Zero Faith in my district’s police force. Zero.

We had to call 911 tonight. Again. This is relatively usual for us. After 10 minutes had passed with no cop in sight, I called my district. While I was on the phone with the gal, who didn’t even know the streets around here (I mean, if you work for the district, aren’t you supposed to be familiar with it????), a cop finally showed up.

We called 911 because there was a car pulled over all wacky on the street and a big guy had a person pushed up against the fence, all threatening like from behind the person, waving his belt around like a banshee, speaking low enough that we couldn’t hear the words but we could tell they were not good words. He was hitting the person (okay, I only saw him whack the person twice on the bottom), and clearly threatening this person. This person turned out to be a woman, we only realized this once she started to struggle and said “Let me go! Let me go!”

Like I said, when I was on the phone with our district the cop finally pulled up. The bad guy had just gotten into his car and had put the girl in the BACK SEAT.

Of course, this SCREAMS TO ME that this is NOT a good situation. What did the cops do? They questioned him and from what we heard (from the 3rd floor window where we were listening with big ears) the bad guy goes “Aw, you know, sometimes your emotions get the best of you. Our emotions just got out of hand.” First of all, please read that with an Ebonics accent – I don’t even know the first of how I’d translate that by written word.

I’m angry on so many levels here. So many fucking levels. Hubby tells me that if the girl didn’t want to press charges then there’s nothing they (the cops) can do about it and they have to just let the guy go. Oh, great. So no one can help this girl who so obviously NEEDS someone to hold her hand? Also, well, duh- The guy was just threatening her OF COURSE she’s not going to be like “yeah, press charges!” Who knows what he was saying to her. Does she have children? Did he threaten her children? Her parents? Her loved ones? I’m sorry but emotions are not a reason to hit. EVER.

They didn’t even search the guy. What if he had a gun? Crazy person drugs?

He had her in the back seat. That says to me that he’s taking her somewhere she doesn’t want to go, possibly to her grave.

Do I watch too much Dexter? Too many cop shows? Probably. But it’s really made me think about these kinds of things in a different light. I think I expect the worst from people, from bad people. But when it’s midnight on a Thursday and you’ve pulled over, car door open, and you have a woman pinned up against a fence and you’re threatening her??? I can’t help but think I’m right on track thinking something is going on that’s quite greater than emotions.

So after taking 11 minutes to GET HERE, they stayed no more than five minutes to question the guy, likely they also questioned the girl during this time but we didn’t hear anything she said.

This leads me to this-> I have ZERO faith in my district’s police force. We call 911 TWICE to report that someone is being assaulted outside of our home and it takes them ELEVEN MINUTES TO GET HERE. ELEVEN. Had this man had a gun, he could have shot the girl and gotten away long before a cop showed up. Hell, he could have broken down our door and shot us up, too. I don’t live in a huge city like NYC or Chicago or LA. It’s not a small town but certainly it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes to get anywhere – and certainly within a district, it only takes a few minutes. For Christ’s sake, we actually live three blocks from a Police Sub-Station. How could I ever have faith in my police district when they don’t give a shit about speed limits, stop signs, hooligans, and now clearly – they could care less that some guy is beating up on some girl outside of my home. ELEVEN MINUTES. ZERO FAITH.

This is one of those nights that I’m extremely disappointed in just so much. I want to go back home, to the Big City and live in the gated community where I grew up (okay, it wasn’t gated, but it was about a step down from that) and the biggest issue was the occasional mail box drive-by and TP-ing around Homecoming Season. Oh, and the coyotes who might eat your dog if you left it outside overnight.

No wonder my parents sheltered me. I wish the world was a peaceful place because I frankly, can’t stand the way it is now.


Note to Self for Future Reference If Needed:
He was wearing a yellow shirt, dark pants. Big Guy. She had on what looks like a light blue jump suit. Looked slightly heavier once she was seated in the back seat. He drove a white four door car… I think it was a Mitsubishi?


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