“Love you Mommy”

Oh goodness. I’m enjoying it every time I hear it because I KNOW there will be a day they’re stomping up the staircase and slamming their bedroom doors and telling me they hate me.

Magnolia is the one who is mainly says it to us… but we do get it from Junie, too. It’s begun to become unprompted which is just precious. Like today, on our walk Magnolia out of the blue says “Love you Mommy”. So very precious indeed.

In other news, as I typed this short post, Juniper had a poop on the potty. Commence wild cheering and a round of applause from the whole family. As she got her new diaper she says “Big poopy, BIG poopy!!!” Yes, Junie, it was big. And although I hope we’re telling each other forever that we love each other… I do hope we don’t have to cheer on the big poopies forever. Haha. 🙂

Anybody have thoughts about Pull-Ups? Someone in my MIL’s exercise class told her that they used Pull-Ups for about a week with their daughter before she was potty trained. You think this could work?


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