31 Weeks Tomorrow!!!

I’ll be 31 weeks along tomorrow! I can’t believe how time has FLOWN this pregnancy!! Crazy!!! I’ve been really feeling the crunch this time… I made several packing/last-minute-packing/schedules etc for ourselves and also for Hubby’s parents. My In-Laws totally know what they’re doing but they like to have a list/schedule so I’m happy to make one for them. I really feel like I need to be getting everything ready ASAP so when IT happens we’re ready to load up the car and go. I’ve got packing lists for me and Hubby for our hospital bag. I’ve already got ALL our toiletries in a toiletry bag ready to go (go me!). We just have to pack our clothes up, which of course I plan on doing some time this week. I’ve got to pack the girls up for Grandma’s house. I’ve got their Big Sister shirts in there already. I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget those the day of the hospital run. I’ve got a list of things we need to grab before we leave the house, like: Milk for the girls, which of their lovies to grab, not to forget the camera, the best birth book, etc. My plan is to hang one on our bathroom mirror and hang another in the kitchen on the fridge, or perhaps on the front door. Maybe I’ll put one in both spots! Haha. 🙂

I can’t believe I have nine weeks to go. I really don’t think I’ll go the full nine weeks anyways… I wouldn’t be surprised now that I’ve said that for Snowdrop to go overdue. Haha.


We’re almost done with the nursery. Just some touching up to do here and there AND we have to do one more coat on the red stripes. I hope Hubby comes inside from enjoying his smoke soon (that lucky duck) and maybe I can convince him to do some work. We’ve both been really tired lately so we’ve kind of been putting it off.

I’m still undecided on Halloween. I think we’re just going to nix it though. Tomorrow I’ll call my friend and admit I’m a psycho-germ-a-phobe and that we can’t come. I DO feel nutso for not coming but frankly, I’m just too scared to get sick.

In other news, I made some chocolate covered pretzels tonight with some leftover chocolate I had from covering truffles last week. They (both the pretzels AND truffles) are so good. There’s just something about chocolate covered pretzels though that really gets me. YUMMMMMMMM. 🙂

Doctor’s appointment tomorrow! Hopefully everything goes well! I don’t have too many questions for her this week. Ha Ha Ha. 🙂


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