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Free Photostrip today (today only!!) from Shutterfly!

Shutterfly is promoting the new Wink section of their site by offering a FREE Photostrip when you try it out. I have already ordered mine! It was super easy and who doesn’t like FREE things? This is TODAY ONLY – so be sure to order yours.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Sign in or Create a Shutterfly Account.

2. Go to “Special Offers’ in the navigation menu.

3. Scroll down to find the Wink Free Photostrip section.

4. Click on the orange “Try Wink” button at the bottom of the page.

5. Upload pics from your computer, Facebook, Shutterfly, or Flickr and create your photostrip.

6. Checkout – your total should be $0! (Yes, free shipping too!)
I love free pictures. Walgreens sometimes does free collages, free 8×10’s, etc. I always try and take advantage of these offers. Not that pictures are an extraordinarily large expense – it’s just nice to get a freebie once in a while! 🙂


In other news… there was a sick college girl in front of us at Mass this weekend (we attend Mass at the college we attended). Sure enough, Mags has the worst cold of the century now and Junie just started coughing & sneezing herself. I could scream.


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A New Look! And Privacy Concerns!!

Yep! A new look! Changed the appearance of my blog and updated the About Me section as I am no longer pregnant with my third child. 🙂 The photo is of Junie & Mags. I now have a ‘copyright’ and a ‘contact me’. Cool!! 🙂


So… I was on this other blog and she has her pictures (and links) protected from right-clicks! I thought to myself “PERFECT! JUST WHAT I NEEEEED!” I really want to post more pictures up here but want to protect them from being ‘stolen’ as much as I can.

So I emailed her and she emailed me back the correct HTML stuff… which unfortunately is not compatible with WordPress. I’m pretty bummed about this because I would like to protect my photos. So I’m trying to come up with a better way to protect my photos (other than the watermark, which I have already done on the two photos I have up here) so I can continue to post pictures. I know I PROMISED I would post more pictures.. but I think I jumped the gun on that. I really need to figure this protection thing out first. Don’t hate me. 🙂

Yeah, yeah. I know that if someone REALLY wanted to have one of my pictures they could easily just do a screen capture and have it. But I feel like having a right-click would discourage them a bit.

If anyone who reads my blog is not blogging on WordPress and would like the HTML, shoot me an email. I’d  be happy to pass it on! With my new blog “appearance”, my contact info is now listed in the column on the right. 🙂

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Circus Fun and Other Randoms

We took the girls to the circus on Saturday morning – well, Hubby’s parents bought the tickets so technically I guess they took us. My MIL had gotten two free children’s tickets but when she and my FIL looked up the seats and realized we’d be sitting in the nosebleed section… they decided to buy us seats! Dead center, fifth row, and on the best side of the ring! Awesome!! It was a three ring circus, complete with white tigers, elephants, clowns, bike-riding brown bears, acrobats on the flying trapeze, and of course The Flying Walendas. Did I spell that right?

We were suprised at the number of small children (um, 3, 4, 5, 7 and an 8 year old!) that were performing with their families. I guess when your parent is a circus performer you tend to become one, too! It made me really nervous when the little ones were up high on the tight-rope or on top of their parents shoulders but… it was still all a lot of fun!

The girls were both really shy at first but after about half hour they got into it. Junie’s favorite part was the elephants. Mags liked riding the horsies. (At Intermission they had elephant and pony rides. $10/kid for twice around the ring. Highway robbery, but when Gigi and Papa are paying for it what are we to say? The girls had a blast! I’m pretty sure they want us to buy a pony for our house. Oh, and Mags liked the clowns too. One of them gave her a sticker. That made her very happy.

Snowdrop behaved very well at the circus! No surprise there. I changed a poopy diaper on my seat and nursed her during the intermission and right after the show while the girls rode ponies. To my surprise, no one bothered me about it. I don’t know – I guess I’ve just heard a lot about people nursing in public and getting hassled about it. Not one person bugged me. I mean, I had myself covered very well anyways, nary a nip-slip for me. YAY! 🙂

Other randoms… Let’s see….

One of my sisters is seriously thinking she’ll end up at the university in our city (the same one Hubby and I attended) – so that’s really exciting. We’ll have a reputable babysitter and I’ll get to see my sister more often. I’m really happy and I really hope she ends up here.

