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Question of the Week:What are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Question of the Week: What are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions as of a few years ago. I realized that whenever I make a resolution to DO something… it never ends up getting done.

I know that’s a super lame answer and that I should elaborate a little more, but I wanted to keep up on the Question of the Week posts from the Multiples…And More! Blogsite … it’s been a resolution of mine as of a few weeks ago.

HEY! ……… WAIT A MINUTE!!!! I guess I DO make resolutions.

I resolve to keep posting on my blog at the very least once a week, even after Snowdrop arrives and I have less time to do it. So there. A Resolution for 2010.



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She still has no name…

I realize this won’t really be a HUGE problem until the hospital kicks us out and we need to choose a name so we can leave… but she still has no name. And I’m being induced tomorrow morning.


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Getting Nervous…

I’m getting nervous.

Wednesday (today is Monday) we’re scheduled to arrive at the hospital at 7:30am to begin the induction. I’m so nervous. Am I making the right decision? I trust my doctor, completely, when she says that she feels comfortable inducing any time after 39 weeks. I’ll only be exactly 40 weeks (well, 40 based on the ultrasound, 39w5d based on my LMP). I trust that Snowdrop is ready to come out and that we haven’t flaked on the due date by a month. I’m worried that getting the Pitocin will be so painful that I’ll have to get the epidural. Last labor, I got the Pitocin and the epidural and hardly remember a thing after that point. My brain/consciousness doesn’t mix well with painkillers. And after I got the P/E, my labor essentially stopped progressing and Juniper freaked out and I had to get a c-section. But I’ve read so much from other women who weren’t progressing, got the epidural, and went from 5cm to 10 cm in two hours! What will happen this time around? I do not know. I hope I get a little Pitocin, dilate to a 10, and am able to push Snowdrop out instead of getting a c-section.

Am I doing the right thing? :/

I got a fortune in a fortune cookie the other night that read “Lucky you make this choice. Everything comes out for the best”. So… that’s a good sign, right? Slightly reaffirming, I suppose. 🙂

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IT’S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby was letting me sleep in this morning but when I woke up to use the bathroom…. well. I was WIDE AWAKE!!! It’s SNOWING HERE!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!!! Big puffy flakes… well, it’s died down a little since I woke up – but we’ve got at least an inch going, and for the Little City that’s a good amount!! 🙂

It just makes me really happy to have the snow. Other than for Snowdrop to be here… that’s all I really wanted this Winter. SNOW!!!!!!

So, of course, I’m heading out to the Mall at noon (it doesn’t open until then). I went yesterday to return pants for Hubby but I brought the wrong receipt – dummy me!! So the plan was to go back today. Now that I know NO ONE will be at the Mall today because of the snow, I’m SO going back. Haha. Whoohoo!!!!!!!!!



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Merry Christmas to All

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday, or whatever it is you are celebrating today and this season. 🙂

It’s snowed here today so I got exactly what I wanted…. other than still being pregnant, of course!! 🙂

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The End is Near!!!

I went to my doctor yesterday for my 39 week appointment. First of all, I can’t believe it’s been 39 weeks… I can’t believe I’ve made it THIS FAR… It’s so awesome and strange at the same time! 🙂

Everything was normal as usual. Good heartbeat, measuring fine, no real complaints from anyone. WELL… other than the fact that I weigh 152 pounds. I believe it’s a combination of a couple things: the large pasta lunch I ate prior to my appointment, the $2.50 gallon of Chocolate Edy’s Ice Cream calling out to me at Target this weekend, and being on the receiving end of many gifts of Christmas Cookies. 🙂 It’s my fault, I should not have eaten all those cookies… and I probably should have refrained from all the delicious food we’ve been eating this week as well.

