Down to the HomeStretch!

So last night I had lots of contractions. I didn’t call my doctor because they were so irregular but many of them were painful… most just really uncomfortable. So today I’m watching out for more contractions. Hopefully I won’t be heading to the hospital! I’m almost 32 weeks but that is still really early! :/

We weren’t really packed for the hospital, but now we are!! I got my stuff together, Hubby’s stuff together and this morning I packed Junie & Mags up for their “vacation” at Grandma’s house! I’ve got a few other things to grab from around the house but we’re pretty much ready to go!

I had one contraction this morning right when I woke up but that was over an hour ago and I haven’t had one since. I’ve felt Snowdrop moving a little bit so I’m not too worried about her. However, if I do have any more contractions like last night… then I will be calling the doctor!

Okie dokie. Off to the couch to do some serious resting… and watching of Disney Princess movies. I think we’ll start with “Rella” as the girls like to call her… 🙂


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