I’ve been researching Hubby’s family history online. I need to ask his grandfather for some info to help me over a couple hurdles – I hope he can remember some stuff!! 🙂 charges a TON of money for their service so I’ve been going it alone on the free sites. I’ve found more information than I thought I’d be able to so that’s been good. I’m contemplating seeing if any of my friends would be interested in going in together on a membership for so that we’d save money and still be able to research.

The girls have been into Jello bigtime lately! We keep telling them that it’s really expensive so it’s a special treat. Haha. It’s not organic, no, but it’s yummy and comes in fun colors and is super-duper-cheap.

I decided I wanted to “wear my baby”. Moby wraps are WAY TOO EXPENSIVE and slings are not good (in my opinion and experience, this has nothing to do with recent news reports about suffocation). So upon some Interwebs research (gosh, do I love the Internet), I found out how to make my own. I bought five yards of stretchy-knit fabric and voila! I had a baby-wrap. I LOVE it. LOVE it. LOVE it. It makes life just that much easier when I want to do something that would otherwise require me to put the baby down. Like, unloading the dishwasher. Putting food on plates for the girls. Cleaning the countertops. Typing a post for my blog… 🙂 I’m really enjoying it and I’m positive Snowdrop is as well. She’s drooling on my chest as I type, in a deep and glorious slumber.

I guess that’s it for now.  🙂

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My Irish Pride & The Shamrock Tattoo

*For the sake of simplicity and to eliminate confusion in this post, “Mom” refers to the mother I grew up with; “Dad” refers to the father I grew up with; “Birthmother” and “Birthfather” refer to my biological parents, whom I’ve never met in person.

I’m adopted. And back in 1982, adoptions were closed – mostly all of the time. My parents never got to meet my birthparents. All communication was done from their attorney to the birthparents’ attorney. My mom received information about my birthfamily simply because she thought to ask some information about them. Growing up, I knew that my birthmother had brown hair and brown eyes; and my birthfather had blonde hair and blue eyes. I knew how old they were: 16 and 19, respectively. I knew that my birthmother was 5’2″ and my birthfather 5’4″ (people of small stature). I knew that my birthmother’s father was a Mounted Policeman (rode a horse). I knew that my birthmother’s mother was adopted, too. I knew they were Catholic and wanted me to be raised the same. The only other piece of information that I knew were my nationalities: Irish, Scottish, and Italian.

Growing up, there was no confusion that I was of Irish or Scottish decent. I’m redheaded. “You must be Irish”, strangers would exclaim upon meeting me or seeing my red hair. I’d say back “You bet!” I was very proud to be Irish. It wasn’t until later on in my life that I found out that more redheads are in Scotland… but whatever, I still loved being Irish.

Fast forward to my college years. My roommate, junior year, wanted to get her ear pierced again (on that little flap part that covers the ear hole…this gives me the heeby-geebies just thinking about it) so we (me, her, and our other roommate) went to a tattoo/piercing parlor to get it done. My other roommate decided when we got there that she did want to get a tattoo – she had been vocally contemplating it all day. So she decided to get a star tattoo on her butt. We laughed and laughed. While we were waiting for the tattoo artist, I was looking through the pages of the tattoo book. What did I see but a shamrock! It was so cute! So green! So IRISH!!!! My Irish Pride took over me and I decided to get another tattoo. (I have a butterfly on my hip. I know, how original. Not.) I got the shamrock tattooed on my butt, ala Xavier Roberts and the Cabbage Patch Kids. It’s small. Probably no more than an inch wide and I’m lucky it hasn’t stretched one bit from being pregnant twice. (Unlike my butterfly. Insert sadface here.)

Fast forward about a month. (In another post, I’ll detail my search for my birthfamily. It didn’t take me long AT ALL which was very unexpected.) The first time I spoke to my birthmother… it was really strange. Good, but strange. She had been told I was born at 12:12am but I had grown up being told I was born at 12:24am. Other slight inconsistancies occured. Such as my nationalities. According to my birthmother, I was indeed Irish, Scottish, and Italian – although not in that order and not simply those three. I was more Scottish than Irish. And my nationality background includes the following: Scottish, Scotch-Irish (? is this really any different than Irish or Scottish?), Italian, English, German, Dutch, Blackfoot American Indian, and JEWISH. Apparently, my birthmother’s mother had been able to trace her biological roots and find her birthfamily or information about them- quite unheard of in the days in which she had been adopted. Turns out, they’re Jewish. (This is not a bad thing, of course, simply funny considering I was raised Catholic and by blood, then, am Jewish. Weird and also slightly explains my lifelong fascination with the Jewish religion…)

Okay, so back to the Irish thing. So here I am, with my lifelong pride of being Irish and a freshly inked Shamrock Tattoo to show it – and I’m not even Irish! Well, I am… but I’m a whole lot of other things besides Irish and not nearly as Irish as I once thought.

