Apprehensively Awaiting Company…

So my family is scheduled to come in tomorrow night for a weekend visit. My sisters will be staying with us but my parents and younger brother will be in a hotel (THANK GOD). When they first planned the trip, I said it was fine to come visit but that if anyone has been sick that we’d rather they didn’t come down.

Now my relationship with my parents (specifically my mother, no surprise) has always been strained. (It’s difficult for me to look past the day she said that she & my dad should have adopted six dogs instead of six kids…) OF COURSE, she’s come down with what sounds (over the phone) like a bad chest congestion/upper respiratory infection/etc. She’s had it now for three weeks and just went on antibiotics at the beginning of this week. As of yesterday, she says that she’s feeling better – but really, she could hardly speak and she kept coughing!

I can’t help but worry, of course. I cannot get sick again – it took nearly seven weeks for me to get rid of the respiratory infection I had back in September. My lung capacity at this point in time is much less than back then… I really can’t get sick.

So if I tell them not to come down, she’ll hold a grudge on me until the day the world ends and they’ll end up not coming down for a whole year (yep, because of the grudge) and she’ll mention it any time she can about how I wouldn’t let her in my house because she was sick.

But if I let them come down and visit… I’m risking getting sick and having potentially bad complications because of it. And I’ll be paranoid the whole time about her germ-ing up my disease free home.

What do I do??



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