I’d say that I’ll stop eating cookies until the baby is born… but we all know that would be a lie. In fact, I intend to do as I please (but not go overboard) until next Wednesday. My doctor said that anytime after 39 weeks, she feels comfortable inducing and that if I wanted to go ahead and schedule one we could do that! I left the appointment and ran some errands and within an hour had decided that yes, I wanted to schedule an appointment! I’m really ready to have this baby and I’m confident that the baby is mature enough to be born. After having twins at 35w5d with very, very, very minimal health issues… I do feel that Snowdrop is ready. So after discussion with Hubby and my In-Laws on the best time for them to watch Junie & Mags… we decided December 30th, next Wednesday, is the day! It’s my original due date (based on the ultrasound; based on LMP it’s Jan 1st but I’m super irregular so that could be wrong anyways…).

I can’t believe I’m being induced!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m SUPER nervous about it. I really hope it all goes well, smoothly, and that I’m able to have a VBAC afterall. I’m nervous that I’ll tear and ruin myself… but I’m more nervous to have another c-section. It wasn’t the worst experience in my life – but I REALLY don’t want to do it again. It was truly more the drugs than anything else associated with it. The morphine, the epidural, the after-surgery drugs… just not my thing and I really hated the way it made me feel. I really hated the way I felt on them… I can hardly remember anything that happened after I got the epidural… and the morphine? Yikes. Never again – fingers crossed, of course! It was just really scary to me. Drugs are scary.

[Yeah, I know I’ve written plenty about my past (and likely future) experiences with marijuana… and I know plenty of people would care to disagree with my views on it… but marijuana is completely different than morphine, etc. Marijuana isn’t any more of a drug than alcohol or tobacco. Morphine and all those after-surgery drugs I had to have, however, are scary. Ah, another post for another day.]

ANYWAYS…. I’m super nervous about the VBAC but I’m SUPER EXCITED about bringing Snowdrop home. It will be exhausting to have a newborn but so nice to have her out of my belly and into my arms. Recap: I’m getting induced on Dec 30th, that’s this coming Wednesday… unless she decides to make an appearance earlier than that. I’d really like for her to be born on December 27th – it seems like a fine day to be born. Just long enough after Christmas to allow for a day of rest between holiday festivities and then birthday festivities, right?

The end of this pregnancy is truly in sight now… I know I am blessed to be able to carry my own child in my very own womb & I’m very thankful for being able to experience the miracle that is LIFE – but it’s time for her to come out! 🙂

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Question of the Week: What are your favorite Christmas cookie recipes?

Question of the Week: What are your favorite Christmas cookie recipes?

I’m sorry I really don’t have the energy to track down actual recipes and post them here. I promise if that I can remember, and when I have time, I will come back and add a post with the recipes so everyone can enjoy these! 🙂

That being said… my favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes are:

Those cream cheese cookies… And they are delicious. My MIL made them this year with sprinkles on top and seriously, they are amazing. And probably contributed to my weight gain this week.

My friend’s mom makes pinwheel cookies. And I love them. And now they are sold at the bakery at which I used to work – that’s how good they are. 🙂

I’m a big fan of anything with peppermint, chocolate, crushed candy cane, coconut, etc.

Buck-Eye Balls, a specialty of my MIL’s… a favorite of my Hubby. They’re peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate. And yummy.


I used to be a fan of the cut-out cookies we’d make as kids with my parents. When I got married and asked my mom for the recipe she confessed to me that she used the pre-made dough from the store (ala Pillsbury, etc) and just pretended all these years that she had made it.

A. This of course, disappointed me to no end.

B. Really? I mean… Really???

C. I don’t know if I can believe her or not on this one. This IS the same woman who wouldn’t share her Chili recipe with me because it was June and “You can’t make chili in the summertime.” (Of course, I HAD been asking for the recipe since the previous Fall… AND I was pregnant at the time. I just wanted some freakin’ chili.) And this is the same woman who won’t share ANY of her other recipes with me either, leading my younger sisters to secretly make copies of recipes from her recipe book, hide the pages in their suitcases, and hand-deliver the recipes to me when they come to the Little City for visits. Yes. This is seriously my life. My mother is batty. I’m sometimes (ok, often) thankful that I’m adopted and not related by genetics to her.


I’m still looking for that perfect cut-out cookie recipe to pass on to my daughters.

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