Three New CarSeats…

Did I mention that we bought THREE new car seats???

I totally wish I had known before buying the girls convertible car seats that we’d need to purchase new seats within a year! 🙂 So I drive a Toyota Highlander. I love it. Love Love Love it!!! Only problem about it is that our current Evenflo Symphonys and a regular “pumpkin” seat won’t fit in the middle seat. We’ve got a third row but unless one of our daughters loses her legs (God Forbid!) she wouldn’t fit in the third row at all…

It was either buy a new car (yikes!!) OR get new carseats that will fit! So, new carseats it was! We ordered three Radian carseats. They are apparently only 17 inches wide which means all three will fit in my middle row… Cool!! We got them from BabiesRUs (yes, the very company I still hate) and they are FINALLY shipped on their way. I think they’ll come on Monday. I’m excited to get them installed so we can get used to all the PINK that will be in the car.

I can’t believe I’ll have THREE, PINK car seats in my car. I hate pink. BUT on “Cyber Monday”, all car seats were 20% off (at BBrUs) PLUS we got 10% off for the multiples discount, so considering the pink ones were the cheapest option – in addition to all the %’s off – we had to go pink. Anything for a deal, right?

Anyone else have three Radians in their car? How do you like them?


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  1. Mark Richards

    Great move – I have the Radian for both my kids and love it.

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