Question of the Week: How do you stay beautiful on a budget?

So over at the Multiples…And More! Blogsite, they do a Question of the Week every week. I’ve decided to TRY my hardest to start doing these as it will give me writing fodder & might encourage me to write more often on my blog! I know once Snowdrop arrives, my brain will be on baby-time and not necessarily working creatively… at least for a few months. 🙂

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So the Question of the Week is: How do you stay beautiful on a budget?

Hubby and I are certainly NOT wealthy but I do make sure to spend a little on myself to keep my spirits up and looking human! He gets to drink his locally brewed beer, I should get to spend a little on my body right? Haha. Once every month and a half I get my eyebrows waxed and my moustache (yes, please pronounce that “moose-tache”) waxed. That costs roughly $32. I tip the girl to make it an even $35. Yes, $35 is a hefty amount of change for a “spa treatment”. It’s the one real luxury I allow myself in terms of “beauty”. I look like an amazon woman for the last week before my appointment… but going once a month would be too often. And the hair removal creams are far too harsh to use on my skin. AND there’s no way I’d be able to go through with waxing my own face. OUCH!!!

I don’t get my nails done (unless my MIL gets me a giftcard to the local nail place) – I do them myself if there’s ever a reason. Frankly, I wash my hands too many times a day to validate paying someone to paint my nails – the polish would be off by the day’s end! And I only get my hairs cut once a year, twice at most. I’m in a constant state of growing it out… so, I got it cut this year in January and again on my birthday in September. Even in September that was just because it was my birthday… And I guess it needed a trim.

As far as make-up goes… I try and remember to wash my face every night before bed and apply lotion (simply, Oil of Olay). Nope, I don’t ALWAYS remember – but I do feel that keeping my skin in good condition is a great step to staying “beautiful”. I don’t wear makeup unless I’m going out of the house – so that’s a pretty big budget cut right there! Plus, when I do wear makeup it’s not a lot. I wear Clinique UnderEye Concealer (not sure if that’s what it’s called, but that’s where I use it), Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, and Clinique Blush. Oh, and lip gloss. I buy makeup when it’s on sale, or during “Bonus Days”, so I at least get a little gift with my purchase. The Maybelline Mascara I can get for Buy One Get One at Walgreens (or another good discount) so when it does go on sale, I buy two of them – it will keep for up to a year, I believe.

I don’t use drug store cosmetics because I have super sensitive skin. I’ve been using Clinique makeup since I was a teenager and stick to it now because of the “success” I’ve had using it. 🙂

I guess it’s on a budget. I don’t use a lot of products. And I am sure to buy good quality products so they last longer and don’t have a negative effect on my skin – which would cause me to spend more money in the end. I think you get what you pay for and when it comes to “beauty” – it’s important to be safe. 🙂


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