Finally getting the nursery ready!!

I’m so excited! We (well, Hubby) started painting this week! There’s still a lot to be done but at least it’s been started. He’s been painting and I’ve been working on measuring out the stripes for the window halls (I think they’re officially called ‘dormer windows’ – it’s a third floor/attic space and the windows extend out onto the roof – this makes no sense… does it?) and the half-wall that is in the room. The stripes are really tedious to measure out – it’s my fault, it was my idea to do them. Haha. Easter Yellow, Easter Green, and a hint of Bright Red are the colors for Snowdrop’s room. The yellow & green stripes are 7 inches wide, but the red stripe is only 1 inch wide. So the pattern goes like this: yellow, green, red, green, yellow, green, red, green, yellow, green, red, green, etc… can you imagine that? It’s going to be really pretty. Red & green can actually look well together and not be super Christmas-y. 🙂 Plus, since Snowdrop is due around Christmas, I thought it might be cute to tie in the colors of the season. And her bedding is white/bright red with a green-ish bedskirt (all PotteryBarnKids CLEARANCE!!!!) And it shall be cute once the room is totally finished.

Anyways, so I’m doing all the measuring for the stripes and it’s taking me a while. Mainly because I have to measure and tape right away, rather than measure everything out with marks and THEN tape. There are too many other marks on the walls from the previous owners, plus I’m not organized enough to do it the latter way… but I’m okay with that. We did pretty detailed painting on Junie & Mags room and while it took a looooooooooooong time to measure/tape everything – their room is really adorable and I’m really glad we spent the time doing all the little details. It makes such a difference.

Once Snowdrop’s room is all finished I’ll have to head on up to the carpet store to select the carpet for her room and make an appointment to get the carpet installed. I have NO CLUE what color to pick. I know neutral colors are best for “resale” but I would really hate to put like… tan carpet up there. White carpet is so impractical for a family with three children… I’ll probably end up with green carpet. Any carpet color ideas out there? I’d love to hear them.

Once the carpet is installed, we’ll move everything out of the bathroom and paint the bathroom. 7 inch yellow and red stripes. I’m excited.

Has my life really changed this much that I’m so excited about 7 inch stripes in the nursery? You bet. And I love nearly every minute of it. 🙂


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