Lost Intentions & Naughty Boys & Random Thoughts…

So I intended to write all about Thanksgiving. And about, oh, a hundred other things. And I haven’t yet. I honestly haven’t had the energy. So I’ll just stick to the randoms…

Thanksgiving was… fun! The girls ate all their turkey and pumpkin pie but could have cared less for green bean casserole and stuffing. I can’t believe they’re my kids and they don’t like GB Casserole and Stuffing. Who are they?

(Skip to the Bottom of the Post for the Random Thoughts if you don’t want to read about the Naughty Boys… cause it’s lengthy, and obviously a rant.) 🙂

Hubby’s cousins also came to dinner. And they brought their three boys with them. They are ages 3, 2, and 3 weeks. The 3-week-old was very well behaved (haha). I cannot say the same for the 3 and 2 year olds. The 2 year old is actually just a day younger than Juniper & Magnolia… anyways, so… So the boys were so… I don’t know the word. They were the worst behaved children I’ve ever seen. O. M. G. They wouldn’t sit in chairs at the dinner table and spent most of our “pleasant” Thanksgiving dinner, running around the kitchen, SCREAMING their heads off, refusing to eat food, and basically just causing minor troubles and annoyances. According to their parents (Hubby’s cousins) the boys “won’t sit in a highchair” which is why they were given chairs at the table on which to sit. Now. Here’s my problem with this. What do you mean “they won’t sit in a highchair”? They’re 3 and 2 years old. Put them in the highchair, strap them in, and VOILA! They’re sitting in a highchair. Have your children no respect for a rule? I mean, really? I know they’re young, but I don’t believe they’re too young at this point.  And sure there are times when Junie & Mags misbehave. There are times when they don’t want to eat their dinner. But those are also the times when we discipline, when we say “NO.”, when we tell them “Okay. You don’t have to eat dinner, but you do have to sit in your chair until everyone else is done.” My children don’t scream obnoxiously during dinner time. They eat their dinner.

At one point, the 3 year old climbed into my MIL’s chair while she was fixing herself seconds… so the kids parents say “Hey, get out of Aunt C’s chair” and the kid? He goes “NO.” And so the parents, instead of insisting he get out or receive a Time Out (or whatever else would have been appropriate in terms of disciplining a 3 year old), start LAUGHING. So your child talks back to you, and you laugh – good. That’ll teach him! I was taken aback. Of course, that response would never fly in our home – and you can bet our girls know better than to respond that way.

I had mentioned this next part in my post about Top 5 Memorable Moments with the Girls – Junie kept saying “Naughty Boy, Naughty Boy” at dinnertime. It was hysterical. My MIL and myself were laughing so hard under our breaths… it was too funny. See, even my 2 year old noticed what a naughty boy he was being.

So after dinner, we played downstairs and the boys were screaming, not sharing with each other, or with the girls very well… it was so nerve-wracking. So then it was time to clean up and go home. Now, our girls often need a little poking & prodding to start cleaning up but they can manage putting all the “little toys into the basket” and “helping pick up the animals”, etc… but Hubby’s Cousin’s kids? Nada. All they did was scream their blessed little heads off – and I mean tantrum screaming. It wasn’t just refusing to pick up. We’d take toys away from them – well, attempt – and they’d hold it tighter until we had to literally peel their fingers off of the toys – all of course, amidst a ridiculous tantrum. My girls were visibly shaken by all the screaming – and continued to pick up toys all the same.

I’m not trying to say “Oh, my kids are so well behaved, they’re so obedient, they’re better than thou…” but frankly – I’m just shocked that these boys were SO out of control. I mean, GEEZ – get control of your kids. That kind of behavior would never be tolerated in our house. EVER. That’s behavior that warrants a swift smack on the bottom and a minute in Time Out (although, now that my girls are 2 years old, we do 2 minutes… they’ll get 3 when they are 3, etc…).

