I have so many questions for my doctor…

I have so many questions for my doctor… and I feel REALLY STUPID coming in for an appointment just to ask them!

I know, that’s so dumb. It’s good to be informed! I still feel like an ass. I had an appointment last Wednesday (28 weeks!) but my doctor was not available because she was delivering a baby! So I saw the resident that was there that day briefly – I just wanted to see how much I weighed, hear the heartbeat, and get my belly measured. And considering the resident couldn’t really answer my questions about my VBAC, the birth of my baby, etc – I made an appointment to come back and ask my questions this Wednesday. I had two pieces of paper (back & front) filled with questions. Not filled, totally, but there were lots.

C-Section Questions, VBAC Questions, Birth Option Questions, and my general list of Pregnancy Woes/Complaints to go over. I also have to remember to ask her this week about the Gestational Diabetes test. The doctor’s website says that every patient will be tested between 24-28 weeks for GD, and that the test will involve Quest Diagnostics and drinking a yucky sugar drink. (If you haven’t read my diatribe on Quest Diagnostics, you can find it here.) I hadn’t written GD down on my question list because I figured my doctor would bring it up but since she wasn’t there and the resident didn’t know anything (no offense rez) – it was never brought up. Of course, it didn’t occur to me until after we had gone that I was supposed to have gotten orders to go get this test done. I mean, if the office website says that EVERY patient will be tested by week 28 and at week 28 it hasn’t been mentioned…

I worry too much.

So yes, I’m worrying about asking all these questions. I know I shouldn’t feel stupid about it because I DO need to be informed. And I want to make sure that we (my doc and I) discuss all this stuff before I spontaneously go into labor early and then it’s all a surprise. I need to know my options, yo.

I DID drop off my pre-registration forms at the hospital last week so we are all squared away on that! Last time I was pregnant, I hadn’t sent the forms in by week 35 and sure enough at 35w5d I found myself in the hospital in labor. The nurses were nice about it, but I could tell they were slightly annoyed I hadn’t sent it in. Oopsie. We all got over it real fast but I’m glad I at least got that checked off the list this time around. 🙂


Other News…. I have been having MAJOR reflux the last two days. Yikes. And my pelvis is killing me. This morning when I got up I could hardly walk. I know it’s totally normal to be in pain (why is this normal? it just is.) but HOLY COW, it f*ing hurts!! I seriously do NOT remember being in this much pain when I had the twins. I’m hoping this means my pelvis is separating well enough that I’ll be able to birth this baby with ease.

I had a dream two night ago that I was in labor and the doctor told me it was time to push. I told her that I just needed to stand up and readjust myself. Once I was standing, I was like “No. I gotta push it out now!” So I did, and the baby came out in one push. Like, ploop! Out came a baby, I caught it in my hands. The baby was really tiny and was a boy.

Apparently we’re having a girl, per the ultrasound tech. Could she have been wrong? There is a possibility, I’m sure. I’m hoping not, only because I really love the bedding and the nursery we’ve been working on. Haha. The colors (light green, light yellow, and bright red) would work for a boy, too… but I’ve been planning on a girl so it would be a big surprise. 🙂

A baby is a baby, and we’ll love it no matter if it’s a boy or girl. We’ll love it less though, if it’s not a redhead.

😉 (that was a joke.)


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