Question of the Week: What do you like to make with your Thanksgiving leftovers?

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Question of the Week: What do you like to make with your Thanksgiving leftovers?

Thanksgiving is without a doubt one of my favorite holidays of the year. (New Years Eve is also in the running for favorite! Hello, Overnight Babysitter! Hello, Champagne, my dear friend!!) Lots of good food, lots of fun, and LEFTOVERS!!!

As a child, I would eat green bean casserole for DAYS after Thanksgiving. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. (It’s a co-winner for favorite side dish with my Nana’s stuffing.) And just this past year (while I wasn’t pregnant) I got in the mood for green bean casserole and made myself a 9×13 pan of it… and proceeded to eat the entire 9×13 pan all by myself. Over the course of three days!!! It’s just SO GOOD!!!

Once I was able to drive, my friends and I would gather after we had celebrated Thanksgiving with our respective families. All of us (typically 10-13 of us) would gather at one of our houses (never mine because I lived so far from my friends… another story for another day) and drink, have a pow-wow, and then have our own leftover feast together! Other than Christmas night (when we’d get together and do the same things), it was really one of the nights when older brothers and younger sisters (not mine… my sisters were always too young and my brothers too delinquent to include…) of the families (me + the P’s + the G’s, and a few other stragglers) would hang out together. We were our own little family in a way. Now that we all live in different cities, and that two of us are married living in separate parts of the country, it’s much harder to coordinate our special holiday celebrations and I miss them very much. Especially at Thanksgiving. That’s when it’s the hardest because that was always OURS. I’m planning on doing a whole post about this, this week, so come back later to hear more about that. Read on to see my answer to the Question of the Week! 🙂

ANYWAYS…. Leftovers are just so delicious. The gals over at Multiples…and More! asked the following for the Question of the Week: What do you like to make with your Thanksgiving leftovers? So here goes…

With my Thanksgiving Leftovers, I like to eat plentifully for days. Sometimes I make a traditional “plate” of food: Turkey, Stuffing, Sides, Gravy – and enjoy a repeat feast. I also really like to make a Thanksgiving Sandwich. It involves: Bread (duh), Turkey, Cranberries, Cream Cheese, and Stuffing. Just stack and enjoy! YUMMY!!!!

I do a lot of eating side dishes for breakfast… like green bean casserole breakfast. Or stuffing breakfast. Or mashed potato with gravy breakfast…

And I eat my leftovers COLD. I know, I know – most people would say yuck to that!!! But I really, truly, LOVE eating my leftovers cold. More or less, right outta the fridge! I suppose if I ever HOSTED Thanksgiving, I’d have to make some sort of soup with the Turkey leftovers… I’m sure people do that. But I’m not a great hostess (I get too stressed out) so I don’t know if I’ll ever do that. I’m better with bringing desserts.

I don’t like my MIL’s stuffing (she puts breakfast sausage and mushrooms in hers and I’m a traditional plain stuffing kind of person, although I DO like mine with celery and apples) but I’m making Organic Stuffing for Juniper & Magnolia so… I’ll just eat some of theirs! Plus, MIL will send us home with enough food to last the rest of the week. And because I’m pregnant, she might not even “let” me help clean up afterwards… SCORE!!! 😉

As long as I don’t go into labor this week or this weekend, I’ll be able to enjoy it all!!  🙂

What do you like to make with YOUR Thanksgiving leftovers?



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2 responses to “Question of the Week: What do you like to make with your Thanksgiving leftovers?

  1. I’m a turkey sandwich kind of person, and I also like to eat my leftovers cold. I can eat ANYTHING cold, actually. So you’re not the only weirdo:)

    • Oh goodness!!! That’s great!! I used to be the only person I knew of who ate their leftovers cold. I can’t wait to tell Hubby that I’m not crazy. Haha! 🙂

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