My Computer Crashed… Hard.core.

ARGH. I wish I had thought to clean up my computer weeks ago when I had the time. I lost so much stuff. Probably nothing terribly important… but just the same. Hubby was on a baseball website and went to pause the advertisement video and KABOOM went my computer. It flicked to this blue screen that said some computer stuff and then “Beginning physical dump of memory”, then the next line “Physical memory dump complete”.

Oh. Fab. U. Lous. 😦

So now I’m on his computer – which stinks as far as computers go – so the birth story is still coming. I haven’t disappeared, I swear.

Snowdrop eats about every hour, hour and a half. It’s driving me nuts. I’m really trying hard to get through these first few weeks in hopes that she starts to eat less often.

Hope everyone is doing well out there in the blog world. 🙂


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