I’m a germ-a-phobe but only because “People” are incapable of admitting when they are sick & also incapable of staying in their homes like hermits when they are sick. Which they should be doing instead of doing anything else.

I’ve had this “cold” now for almost three weeks. Saturday will mark three weeks. I’m on my second round of anti-biotics trying to kick this thing to the curb. So very irritating.

I got it from Hubby’s mother.

She neglected to tell us she had been feeling sick so it was quite a surprise when we all went to birthday dinner a couple weekends ago and she came sniffling & coughing. Of course, I woke up the next morning feeling less than stellar.

Oh, great.

I really HATE when people are sick and don’t tell other people that they’ve been feeling under-the-weather. In fact, I’m really big on it. If I’m feeling sick, I let someone know. It’s up to me not to spread disease around. And I feel like other people should have the same courtesy.

It’s especially unnerving because of the flu season coming and all the crapola about the swine flu and all the general winter sicknesses that seem to come around at this time of year. I’m nervous to even go to the grocery store. I carry Clorox wipes with me to wipe everything off before I touch it – I feel like a freak. However, everywhere I go someone is coughing, sneezing, wiping their faces & then grabbing things off shelves. Just last week, I was at the carpet store looking at samples. A customer who had been there longer than I that day, excused herself twice to the bathroom since the time I had arrived. When she was about to head off to the facilities for a third time, she announced “I really haven’t been feeling well the last few days. I probably should have stayed home and not come out. Excuse me for another minute.” YOU THINK??? Thanks for spreading disease, lady. I excused myself and told the store employees that I’d be back to look at carpet samples closer to the time we’d be needing to pick it out for installation.

YUCK. Yes, Customer #1, you SHOULD HAVE stayed home instead of risking the health of everyone around you. YUCK.

It’s especially dangerous for me, a pregnant woman, to get sick. Like with the current respiratory thing I’ve got going on now. My lungs are all shoved up in my ribcage and cramped in such a way that they’re having trouble letting me breathe most days. Let alone, of course, heal themselves. So the doctor placed me on antibiotics and when the first round didn’t work, we’re now trying a second round.

My MIL takes Junie & Mags once a week for the afternoon so I can get some free time.  So this week, when she called to confirm, I asked if everyone was feeling well or if people had been sick. (Her, the FIL, the Grandpa-In-Law, and my Hubby’s cousin all live at the house.) She said “Oh yeah, we’re all doing great! Couldn’t be healthier.” Of course, when we came back to pick the girls up and eat dinner, there she is coughing away through dinner. I thought she said everyone was doing well… WTF. If you’re not feeling well, TELL ME. I won’t bring my kids over. I’d rather not risk getting sick even if it means I don’t get an afternoon off. It’s worth it to me to not get my ‘break’. People need to take health seriously. People need to be responsible enough to say “Hey, I’m really not feeling well. Although it will PAIN ME to not see my granddaughters for a whole week longer, I think it would be best if they stayed with you today instead of coming over. I really don’t want to get anyone sick.” My mom lives over 300 miles away; she deals with not seeing her granddaughters. She hasn’t seen them since Easter. Big whoop. It’s just a week. I wish people would take being sick and spreading disease seriously. GEEZ.

This of course, will become more of a deal once Snowdrop arrives. I’m nervous to leave Junie & Mags with Hubby’s parents because what if they happen to have colds the same week I give birth. They have a cold, they give it to my daughters, and then I need to decide whether or not to allow my daughters back into my home. If they’ve got a cold and come home, I risk spreading disease to my newborn child. It’s really bad when a baby gets sick. Dangerous, even. If my daughters have a cold the same week I give birth, then they can’t come see their new sister. That’s a big deal to me. That’s a big deal in general. It’s so very important that the girls get to come to the hospital and see their sister. And that they get to be at home with us when we bring Snowdrop home. That they get to be there to get to know their sister and that they get to know that this sister hasn’t replaced them.

And although feet will have to be stepped on if necessary, I really don’t want the In-Laws to feel like I’m excluding them… but they haven’t really proven to be honest about their health, have they? I really don’t want to have the girls in the delivery room with us (I mean, what? Would we put them in a double stroller for 20 hours????) but if people have been sick, I really don’t have a different choice. Right?

I know I sound like a crazy, germaphobe, nutball – but I don’t care. I don’t want my family sick when I can prevent it by not letting people in and not letting my family into sickhouses.

This weekend, Hubby & I are supposed to go to an all-day music fest thing on Sunday. Of course, I’m paranoid about going. I’m worried about catching something while we’re there and I’m also concerned about not being able to bring my own food into the place. I can’t fast all day long, so I’ve got to be able to bring something in. I don’t trust the people that are working there, handling money, touching food, having contact with thousands of people… it just seems like that creates much more of an “opportunity” for germ-spreading. YUCK. Plus, being pregnant I really need to be more careful.

I’d also be a big freakin’ hypocrite if I went on Sunday considering I’ve been sick myself. Which is also why I don’t want to go.

This really sucks. I hate sick people.



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4 responses to “I’m a germ-a-phobe but only because “People” are incapable of admitting when they are sick & also incapable of staying in their homes like hermits when they are sick. Which they should be doing instead of doing anything else.

  1. joybadluckclub

    i hate that too… so inconsiderate. i’ve had people come over to my house while i was 8 months pregnant, then announce (while sitting on my couch), that their husband has strep and they aren’t feeling so well themselves. GRR

  2. Lady

    geez – i don’t understand people sometimes. 🙂

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