Question of the Week: What Are Your Favorite Holiday Traditions?

Question of the Week: What are your favorite holiday traditions??
Since I got married, we’ve had to switch off holidays between the Big City & the Little City. This year we were supposed to be in the Big City for Thanksgiving but due to the pregnancy, we opted to stay home. So we spent Thanksgiving here in the Little City and will also be spending Christmas in the Little City.

Hubby’s family has the tradition of gathering at his parents’ house on Christmas Eve for dinner and present-opening. The extended family normally hangs out downstairs while Hubby & his parents open presents upstairs. This year we’re changing it up and opening our presents the weekend/week before, instead of making the extended family wait & wait until our presents have been opened. I think it’s a swell idea as it always made me a little uncomfortable opening presents while everyone waited for us downstairs. (A little obnoxious I thought…) On Christmas Day, Hubby’s family traditionally eats a nice breakfast and watches movies all day long just as the immediate family.

Now that we’re married, when we’re in the Little City we spend Christmas Day just as our family of four (soon to be five!!!) at our home, open presents, have breakfast, and just hang out.

“Traditionally” for the last two years, as I’ve mentioned, we’ve switched off holidays. I’m starting to rethink this tradition and want to start my own. I’m thinking that next year, instead of travelling up to the Big City for Christmas, we’ll plan a trip up there for right before or right after Christmas. That way we’ll still get to have our “OWN” day as a family. Just us. I’m big on that. Plus, I can’t imagine my girls not waking up in their own bed on Christmas morning… you know?

When we’re in the Big City, and as I grew up in the Big City, we’d traditionally have Christmas Eve dinner (Pot Roast, fancy sides, fancy china in the dining room…) with just my immediate family. We’d usually go to Mass on Christmas Eve… but if not then we had to wake up super early to arrive at Church and get a seat before all the Chreasters got there. (Chreasters = People who only attend Mass on Christmas and Easter…) That was never fun, especially because Mass would suddenly take two hours instead of the usual one.

So that’s it, our traditions. Big City vs Little City. I think my favorite of all has been hanging with my Hubby and our girls on Christmas Day just by ourselves. 🙂

I’m wishing for snow, snow, snow, snow… and to be at home with a healthy newborn this Christmas. 🙂


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