My Child Has No Name.

My child has no name. Other than “Snowdrop”, of course. 🙂

We seriously cannot decide on a name. And this, of course, is driving me NUTS!!! I really wish we could find something that we both love. We keep finding names but then one of us will back out (sometimes Hubby, sometimes me)… and we’ll be at the start again.

I keep hearing “Oh, you just need to see her and then you’ll know.” Yeah, yeah – I hear ya. It makes sense to me. But it was so different with the girls. We had their names pretty much right away… and I knew who was who – and seeing them outside of my body confirmed even more that they were exactly who we had chosen them to be.


So what happens if she comes and we STILL don’t have a name for her? Or we see her and we STILL can’t figure it out? Are we allowed to leave the hospital without a name? I’m guessing no.


Picking a name to go with the first two names is freakin’ hard!!!


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