Of course. Someone is sick.

Of course this would happen.

So on Wednesday when I picked the girls up from Grandma’s house (my MIL), I couldn’t help but notice the dry cough she (my MIL) seemed to have. I ignored it and got out of there as soon as possible.

Sure enough Thursday I felt a little scratchy in my throat. Friday, I noticed a dry cough from myself every now and then. Today, I’ve really noticed that I’ve developed a dry cough.

I checked my voicemails and sure enough I’ve got one from my MIL asking me to have Hubby call her. Sure as my hair is red, she’s sick. Can hardly speak long enough to ask me to have him call her. She is prone to getting laryngitis (spelling?) a few times a year. Last time she had it, she claimed it wasn’t contagious and that she couldn’t pass it on to anyone. Of course, immediately following that I became sick and it lasted for nearly THREE MONTHS. I’m pissed because after 53 years of getting this laryngitis thing… she should really be able to recognize the symptoms by now! ARGH!!! So I hope this dry cough of mine doesn’t develop any further. I’m due in two weeks and I really, really, really, really, REALLY can’t afford to get sick at this point. Seriously. I need to be in excellent health so I can have be an involved laborer, establish breastfeeding so I can actually do it this time around, and more or less – NOT BE SICK. Why couldn’t she just tell us she was sick??? I really HATE when people put my family’s health at risk. REALLY HATE. It’s becoming more of a pet peeve lately than spelling/grammar mistakes. ARGHHHHHHHH.

So now I’m in a scramble to develop a list of emergency care takers in case I go into labor before she’s not sick anymore…. this could not be worse timed, right? On top of it, I had told them a couple weeks ago that yes, we’d be attending Christmas Eve so long as no one was sick… guess we won’t be going to Christmas Eve this year – I just wish it was someone other than my MIL that was preventing us from being there. I hate that it makes me feel like a bad daughter-in-law… but she knows my feelings on us being around sick people. I am dreading the phone call in which I need to tell her that we won’t be there. Maybe I’ll make Hubby tell her.

*le sigh* Now I’m really hoping Snowdrop doesn’t come until 2010 – so hopefully by then my MIL will not be sick anymore and we won’t have to scramble for someone to watch our two year old twins while I’m in labor – yeah, cause there’s a lot of people just itching to be in on THAT call list. LOL… we’re so screwed.

At least I got my Christmas Cards sent out today! Go Me!! 🙂


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