(Disclaimer: We don’t hit our kids but there are appropriate times for a small spanking. I used to get a belt or a wooden spoon when I was a kid – so my girls are lucky we don’t think that’s appropriate. But I will say, get smacked on the bottom a few times with a belt or a spoon… and I never did whatever I had done to get that smack ever again. :))

ARGH!!!! Sorry for the rant but… it really bothers me about those boys. I just… it bothers me. I’m glad we insist on good behavior from our girls. I don’t expect them to chew with their mouths closed and have a napkin in their laps. I expect them to behave like domesticated beings and not like they’ve been raised by wolves. And that their actions will have consequences. At age two, this is limited to what a two year old will understand. Example: Pushed your sister down? You get a Time Out and if you’re not sorry when your two minutes are up – back to Time Out until you’re sorry. Mom & Dad say “Time to Clean Up or You only get ONE book before bed?” If you don’t help to clean up, you don’t get three to five books before bed – you get one.

I guess I sound like a hardass but I’m really just insistent on being consistent with teaching them how to be good girls. Sure, they’re going to be teenagers someday and slam the door in my face, and tell me they hate me – but at least I will know they had a good foundation.

Okay. Ranting done… now for the nice thoughts! 🙂

Happy, Random Thoughts…

I’m 36 weeks 2 days pregnant. I’ve never been THIS pregnant before – so this is quite new territory for me. I’m excited. And ready to meet my little Snowdrop. I had some intense false labor on Tuesday night – the night of the Full Moon. It got so bad, I had called my doctor! It didn’t intensify but for a while I was nervous that it would. Hubby threw up because he got so nervous! Haha.

The Full Moon also made us realize that we really need to pick a name for this baby – or Snowdrop will be official on the birth certificate! Our “short list” is now longer than our original short list. I think we have eight (?) names we’re contemplating. It’s such a hard decision… I’d like to at least have it narrowed down to three names before she is born – otherwise, I’m really going to have a hard time picking a name at the hospital.

Any thoughts on a 3-syllable, not very popular, preferably old-fashioned of sorts, girls name?

Yeah. I’m having trouble coming up with that one, too. 🙂

Hubby surprised me with a visit from two of my very best friends on Friday night! They drove all the way down from the Big City just to see ME for the night. And they brought the girls a few presents, which was really nice. I KNEW something was going on because Hubby kept insisting that he needed to clean the house even though he kept complaining about being so sore from Thanksgiving Football with his fraternity brothers… And he did all the guest bedsheets and towels… and kept cleaning and cleaning. He tried to tell me that nothing was going on, he just “wanted to clean” but I knew better. I’m glad my friends came down – it was nice to see them.

The day after Thanksgiving marked the two year anniversary since the last time I saw my friend, S, before she died. I know, this is not a nice happy random thought. It’s very sad. I miss her very much and I’ll always remember driving away from her, after lunch, looking in my rearview mirror, crying and trying to figure out why I had a nagging feeling I’d never see her again… I never did see her again. (She died in January, 2007. Her heart was broken. Some birth defect that was unknown because when we were babies – they didn’t have the kind of ultrasounds and tests they do now…) I should have stayed that day at the bakery and hung out. The girls were so young, they probably would have just slept in their pumpkin seats and not known the difference. If I could go back in time and stay, I would.

So it was nice to see my other bakery girls the day after Thanksgiving. It definitely brightened my day.

Hm… what else. This is turning into a long post.

I’ve been doing Sodoku every night in bed before settling in for the night. I have found it really relaxes me and helps me to fall asleep faster. I used to do Sodoku ALL the time – and got out of it for a bit. But I found an old book that wasn’t filled in recently so I started up again and am loving it.

I’m ready for this baby to come. Our roof still isn’t fixed but it will be soon. And I’m getting close to being done shopping for Christmas presents. I want to have them bought & wrapped before I go into labor. That’s a goal.

I also need to ribbon the Christmas Cards. I have no energy to do that tonight. In fact, I’m going upstairs now to do some Sodoku.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving. 🙂


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