of the bed. One is a bust of a boy and the other is a bust of a girl. They are gold (probably painted? and I’m not a huge fan of gold really… but these are spectacular) and have a squarish bottom. If I can remember to do it I will TRY to post a picture of them, cause they really are awesome. Anyways, so the lampshades were pretty ancient by terms of lampshade years. The fabric was starting to run and there were a couple slashes in them where they had just worn through. I figured I’d re-cover them when I wasn’t able to find lampshades that were big enough for a cheap enough price.

So I found this great fabric in the remnant section and wouldn’t you believe it, just enough to cover two lampshades. AND it went really well with the gold and our bedroom stuff. I saved the trim from the old lampshades so I could cover the tops and bottoms and seams of the new lampshade covers. Everything matches! I’m so excited.

So today, I finally got around to it. I used hot-glue to stick the fabric on and the first lampshade looks pretty great! I’ve still got to add the trim to it but other than that it’s ready to go. Pretty soon we’ll actually have lampshades to sit on top of our boy and girl. I’m so excited. 🙂

In Carpet Installation News: The carpet people have pretty much been saying “We’ll call you back” for about a week now regarding scheduling our installation. The gal kept saying she had to talk to the main guy about it… So, when I called today to inquire the gal informed us that they were booked through 2010 for installations. Wait…a….second…. no one said that when we ordered our carpet! WTF. So I more or less implied (via phone) that we wouldn’t have ordered carpet from them had we known it would take this long to get it installed. The carpets already in their warehouse! Anyways, so she said she’d “have to call me back”… Hubby told me that if they didn’t call by tomorrow at 5, we were going to the local home improvement store and having them do our carpet. Well, the in-charge guy called me around 5:30 today to say that they had rearranged their schedule and could install our carpet next Wednesday at the earliest! Right on! Funny how life works out, doesn’t it, when call someone out on their sly ways? So next Wednesday it is. The girls already go to grandma’s house to give me a break on Wednesdays so it’s really nice that Hubby will be here (I’m not staying ALONE with carpet installers, no offense) and we can more or less spend the day together at home. We hardly get to do that. Actually, I don’t think we EVER get to do that… unless we’re meeting at home to go pick up the girls at grandma’s. 🙂

Anyways, so the carpet is coming in Wednesday and then I can start setting up the nursery!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

CUSTOMER SERVICE NEWS!!!! A GREAT STORY! I’m not being sarcastic even! Seriously, I received GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE today from Pottery Barn Kids and I’m really happy about it. If you read my blog, you know that I freely vocalize my discontent with different companies or stores I come in contact with, whose customer service is well… less than worthy. (If you don’t always follow my blog, you can search my archives for Expedia or Babies-R-Us… both of which I’ve been extremely displeased by their lack of customer service and regard for customer satisfaction.) Anyways, so in light of the fact that I will voice my discontents, it’s of course only fair to voice my experiences with excellent customer service. I intend this to be a “regular” topic on my blog (as regular as I receive good service, that is…) and I’m happy to share with you, the First Recipient of the SuperFab Customer Service Award: Pottery Barn Kids.

Their return policy clearly states that final sale/clearance items cannot be returned. This is fair, I agree with it. However, when I ordered three silver-leaf frames last week (for $8.99 a piece, down from $29.00 each!) and they arrived, I was less than pleased with how they looked. One frame was fine, but the other two… were so not. The silver-leaf dots around the outside were missing on parts of one of them, and the on the other, it was missing along one whole side!

“Oh shit.” I thought. Now I’m going to have to deal with customer service who is probably just going to tell me I can’t return them, blah blah blah. I just really wasn’t looking forward to explaining what was wrong and that although the merchandise was final sale, I should be able to return it because it was really less than fabulous as far as workmanship. I really, really, really HATE having to ask for a supervisor. I really do.

SO I avoided calling for a day and a half. Then I was like “Whatever. I’m calling. Maybe I’ll be able to return it. And if I don’t call, and keep these, it will bother me forever that they look crummy.” So I called. And I explained how they looked to the gal, and she was like “oh, so they’re defective then…” So she asked me to hold so she could see what she could do about it since they were final-sale items… and when she came back (less than five minutes later, I’ll note) she goes, “Ok. Have them boxed up and UPS will be at your house tomorrow morning around 9am to pick it up. They’ll have a shipping label for the box. And I’ve already sent two new frames to you, they should be arriving in 2-3 days.” I hardly knew what to say! UPS WILL BE ARRIVING AT MY HOUSE?!?!?! WITH their own shipping label?!??!?! TWO NEW FRAMES ALREADY ON THEIR WAY?!?!?!

