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Will Post Soon

I feel like I haven’t written in forever, even though it was just last week.

We’ve been so busy! But I’ll post an update on the holiday and weekend soon. 🙂


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Question of the Week: What do you like to make with your Thanksgiving leftovers?

I’m still having trouble posting the little icon from the Multiples…And More! Blog that they use for their Question of the Week… I tried a different way this week and it gave me a different picture. Don’t know why this is…

Question of the Week: What do you like to make with your Thanksgiving leftovers?

Thanksgiving is without a doubt one of my favorite holidays of the year. (New Years Eve is also in the running for favorite! Hello, Overnight Babysitter! Hello, Champagne, my dear friend!!) Lots of good food, lots of fun, and LEFTOVERS!!!

As a child, I would eat green bean casserole for DAYS after Thanksgiving. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. (It’s a co-winner for favorite side dish with my Nana’s stuffing.) And just this past year (while I wasn’t pregnant) I got in the mood for green bean casserole and made myself a 9×13 pan of it… and proceeded to eat the entire 9×13 pan all by myself. Over the course of three days!!! It’s just SO GOOD!!!

Once I was able to drive, my friends and I would gather after we had celebrated Thanksgiving with our respective families. All of us (typically 10-13 of us) would gather at one of our houses (never mine because I lived so far from my friends… another story for another day) and drink, have a pow-wow, and then have our own leftover feast together! Other than Christmas night (when we’d get together and do the same things), it was really one of the nights when older brothers and younger sisters (not mine… my sisters were always too young and my brothers too delinquent to include…) of the families (me + the P’s + the G’s, and a few other stragglers) would hang out together. We were our own little family in a way. Now that we all live in different cities, and that two of us are married living in separate parts of the country, it’s much harder to coordinate our special holiday celebrations and I miss them very much. Especially at Thanksgiving. That’s when it’s the hardest because that was always OURS. I’m planning on doing a whole post about this, this week, so come back later to hear more about that. Read on to see my answer to the Question of the Week! 🙂

ANYWAYS…. Leftovers are just so delicious. The gals over at Multiples…and More! asked the following for the Question of the Week: What do you like to make with your Thanksgiving leftovers? So here goes…

With my Thanksgiving Leftovers, I like to eat plentifully for days. Sometimes I make a traditional “plate” of food: Turkey, Stuffing, Sides, Gravy – and enjoy a repeat feast. I also really like to make a Thanksgiving Sandwich. It involves: Bread (duh), Turkey, Cranberries, Cream Cheese, and Stuffing. Just stack and enjoy! YUMMY!!!!

I do a lot of eating side dishes for breakfast… like green bean casserole breakfast. Or stuffing breakfast. Or mashed potato with gravy breakfast…

And I eat my leftovers COLD. I know, I know – most people would say yuck to that!!! But I really, truly, LOVE eating my leftovers cold. More or less, right outta the fridge! I suppose if I ever HOSTED Thanksgiving, I’d have to make some sort of soup with the Turkey leftovers… I’m sure people do that. But I’m not a great hostess (I get too stressed out) so I don’t know if I’ll ever do that. I’m better with bringing desserts.

I don’t like my MIL’s stuffing (she puts breakfast sausage and mushrooms in hers and I’m a traditional plain stuffing kind of person, although I DO like mine with celery and apples) but I’m making Organic Stuffing for Juniper & Magnolia so… I’ll just eat some of theirs! Plus, MIL will send us home with enough food to last the rest of the week. And because I’m pregnant, she might not even “let” me help clean up afterwards… SCORE!!! 😉

As long as I don’t go into labor this week or this weekend, I’ll be able to enjoy it all!!  🙂

What do you like to make with YOUR Thanksgiving leftovers?


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I am 34 weeks pregnant this week. These are the updates on… well, stuff.

– I’ve been having lots of contractions. Only one time did I have more than 6 in an hour – but I foolishly did not call my doctor. I will do so next time that happens.
– Thanksgiving is coming this week. It’s my favorite feast of the year for obvious reasons. 🙂
– It being Thanksgiving also marks the coming & passing (?) of the weekend I predicted I’d give birth. Snowdrop has dropped just ever so slightly so I’m watching closely to see if she does the inevitable drop. I’ve heard this doesn’t happen until right before labor in second & subsequent pregnancies.
– We got the bid for the roof and it’s going to be approximately $2000 to fix the roof and $1300 to fix the interior damage. Awesome. This is not actually awesome. I’m being sarcastic.
– Mags went peepee AND poopy on the potty three days ago. We have not had a repeat potting from her since.
– Junie went peepee today on the potty for the very FIRST TIME!! We’d previously only gotten poops on the potty outta her, so this was really fantastic!
– I’m so proud of both my girls. Potties, Talking, ABC singing -> I’m just SO PROUD of them!!!
– I didn’t get to go see the Pioneer Woman when she was in town for her cookbook signing because of all the crazy contractions I was having that day AND because of the acquired costs from our broken roof. I can always buy the cookbook when we have money again and maybe send it to her for an autograph?
– I’m attempting to make slipcovers for our barstools. If it weren’t for the backrest on them, I think it would be easier. I’m having trouble with this project but I do intend to complete it. One of these days…. AND I got the fabric for $3/yard down from $12/yard. I call that a deal. I couldn’t pass it up. I really hope I can figure out how to make these damn slipcovers so my kitchen will look fabulous.
– I FINALLY found wall sconces for our family room. We have these incredibly UGLY UGLY UGLY ones that have been there since… 1985 (?) – okay, probably later than that but they sure are tacky! Anyways, I found them and am waiting for the Ebay guy to email me back and let me know that I can still purchase two of them instead of just the one. I’m so excited!!! I hope he still has two!
– OOOH Contraction. M-EF.

