Pumpkin Farm!!

I sometimes wish that this wasn’t a “private” blog. I mean, I know I don’t know all you readers out there (or do I?) and it’s set to public as far as “privacy settings”. I don’t tell my friends or family about this blog because I really wanted a place to share my thoughts without having to censor them. Savvy? But this means that I also can’t post pictures of my family – and boy, do I have some cuties from today!! I wish I could share them with you. I do.

We took the girls to the Pumpkin Farm with another family we’re friends with. They have a daughter who is about six months younger than our girls. All three girls really have fun together and my girls get very excited when I tell them that she is going to “be there”.

So we took them to this pumpkin farm. Free admission was the main draw for us. When we got there, they were still unloading the pumpkins from boxes!! Haha, the pumpkins didn’t even grow there! No worries, I didn’t even notice until Hubby pointed it out. And it’s not like our two year olds were going to figure out that there weren’t vines on the pumpkins! It was perfect. A small-ish “patch” that they got to run through, a medium-sized slide to go down, and enough animals to satisfy three two-year olds. The girls had a BLAST. They kept trying to pick up the pumpkins and of course, they were all too heavy. So cute. And all three girls kept interacting and “talking” to each other. I really hope they can be friends when they are older – it would make get-togethers so much more fun (and easier)!

We had a really great morning. I think the fresh air did Hubby some good. He had gone to a bachelor party the night before and drank WAY TOO much. Way too much. He threw up three times before we even got to the pumpkin farm. I think next year, he’ll heed my advice not to overdo it because we’re leaving early in the morning… silly boy. 🙂 So other than his hangover, a fabulous day was had by all.

Today, I also went “shopping”, not for anything in particular, I just needed to get out alone for a few hours. So I left while my family was taking naps. I ended up finding two pairs of pants at the childrens resale shop for Juniper & Magnolia for next spring/summer. I’m so excited. Great condition, Children’s Place clothes… one pair in pink, the other in green. I love the Children’s Place. Then, I went to TJMaxx and found two Franco Sarto (I love Franco Sarto bags) bags that I just HAD to have. Both are big enough to fit diapers (of all sizes), bottles, cups, snackies, and my wallet/cell/keys… AND the bags are also stylish enough that I can use them not as diaper bags once I am no longer in need of a diaper bag. I have a “real” diaper bag, but I find we hardly use it because it’s quite bulky. So I’ve been using lots of my big purses, etc. Anyways, so these two bags would originally cost $59 and $58 each. I got one for $13 and the other for $20. Can’t beat that. I love a bargain. Finally, I headed to Target and picked up toiletries for the hospital (travel sized shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, and chapstick). It’s nice to be able to cross that off my list of things to prepare for the hospital. When I got home, I packed in some QTips, my extra deodorant stick, and the travel toothbrush. I am SET. 🙂

So when I was at TJMaxx, I had an INSANE contraction. It stopped me in my tracks. I literally couldn’t move. I got pretty worried after about a minute because I thought “Oh No. Not here.” Haha. But once it was over, I wrapped up my shopping and paid for my stuff. (And then went to Target but right home afterwards!!) So when I got home, I of course sat down and rested. Well, usually Snowdrop is hanging out to the right of my belly button – I’m pretty sure it’s her hip/butt that’s right there. And I think her head is generally to the left. So I started feeling around for her and she was GONE. I mean, there was nothing where my stomach is normally “firm”. It just shmushed right in… my heart dropped. I don’t know why I got so worried, I would have noticed a 29 week baby come out – I just… got scared. So then I was able to feel a little something above my belly button (probably an elbow? a knee?? an arm???) and then she started moving. Boy did she move. At one point, the moving even got me to go “Whoa, whoa, whoa!” I think she turned around again because now I can feel her back in the usual spot. It was all so creepy. I hope she’s okay in there.

I got my glucose test done on Thursday. That drink is SO yucky. I WAS pleasantly surprised however at the lack of waiting I had to do (other than the hour wait that is part of the test), the swift movement of the few patients that went through the office while I was there, and the general good attitude of the nurses in the office. I know which Quest I’m going back to next time. 🙂

All in all, a busy week/weekend. And I’m done writing because I’m tired and this chair is hurting my bum. 🙂


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