Random 31 Week Thoughts

Random Thoughts in my 31st Week of Pregnancy….

– Her feet are in my ribs. That’s what it is. That’s what’s causing this horrendous pain in my ribcage. On the right side. No biggie. Last time it was a head in my ribcage. That was worse.

– According to Dr., she is head down – so it’s her head that’s pushing down on my pubic bone making me feel like I’m going to burst open at the seams (literally, as I had a c-section last pregnancy! haha)… so head down is good but I know she could still turn around before 40 weeks.

– Hubby printed out pumpkin carving stencils from the Internet tonight. I’m of the old school carving: triangle eyes, triangle nose, mouth with teeth, etc… He’s already carved one of our three pumpkins with some scary face. He was so excited, it was cute. He even lit a candle and turned out the lights so we (he & I) could witness his masterpiece.

– He printed out a picture of a sleeping cat to carve on the pumpkin, I could only think it looked like a dead cat. Seriously, it looks like a dead cat. I should know, we just buried the 2nd of two cats I mothered. One of our cats is still alive. (YAY!)

– We still have two pumpkins to carve. Hubby informed me he had left one of them outside by our front door. I told him that was stupid and didn’t he remember what happened to our last pumpkin? So when he went to change the cat litter (he takes it directly from the basement, up the cellar stairs, and out to the dumpster), I went outside and brought the pumpkin inside our house. He came knocking at the side door and asked “Did you take the pumpkin?” So I said all serious and with a furrowed brow, “Are you serious? I told you that was going to happen.” And out he went to the street to look for his beloved pumpkin…. I chuckled and shut the door. He came back and was like “It’s gone.” SO then I told him that it was inside our house, and I laughed some more. Teehee. And the Oscar goes to… ME!

– I think we’re going to make an appearance on Halloween at my friend’s house. I don’t totally want to ditch them, and I guess if I get sick & die then at least we had a fun Halloween?

– We just found out friends of ours are having their second baby. It’s really really really exciting. AND their babies are only going to be 16 months apart! And we thought WE were fertile. God Bless them, babies are so wonderful. 🙂

– We had a three name list for Snowdrop. We had really wittled it all down to three names. Hubby suggested a name two days ago… and I had to add it to the list because frankly, it’s a great name and I love it! We’ve had a lot of name changes around here… so it’s funny we are now up to four names on our “list”. This newest name just might be IT.

– I’m really feeling the crunch of nine weeks. NINE WEEKS. Anything could happen in these nine weeks. I pray to God everything turns out okay and our little girl is healthy. I know life would move on if something terrible happened and that we wouldn’t be the first to experience heartache… but I hope we don’t.

– The carpet people were supposed to call me back today to schedule an appointment. So NOW, I’ve got to call them tomorrow (AGAIN, cause I called on Tuesday to inquire) to figure out what the EF is going on. They keep saying they need to talk to the guy in charge before scheduling our installation… but I’m not sure why they need to talk to him, can’t we just get a date set? Even MIL was curious as to why we couldn’t just schedule an appointment. Boo.

– I weigh 138 pounds. Today. I believe the last time I was weighed before I gave birth (to Junie & Mags) I weighed 137… so this could officially be the most I’ve ever weighed in my LIFE. This frightens me. It does. I know, I should be grateful I’m not a “heavyweight” (haha) but… yikes. Prior to being pregnant (the first time), I weighed approximately 87 pounds. Too small, perhaps. But 138 seems like A LOT to me. I’m 5’1″.

– VENT: I’m annoyed that although my MIL agreed that I could get her waffles, fish sticks, and chicken nuggets to “store” at her house for our girls when the new baby is born (they’ve got three fridges/freezers – certainly enough space for supplies), when we were taking our frozen stuff home after dinner (we had come straight from Whole Foods with our goods so we stored them in the freezer/fridge during dinner) she said “Well, we’ve got another month at least, right?” and gave us back all our frozen food. With all due respect, I’m not God, lady. I don’t know when I’m birthing this baby. I think it’s sooner than later, that’s for sure. And frankly, I’d like to know that you guys have the girls’ food so that when I DO go into labor, I don’t need to rush around my house packing up food and worrying whether or not I remembered to bring frozen organic waffles to your house. Just trying to make it easier on everyone…

– I’m really excited to meet our third daughter. I hope she has red hair (I think I’ve written this before…).

– I haven’t had many dreams about the baby. However, the baby has always been a boy. What does this mean?

– Hubby is begging me to come to bed and I will oblige… with a small bowl of potato chips to munch on while he reads The Best Birth (I totally recommend this book to everyone preparing for giving birth).



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2 responses to “Random 31 Week Thoughts

  1. samuraistrong

    A friend told me that you have the opposite of what you dream about. So I guess that holds true with you then, huh?

    I have had dreams about both. Does that mean fraternal twins?! LOL. Kidding. There’s only one. A hermaphrodite then maybe? Dunno. I feel strongly that the Samurai is a girl. We’ll see. 😉

    • Interesting…

      During my first pregnancy, I had a dream once in which I gave birth to a baby girl… who had a dark black lumberjack beard. HAHAHA. I was quite unsure what the dream meant, thinking perhaps I was having a boy AND a girl? We ended up having two girls. But I’ll never forget the baby with a beard… 🙂

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