Really, I was astounded. Astounded. I’ve always received great customer service when ordering something from PBK over the phone (I had some internet trouble with my 10% code one time – when ordering Snowdrop’s bedding actually – and the gal then was really nice & helpful.) But to be helped with such a cheerful, can-do, glad-to-help attitude in less than eight minutes and not to have to ask for a supervisor… I’m just pleased. If I knew some sort of Internet coding I’d make an award symbol.

That being said, I’d like to award Pottery Barn Kids as the first recipiant of the SuperFab Customer Service Award. Congratulations! You rock and are SuperFab!! 🙂

I’m so excited to introduce this new “award” and I REALLY HOPE I can distribute more of them in the future.


Heading to bed now… 🙂


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Random 31 Week Thoughts

Random Thoughts in my 31st Week of Pregnancy….

– Her feet are in my ribs. That’s what it is. That’s what’s causing this horrendous pain in my ribcage. On the right side. No biggie. Last time it was a head in my ribcage. That was worse.

– According to Dr., she is head down – so it’s her head that’s pushing down on my pubic bone making me feel like I’m going to burst open at the seams (literally, as I had a c-section last pregnancy! haha)… so head down is good but I know she could still turn around before 40 weeks.

– Hubby printed out pumpkin carving stencils from the Internet tonight. I’m of the old school carving: triangle eyes, triangle nose, mouth with teeth, etc… He’s already carved one of our three pumpkins with some scary face. He was so excited, it was cute. He even lit a candle and turned out the lights so we (he & I) could witness his masterpiece.

– He printed out a picture of a sleeping cat to carve on the pumpkin, I could only think it looked like a dead cat. Seriously, it looks like a dead cat. I should know, we just buried the 2nd of two cats I mothered. One of our cats is still alive. (YAY!)

– We still have two pumpkins to carve. Hubby informed me he had left one of them outside by our front door. I told him that was stupid and didn’t he remember what happened to our last pumpkin? So when he went to change the cat litter (he takes it directly from the basement, up the cellar stairs, and out to the dumpster), I went outside and brought the pumpkin inside our house. He came knocking at the side door and asked “Did you take the pumpkin?” So I said all serious and with a furrowed brow, “Are you serious? I told you that was going to happen.” And out he went to the street to look for his beloved pumpkin…. I chuckled and shut the door. He came back and was like “It’s gone.” SO then I told him that it was inside our house, and I laughed some more. Teehee. And the Oscar goes to… ME!

– I think we’re going to make an appearance on Halloween at my friend’s house. I don’t totally want to ditch them, and I guess if I get sick & die then at least we had a fun Halloween?

– We just found out friends of ours are having their second baby. It’s really really really exciting. AND their babies are only going to be 16 months apart! And we thought WE were fertile. God Bless them, babies are so wonderful. 🙂

– We had a three name list for Snowdrop. We had really wittled it all down to three names. Hubby suggested a name two days ago… and I had to add it to the list because frankly, it’s a great name and I love it! We’ve had a lot of name changes around here… so it’s funny we are now up to four names on our “list”. This newest name just might be IT.

– I’m really feeling the crunch of nine weeks. NINE WEEKS. Anything could happen in these nine weeks. I pray to God everything turns out okay and our little girl is healthy. I know life would move on if something terrible happened and that we wouldn’t be the first to experience heartache… but I hope we don’t.

– The carpet people were supposed to call me back today to schedule an appointment. So NOW, I’ve got to call them tomorrow (AGAIN, cause I called on Tuesday to inquire) to figure out what the EF is going on. They keep saying they need to talk to the guy in charge before scheduling our installation… but I’m not sure why they need to talk to him, can’t we just get a date set? Even MIL was curious as to why we couldn’t just schedule an appointment. Boo.

– I weigh 138 pounds. Today. I believe the last time I was weighed before I gave birth (to Junie & Mags) I weighed 137… so this could officially be the most I’ve ever weighed in my LIFE. This frightens me. It does. I know, I should be grateful I’m not a “heavyweight” (haha) but… yikes. Prior to being pregnant (the first time), I weighed approximately 87 pounds. Too small, perhaps. But 138 seems like A LOT to me. I’m 5’1″.

– VENT: I’m annoyed that although my MIL agreed that I could get her waffles, fish sticks, and chicken nuggets to “store” at her house for our girls when the new baby is born (they’ve got three fridges/freezers – certainly enough space for supplies), when we were taking our frozen stuff home after dinner (we had come straight from Whole Foods with our goods so we stored them in the freezer/fridge during dinner) she said “Well, we’ve got another month at least, right?” and gave us back all our frozen food. With all due respect, I’m not God, lady. I don’t know when I’m birthing this baby. I think it’s sooner than later, that’s for sure. And frankly, I’d like to know that you guys have the girls’ food so that when I DO go into labor, I don’t need to rush around my house packing up food and worrying whether or not I remembered to bring frozen organic waffles to your house. Just trying to make it easier on everyone…

– I’m really excited to meet our third daughter. I hope she has red hair (I think I’ve written this before…).

