Dun Dun Dun Dun…

Well. On Thursday morning we awoke to the noise of footsteps coming down the hall towards our room. As we frantically moved about in bed and Hubby climbed over me to grab the golf club that he keeps next to our bed (in case he needs to protect us from an intruder…), two beaming little gingers swung open our door with books in their hands screaming “Read book Daddy! Read book!”

YEP. The inevitable has finally happened. They climbed out of their cribs. I suppose I am thankful that we got this far without them doing it… what, like 29 months of sleeping in cribs with no real attempts at escaping? Pretty good! I also find there is no coincidence that they both did it on the same day. This was of course a joint operation, one of many to come I’m sure. 🙂 When we asked them if they climbed out of their cribs, Magnolia goes “Yesh” (Yes, she says “sh” for “s”) and Juniper completely denied it. Haha. Oh Junie!!

We are turning their cribs into “Big Girl Beds” tonight after their nap. I’m excited, sad, nervous… I  can’t believe we’re already at this point in their lives! They’re growing up so fast!

There are several things we need to do in addition to putting the toddler rails up on the beds. We also need to attach this one “bureau” to the wall (I’m nervous they’ll pull it down) and purchase & install outlet covers. I’m not talking about those plastic pieces that you just stick in the outlet. We need plates that completely cover the outlet. Like a switchplate that doesn’t have holes. They take out the plastic ones and we have TWICE caught Mags trying to stick things (um like, metal twist ties!!!) into the outlet. To avoid unnecessary worry and to avoid frying my daughter, I think switchplate covers are the way to go! 🙂 I’m also planning on moving the big arm chair out of the corner and moving Mags bed back a bit so it’s parallel with Junie’s. I don’t know what this has to do with anything but I’m going for it.

It’s Valentine’s Day today! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone and a big Happy 2nd Birthday to the JungleTwins! Hubby is sleeping in today. A small token of my love & affection… and also because I was up at 7 to feed Snowdrop and still awake at 8 when the girls came tumbling into our room. (I’m definitely getting some video footage of them climbing out of their beds before we take them apart. I just have to see the monkeys in action!)

Hubby surprised me with a GUITAR for Valentine’s Day!!! I’m so excited! It’s an acoustic electric and looks like this. I have the green one. Except the color is actually not olive-y. It’s more like a teal-green. I’m very happy to have it even though it’s totally not what I would have picked. My fingertips hurt like hell from playing the last two days… and unfortunately, one of the fret-lines (I don’t know what they’re actually called) has a chip in it, so the metal is rough and sharp. So I just emailed the guy at Amazon where Hubby got the guitar from. I just want to exchange it for one that isn’t chipped. Easy enough, right? We’ll see. I hope this return/exchange goes smoothly. I’m really excited about having a guitar again and even though we are supposed to be saving money, I’m glad Hubby bought it for me. 🙂 He’s so sweet.

We’re saving money because…. well, because we need to! AND because Dave Matthews is playing at Bonnaroo this year and WE HAVE TO GO. Haha. We weren’t planning on going at all this year but since Tennessee is much closer to us than the Gorge (we can drive there in less than a day, as opposed to paying airfare and having a layover…) it makes sense for us to try and go to TN instead! Steve Martin is also playing with his band (yes, Steve Martin of SNL and Father of the Bride fame… that “wild & crazy guy” that I love so much!), Trombone Shorty (from New Orleans, you MUST MUST MUST check him out – he is STELLAR), and many other musicians we’d like to see. So… Bonnaroo is our goal. We can afford it, we just need to make some cutbacks – like Hubby drinking water instead of Gatorade. And me not drinking Starbucks (which I haven’t even craved for months, and I’m breastfeeding so triple tall bone dry cappucinos with carmel drizzle are out anyways)… and not going out to dinner/getting take-out. We’re cuttin’ back and it feels good.

Yes, I will be bringing a Froggy Potty to Bonnaroo this year as I REFUSE to ever use the porta-potties there EVER again, after last year’s experiences. Yes, seriously. I will be using a Froggy Potty. We have two of them.

Okie dokie. Hubby is awake and trying to hand Snowdrop to me. She is hungry again. I feel like a cow sometimes. Moo. 🙂


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