Disaster House…

We have pretty much completed the third floor, aka the baby’s room.

Carpet is in. Painting was completed. I had even begun to hang pictures on the wall and set up the knick-knacks. I even put all the bedding on. We were to paint the third floor bathroom this week and more or less, be finished with finishing (ha) the third floor.

Around 11:15pm tonight, our third floor “smoke/monoxide” alarm went off. We rushed upstairs to discover that water was streaming (aka POURING like a vertical river) through the alarm and onto our freshly installed carpeting. Not only that, the whole ceiling is leaking. Leaking as in, we had to empty bins and bins of stored items to provide enough “bucket space” for the water. It’s a disaster.

And it’s supposed to rain for the next three days, according to the weather report. Awesome.

Yes, we have homeowners insurance but our deductible is high enough that it won’t cover this damage so we’ll be paying out of pocket for it all. 😦

Yes, life could be worse. We could live in a hut in Ethiopia with a bowl of rice and a baby on the way. (This is what Hubby said trying to console me as I sobbed and sobbed while mopping up the carpet with a towel.)

We’ve had some issues with leaking areas before… they were mainly caused by clogged gutters. Once we had fixed that, the leaking stopped.

The other month our neighbors had a really bad leak in their ceiling. We live in a building with two other “townhomes”. I’m beginning to wonder what imbeciles installed our roof… right?

Anyways. I feel better getting this off my chest and into the World Wide Web. I’m off to go upstairs and cuddle my blankie and pray that it doesn’t rain the next few days. And that my contractions stop. I’ve had two in the last 20 minutes or so… This is SO not the night to be in labor. (Ha. Ha. Ha.)


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