Heading upstairs to lay down and hopefully ward off the contraction I know is coming.

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Disaster House…

We have pretty much completed the third floor, aka the baby’s room.

Carpet is in. Painting was completed. I had even begun to hang pictures on the wall and set up the knick-knacks. I even put all the bedding on. We were to paint the third floor bathroom this week and more or less, be finished with finishing (ha) the third floor.

Around 11:15pm tonight, our third floor “smoke/monoxide” alarm went off. We rushed upstairs to discover that water was streaming (aka POURING like a vertical river) through the alarm and onto our freshly installed carpeting. Not only that, the whole ceiling is leaking. Leaking as in, we had to empty bins and bins of stored items to provide enough “bucket space” for the water. It’s a disaster.

And it’s supposed to rain for the next three days, according to the weather report. Awesome.

Yes, we have homeowners insurance but our deductible is high enough that it won’t cover this damage so we’ll be paying out of pocket for it all. 😦

Yes, life could be worse. We could live in a hut in Ethiopia with a bowl of rice and a baby on the way. (This is what Hubby said trying to console me as I sobbed and sobbed while mopping up the carpet with a towel.)

We’ve had some issues with leaking areas before… they were mainly caused by clogged gutters. Once we had fixed that, the leaking stopped.

The other month our neighbors had a really bad leak in their ceiling. We live in a building with two other “townhomes”. I’m beginning to wonder what imbeciles installed our roof… right?

Anyways. I feel better getting this off my chest and into the World Wide Web. I’m off to go upstairs and cuddle my blankie and pray that it doesn’t rain the next few days. And that my contractions stop. I’ve had two in the last 20 minutes or so… This is SO not the night to be in labor. (Ha. Ha. Ha.)


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Question of the Week: Name 5 small successes in your life from the past week. (And yes, laundry counts!)

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Question of the Week from the Multiples…and More! Blogsite: Name 5 small successes in your life from the past week. (and yes, laundry counts!)

1. Laundry. In anticipation of my family’s visit from the Big City, we did a lot of cleaning up around here which led to LOADS and LOADS of laundry. We’ve still got a couple piles hidden in the basement but we probably did about ten loads between Tuesday and Friday afternoons… Go us!!

2. Hung some frames & pictures. Our room is hardly decorated at all. I recently purchased frames from Pottery Barn Kids that would match our bedroom and so we got them hung up. No pictures in them yet, but at least they are hung & ready!

3. Packed for the Hospital. We’re all packed for the hospital. I did have to take the girls’ black stretchy pants out of their bag so they could wear them last night, BUT other than needing to now wash those and repack, we’re all set to jet off to the hospital when we need to. 🙂

4. Made a Curtain for our kitchen window. Actually, I made two. But the first curtain turned out to be about four inches too short on each side. So I went to the fabric store for something different (I had used some leftover fabric from an upstairs curtain I made last year) and ended up finding some great fabric for only $3/yard (originally it was over $12/yard) Thank you Veterans Day Sale!! 🙂 So I made a new curtain and it actually looks better & goes with the curtain much better than the first one. Now I just need to make some slipcovers for the barstools and we’ll be set.

5. I’ve been nice to my mom this whole weekend (So far. They leave this afternoon. Who knows if something will go down at breakfast, haha.) even though she’s been a total bitch. Go me for not being the one to act like a child!! 🙂

Five Small Successes. 🙂

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Zero Faith in my district’s police force. Zero.

We had to call 911 tonight. Again. This is relatively usual for us. After 10 minutes had passed with no cop in sight, I called my district. While I was on the phone with the gal, who didn’t even know the streets around here (I mean, if you work for the district, aren’t you supposed to be familiar with it????), a cop finally showed up.

