Neighborhood Hooligans Stole My Daughters’ Pumpkin

I’m not about to call the police on this one ALTHOUGH if I had caught them in the act, I totally would have.

My husband and I moved into this area of the city knowing that it was still changing and aware that not everyone who lived here was a decent human being. We’ve encountered many a wonderful neighbor – the kind who let your cats out while you’re out of town, the kind who invite you to crawfish boils, the kind who take care of their properties.

We’ve also encountered drug deals while toddlers stand in the back of the car (yeah, I smoke pot but I’d NEVER EVER NEVER EVER involve my children in anything related), had shady creeps walking up the streets, had our decorations stolen from our door, and now we’ve had our pumpkin stolen. My daughters’ first real pumpkin. The one they hug and say hi to when we come home or leave the house.

I understand that this is just the way some children are raised – no parental supervision, no parental care to teach their children a kinder way of living, and no parental care to make sure their children turn out to be decent humans.

I’M JUST SO F*ING TIRED OF THE HOOLIGANS IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD. Get off the streets and make something of yourselves, you LOSERS. I can’t even get the police around here to enforce the stop signs (I think they’re just waiting for a child to be brutally run over in the middle of the intersection), so I know they don’t give a shit about the hooligans. It’s funny though, the way it is. If someone would stop these kids while they’re YOUNG, maybe someone wouldn’t have to arrest them when they’re older for something much worse.

GROWL. GROWL. GROWL. ARGH. I’m so frustrated.


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