I am 34 weeks pregnant this week. These are the updates on… well, stuff.

– I’ve been having lots of contractions. Only one time did I have more than 6 in an hour – but I foolishly did not call my doctor. I will do so next time that happens.
– Thanksgiving is coming this week. It’s my favorite feast of the year for obvious reasons. 🙂
– It being Thanksgiving also marks the coming & passing (?) of the weekend I predicted I’d give birth. Snowdrop has dropped just ever so slightly so I’m watching closely to see if she does the inevitable drop. I’ve heard this doesn’t happen until right before labor in second & subsequent pregnancies.
– We got the bid for the roof and it’s going to be approximately $2000 to fix the roof and $1300 to fix the interior damage. Awesome. This is not actually awesome. I’m being sarcastic.
– Mags went peepee AND poopy on the potty three days ago. We have not had a repeat potting from her since.
– Junie went peepee today on the potty for the very FIRST TIME!! We’d previously only gotten poops on the potty outta her, so this was really fantastic!
– I’m so proud of both my girls. Potties, Talking, ABC singing -> I’m just SO PROUD of them!!!
– I didn’t get to go see the Pioneer Woman when she was in town for her cookbook signing because of all the crazy contractions I was having that day AND because of the acquired costs from our broken roof. I can always buy the cookbook when we have money again and maybe send it to her for an autograph?
– I’m attempting to make slipcovers for our barstools. If it weren’t for the backrest on them, I think it would be easier. I’m having trouble with this project but I do intend to complete it. One of these days…. AND I got the fabric for $3/yard down from $12/yard. I call that a deal. I couldn’t pass it up. I really hope I can figure out how to make these damn slipcovers so my kitchen will look fabulous.
– I FINALLY found wall sconces for our family room. We have these incredibly UGLY UGLY UGLY ones that have been there since… 1985 (?) – okay, probably later than that but they sure are tacky! Anyways, I found them and am waiting for the Ebay guy to email me back and let me know that I can still purchase two of them instead of just the one. I’m so excited!!! I hope he still has two!
– OOOH Contraction. M-EF.

Heading upstairs to lay down and hopefully ward off the contraction I know is coming.


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