We called 911 because there was a car pulled over all wacky on the street and a big guy had a person pushed up against the fence, all threatening like from behind the person, waving his belt around like a banshee, speaking low enough that we couldn’t hear the words but we could tell they were not good words. He was hitting the person (okay, I only saw him whack the person twice on the bottom), and clearly threatening this person. This person turned out to be a woman, we only realized this once she started to struggle and said “Let me go! Let me go!”

Like I said, when I was on the phone with our district the cop finally pulled up. The bad guy had just gotten into his car and had put the girl in the BACK SEAT.

Of course, this SCREAMS TO ME that this is NOT a good situation. What did the cops do? They questioned him and from what we heard (from the 3rd floor window where we were listening with big ears) the bad guy goes “Aw, you know, sometimes your emotions get the best of you. Our emotions just got out of hand.” First of all, please read that with an Ebonics accent – I don’t even know the first of how I’d translate that by written word.

I’m angry on so many levels here. So many fucking levels. Hubby tells me that if the girl didn’t want to press charges then there’s nothing they (the cops) can do about it and they have to just let the guy go. Oh, great. So no one can help this girl who so obviously NEEDS someone to hold her hand? Also, well, duh- The guy was just threatening her OF COURSE she’s not going to be like “yeah, press charges!” Who knows what he was saying to her. Does she have children? Did he threaten her children? Her parents? Her loved ones? I’m sorry but emotions are not a reason to hit. EVER.

They didn’t even search the guy. What if he had a gun? Crazy person drugs?

He had her in the back seat. That says to me that he’s taking her somewhere she doesn’t want to go, possibly to her grave.

Do I watch too much Dexter? Too many cop shows? Probably. But it’s really made me think about these kinds of things in a different light. I think I expect the worst from people, from bad people. But when it’s midnight on a Thursday and you’ve pulled over, car door open, and you have a woman pinned up against a fence and you’re threatening her??? I can’t help but think I’m right on track thinking something is going on that’s quite greater than emotions.

So after taking 11 minutes to GET HERE, they stayed no more than five minutes to question the guy, likely they also questioned the girl during this time but we didn’t hear anything she said.

This leads me to this-> I have ZERO faith in my district’s police force. We call 911 TWICE to report that someone is being assaulted outside of our home and it takes them ELEVEN MINUTES TO GET HERE. ELEVEN. Had this man had a gun, he could have shot the girl and gotten away long before a cop showed up. Hell, he could have broken down our door and shot us up, too. I don’t live in a huge city like NYC or Chicago or LA. It’s not a small town but certainly it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes to get anywhere – and certainly within a district, it only takes a few minutes. For Christ’s sake, we actually live three blocks from a Police Sub-Station. How could I ever have faith in my police district when they don’t give a shit about speed limits, stop signs, hooligans, and now clearly – they could care less that some guy is beating up on some girl outside of my home. ELEVEN MINUTES. ZERO FAITH.

This is one of those nights that I’m extremely disappointed in just so much. I want to go back home, to the Big City and live in the gated community where I grew up (okay, it wasn’t gated, but it was about a step down from that) and the biggest issue was the occasional mail box drive-by and TP-ing around Homecoming Season. Oh, and the coyotes who might eat your dog if you left it outside overnight.

No wonder my parents sheltered me. I wish the world was a peaceful place because I frankly, can’t stand the way it is now.


Note to Self for Future Reference If Needed:
He was wearing a yellow shirt, dark pants. Big Guy. She had on what looks like a light blue jump suit. Looked slightly heavier once she was seated in the back seat. He drove a white four door car… I think it was a Mitsubishi?

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Apprehensively Awaiting Company…

So my family is scheduled to come in tomorrow night for a weekend visit. My sisters will be staying with us but my parents and younger brother will be in a hotel (THANK GOD). When they first planned the trip, I said it was fine to come visit but that if anyone has been sick that we’d rather they didn’t come down.

Now my relationship with my parents (specifically my mother, no surprise) has always been strained. (It’s difficult for me to look past the day she said that she & my dad should have adopted six dogs instead of six kids…) OF COURSE, she’s come down with what sounds (over the phone) like a bad chest congestion/upper respiratory infection/etc. She’s had it now for three weeks and just went on antibiotics at the beginning of this week. As of yesterday, she says that she’s feeling better – but really, she could hardly speak and she kept coughing!

I can’t help but worry, of course. I cannot get sick again – it took nearly seven weeks for me to get rid of the respiratory infection I had back in September. My lung capacity at this point in time is much less than back then… I really can’t get sick.

So if I tell them not to come down, she’ll hold a grudge on me until the day the world ends and they’ll end up not coming down for a whole year (yep, because of the grudge) and she’ll mention it any time she can about how I wouldn’t let her in my house because she was sick.

But if I let them come down and visit… I’m risking getting sick and having potentially bad complications because of it. And I’ll be paranoid the whole time about her germ-ing up my disease free home.

What do I do??


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