Question of the Week: Describe the Top 5 Moments with Your Multiples

I’m still having trouble posting this button. I think I won’t try doing it next week. 🙂

Oh WAIT – IT WORKED!!!!! Awesome!!! 🙂

This week’s Question of the Week is as follows:
Describe in detail 5 of the most special moments you have shared with your children.

Here goes:

1. When we finally got to drive them home from the hospital. We left them at the hospital around 5pm, and went back to the hospital around 11pm to visit them that night. They had only stayed one night longer than me but it seemed like an eternity at the time. We were at the hospital at 9am, bright & early, to pick them up and bring them home. Sometimes I laugh at us – we should have gone out to breakfast or slept in! I couldn’t be apart from them though for any longer. I forgot to bring their going-home outfits so they just wore diapers and the side-tie shirts that the hospital let us keep… I felt so stupid for forgetting their outfits. We listened to Dave Matthews and it felt so good to have our little family in our car together. All four or us. I was also SO nervous the whole ride home that someone was going to crash into our car… Silly Mommy.

2. The excitement on their faces when each of them went potty on the potty for the first time. They really understood that they had done something great and their smiles just beamed! We were all really excited!

3. At the apple farm this year, there was this “airplane” ride. I thought they’d be afriad or try and leap out from the planes… but they LOVED LOVED LOVED it. Neither girl wanted to get out. And they still ask to go to the apple farm at least three times a week!

4. Every night as I leave their room after tucking them in, I say “Goodnight Pumpkinheads, have a great ni-ni! I’ll see you in the morningtime. I love you so much!” Tonight, and for like the last week/two weeks, they’ve started responding with “Love you, too” or “Love you too Mommy Daddy”. It nearly makes me cry every time. They are just so sweet!

5. At Thanksgiving this year, Hubby’s cousins brought their less-than-well-behaved boys (ages 3 and 2). The boys wouldn’t stay in their seats, they wouldn’t listen to simple good behaviors that they should be able to follow, they were screaming – they were just terrible and misbehaving the whole night. So at dinner, Juniper kept saying “Naughty Boy, Naughty Boy” over and over and over again. My MIL and I were dying trying not to laugh too much. It was too funny. And I hope Hubby’s cousins didn’t hear Junie – although, it might not be a terrible thing if they realize that even a two year old was annoyed by the boys bad behavoir. HAHA!

6. I’m adding a #6 because my #5 was about Junie. This one is about Magnolia. The day we found out that she wasn’t going to need surgery for her kidney… was one of the greatest days of my life. I think I’ll always be in awe of that moment. Sometimes I can hardly believe it happened.
I don’t suppose these are the end-all-beat-all TOP FIVE/SIX moments but I’m pregnant so my brain isn’t as clear working as usual… we’ve had some really wonderful moments with our girls….  Like at their 2nd birthday dinner when Mags said “Thank you Mommy” after I brought out their cakes. And when they get so excited about Caillou coming on that they scream like teenagers girls do over the Jonas Brothers. Or the Beatles! When they first walked was a special moment… when we make cookies or bake a pie and they help me out. They LOVE to help me bake – and I love to have their help. There were many special moments when they started playing together and sharing toys. They call each other “Sister” if you ask one what the other’s name is… it’s fun to hear them in the mornings talking across the room from their cribs. Sometimes one will throw her animals at the other until she wakes up. Or sometimes we’ll hear Mags saying “No Junie NO!” I always wonder what Junie’s doing that warrants a “No!” … They also ask to go to the Baby’s Room and they lift my shirt up to kiss their baby sister aka my belly. It’s ridiculously adorable. They haven’t done it in a while but they used to feed the baby drinks through my belly button.

Really, can anyone just pick FIVE?  I could go on for hours but Hubby is staring me down from the other room pining for me to come play Trivial Pursuit with him…

My kids are awesome, and I love them so much!!!!!


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