– I haven’t had many dreams about the baby. However, the baby has always been a boy. What does this mean?

– Hubby is begging me to come to bed and I will oblige… with a small bowl of potato chips to munch on while he reads The Best Birth (I totally recommend this book to everyone preparing for giving birth).


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31 Weeks Tomorrow!!!

I’ll be 31 weeks along tomorrow! I can’t believe how time has FLOWN this pregnancy!! Crazy!!! I’ve been really feeling the crunch this time… I made several packing/last-minute-packing/schedules etc for ourselves and also for Hubby’s parents. My In-Laws totally know what they’re doing but they like to have a list/schedule so I’m happy to make one for them. I really feel like I need to be getting everything ready ASAP so when IT happens we’re ready to load up the car and go. I’ve got packing lists for me and Hubby for our hospital bag. I’ve already got ALL our toiletries in a toiletry bag ready to go (go me!). We just have to pack our clothes up, which of course I plan on doing some time this week. I’ve got to pack the girls up for Grandma’s house. I’ve got their Big Sister shirts in there already. I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget those the day of the hospital run. I’ve got a list of things we need to grab before we leave the house, like: Milk for the girls, which of their lovies to grab, not to forget the camera, the best birth book, etc. My plan is to hang one on our bathroom mirror and hang another in the kitchen on the fridge, or perhaps on the front door. Maybe I’ll put one in both spots! Haha. 🙂

I can’t believe I have nine weeks to go. I really don’t think I’ll go the full nine weeks anyways… I wouldn’t be surprised now that I’ve said that for Snowdrop to go overdue. Haha.


We’re almost done with the nursery. Just some touching up to do here and there AND we have to do one more coat on the red stripes. I hope Hubby comes inside from enjoying his smoke soon (that lucky duck) and maybe I can convince him to do some work. We’ve both been really tired lately so we’ve kind of been putting it off.

I’m still undecided on Halloween. I think we’re just going to nix it though. Tomorrow I’ll call my friend and admit I’m a psycho-germ-a-phobe and that we can’t come. I DO feel nutso for not coming but frankly, I’m just too scared to get sick.

In other news, I made some chocolate covered pretzels tonight with some leftover chocolate I had from covering truffles last week. They (both the pretzels AND truffles) are so good. There’s just something about chocolate covered pretzels though that really gets me. YUMMMMMMMM. 🙂

Doctor’s appointment tomorrow! Hopefully everything goes well! I don’t have too many questions for her this week. Ha Ha Ha. 🙂

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Hubby is just SO ANNOYING.

I do love him dearly, I do.

But darling husband… I can’t understand what you’re saying to me if you’re walking the other way and mumbling. Nor can I hear you when you’re scooping ice into a cup and talking directly into the icebox.

So please, don’t get your boxers in a bunch and get upset with me for not being able to understand what you’re saying.

Dear Sweet Hubby. Thanks. 😉

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We were exposed to the Swine…

Oink Oink.

So on Tuesday, we went to my friend’s house for a playdate. Within twenty minutes of arriving, her sister called to say that she was at the doctor’s office waiting for results of a flu test. They knew she had A flu but they didn’t know which flu it she had caught.

Oh, great. Friend’s sister had been at my friend’s house on Saturday (three days earlier) for a party… Needless to say, we high-tailed it out of her house, came home and went right up to the shower where all three of us girls hopped in and soaped up. Twice. 🙂

I’m a big germ-a-phobe, and it’s been increasingly worse since I’ve been pregnant. So after our shower, I disinfected the door handles, the floors, the carpet, the hallway, the staircase, etc – anything we had crossed paths with when we came home.

I really don’t want to get sick!!! I also don’t want to buy into the hype of the whole Swine Flu thing… but they keep reporting pregnant women are dying from this. Naturally, I’m frightened by this. That because some idiot decided to go to the grocery store even though they’re sick – I might die as a result of their negligence? YIKES.

Anyways, so my friend’s sister DOES have the SWINE FLU!!! We’re feeling fine so far (knock on wood). I’ve been feeling a little fatigued but that’s usually par for the pregnancy course. As of this morning, no fevers, no sore throats, or coughing. Hopefully we’ve escaped being infected.

I now have the tough decision of deciding whether or not to attend Halloween at the same friend’s house. We weren’t planning on letting the girls get candy from anyone (they’re only two after all) or go up to doors this year anyways because of all the flues going around. But now I’m wondering if we should scratch the whole idea of attending a ‘party’ all together. It might be the safest option. Yes, I know her house probably doesn’t have the germs anymore. Yes, I’ll feel like a paranoid freak. Yes, I’ll feel like a bad mommy for not bringing my kids out on Halloween…. but let’s face it. They’re only two, it’s not like they know that most kids go trick-or-treating.

Plus, it might be nice just to lay low and keep an eye on our house. You KNOW I don’t trust the neighborhood hooligans. (And no, if we stay home we will NOT be handing out candy. It’s not the young kids on our block, it’s the rest of the kids in the neighborhood who have certainly proven they don’t deserve any candy. Hooligans.)


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30 Weeks Down, 10 (?) To Go!

*I started this post on Tuesday … and am now coming back to finish it …

Tomorrow I will be 30 weeks pregnant.


That’s so crazy! Hubby said to me tonight “So you basically have ten weeks left?” Looks at my stomach… “Nah, you won’t go ten weeks.”

And I’m thinking he’s right! I never thought I’d make it to 40 weeks, I’ve been saying for a long time that Snowdrop is coming Thanksgiving weekend. I just hope that if that’s true, she waits until I’ve finished gorging myself on Turkey & the Fixin’s. Haha. 🙂

A few days ago, my belly button split. EW. What? Yeah, it split. Like, I had a cut on my belly… I used to have it pierced (used as in from ages 18-22 (21?)) and took it out after college. It is still in the healing process, I hope someday it will fully close up. I don’t regret having the piercing but I’m glad I no longer have it. 🙂 Anyways, so I’ve now got this cut on my belly right below the top piercing hole. It’s about 5mm long. I’ve also got a major stretchmark there from my first pregnancy that seems to have grown since the last time…

Picking up from Tuesday – so the cut on my belly button has healed since I started this post. Yay! I’ve had a busy week. I FINALLY picked out the carpet for Snowdrop’s room. The rest of our house has hardwood but the third floor where Snowdrop will be (it’s one room that spans the whole house, approx 495 square feet up there!) was just painted plywood – so we HAD to invest in something. Carpet it is! It’s a good thing because it will quiet down the house a bit (the 3rd floor is pretty much open to below) & will make the room nice and cozy! Picking a color was really hard. I’ve been “told” that I need to pick a neutral color (ie: tan or cream) so that we get a better chance of resale value… that’s all nice & smart but I’m not really a neutral kind of gal. I wanted a pretty green – it’s my favorite color and I thought something along the lines of “sage” or light green would work with the room. But in the best interests of resale, I chose to go with something “neutral”. I struggled with picking a carpet for someone else’s tastes while trying to match it to our paint while trying to pick something that I could live with until we sell the house. We’re not even sure WHEN we’re going to move – we just know it will be some point in the next 2 1/2 years. I went back to the store with all my samples and asked the woman there what her opinion was. She told me that green really IS a neutral color and that it was very likely that the carpet color itself wasn’t going to deter someone from buying our home. So, I chose a very light creamy green color figuring that would pretty much please everyone. The green tint was almost unnoticeable. So I leave & set about my errands for the day….

So the gal calls me back the next day to say the color I picked is back-ordered until Nov 11th! I don’t know about you but in my experience, everything I’ve ever had back-ordered always gets pushed back & back & back – and we can’t really take that chance being that Snowdrop is coming sometime in the next 10 weeks. So I went back to the carpet place & picked the green I wanted and it will be in next week. I’m so excited!! I wasn’t about to bring more samples back to our house and I took the back-ordering as a sign that I should go ahead and get the color I wanted. So I did. We’re paying $1600 for it (YIKES! I KNOW!!!) so I might as well get something I love, right? The carpet should be in next week and we’ll be able to schedule an installation date once it arrives. I can’t wait! Once the carpet is in, we can start setting up the furniture, etc.

The nursery painting is going well… other than the red stripes. We totally f-d up on them. We didn’t know that with red (and especially when doing stripes) you need to pull the tape up right away in order for the red to not bleed. The ENTIRE set of red stripes throughout the room bled under the tape and looks… well, awful. The rest of the room is stellar, totally professional looking, but the red… looks like we didn’t even use tape. Lesson Learned, I guess. So now we’ve got to make the red stripes a little larger to accommodate for the spillage and re-tape the whole room. Apparently, we also need to re-tape with each coat & if you’ve ever painted red you already know it takes many coats to get it right. Hopefully we can get all this done ASAP. We need to! 🙂

I really have more to write but I’m EXHAUSTED and thus, am going to bed.

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