I LOVE my shamrock tattoo. And I love that I have a good story to tell about it. 🙂 I’ll never regret getting it because although I’m a real MUTT in terms of nationalities – I’m the most proud to be Irish. 🙂

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Motherhood Has Made Me Forgetful…

So I thought I had finished catching up with all the QOTW from the last few weeks… but I haven’t. I don’t know what reminded me today that I still had to answer the QOTW about my multiples’ names and also about birth order. I’ll TRY to get those up tomorrow when they go to Grandma’s house but I can’t promise anything because tomorrow is SAINT PATRICK’S DAY!!! (And I’m making Irish Soda bread because the ones at the store were glazed with something and I don’t think glaze is traditional on Soda Bread. So I’m making my own, from scratch.)

Being the redheaded, Irish-Catholic girl that I am (I even have a shamrock tattoo… on my butt, ala Xavier Roberts and the Cabbage Patch Kids) – I LOVE LOVE LOVE St. Patrick’s Day. Corned Beef & Cabbage – ooh, I could eat that once a week all year round! Rye Bread!! Green River, when I was a kid. I wear a Proud to be Irish shirt year round. Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. I’ve had it since my 12th birthday and yes, it STILL fits. It’s got a few small holes in it, as of a year ago…and is becoming slightly more see-through as the years go by. I’ve begun washing it in a gentle cycle just to preserve it’s life. I’ve got a good story about my Irish Pride but it will have to wait until another day because it’s getting late.

Of course, in the past as a single gal, I’d celebrate by drinking with my girl friends and smoking the leprechaun’s lucky herb with my guy friends. Why, oh why, is Saint Patrick’s Day the big “get drunk” holiday? No I know, Irish people drink blah blah blah. Now that I’m older these things are less important to me. More important are things like corned beef, and cabbage, and surprising my children with leprechaun visits. THIS year will be a different Saint Patrick’s Day.

THIS year, the leprechauns came to our house. Well, they’re coming. Well, they came already but as far as the girls know, they’re coming in the night while we’re all asleep. I bought some lucky green coins from the dollar store and some green Peeps (not organic, but hey it’s a special day and they’re only getting two each) and new hats (dollar section of Target) and new dresses (no Irish theme to these dresses, just cute dresses that I hope fit because they’re size 24 months). Why would leprechauns bring my daughters new dresses? I have no idea considering new clothes is the last thing on their need list. Haha! But it’s fun to have a treasure hunt! I made a path of coins from their room to all the treasures downstairs in our family room. I even made a note from the leprechauns. There is nothing super creative about this, in fact my note was REALLY stupid. It went something like this:

Dear Redheads,

You have been very good girls this year. Hope you enjoy your treasure hunt. Follow the lucky coins!

Love, The Leprechauns

But I don’t think they’ll overthink the stupidity of my note. They’re two years old, so I think they’ll be excited about the leprechauns. We talked about leprechauns all week. I know they think leprechauns dress in all green (which they do) and that most leprechauns have red hair like them. Tomorrow they will wear these kelly green pants from TCP and shirts (also from TCP) that say “Big Sisters Are The Coolest”. I don’t know why they don’t have Irish wear. (Well, they have these Irish dresses my grandma made, I’ll have to post a picture of the dresses, maybe tomorrow?) Perhaps I’ll take Snowdrop to Target and scoop up some Irish wear on sale? For next year.

We’ll be eating Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes, etc, at my In-Laws house tomorrow for dinner, along with my Irish Soda Bread. I hope my MIL got rye bread. I don’t think I celebrate without some good rye.

What are YOUR Saint Patrick’s Day traditions? Do leprechauns visit your house? Do you wear a “Kiss Me I’m Irish” button all day? Dress in green? 🙂


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Question of the Week: Daylight Savings Time Tips/Tricks

SO. I am FINALLY caught up with all the Questions of the Week!! Whoohoo!!! This week’s question is ACTUALLY FROM THIS WEEK. YAY ME! See, I had taken a leave of absence when Snowdrop was born – I just couldn’t get it all done. But I’ve spent some of my free time going back and answering all the questions. I was finally able to post all my answers this morning (so yes, there are like 8 or 9 new posts from me today if you check out my homepage…). This last question is this week’s QOTW from the Multiples…and More! blog.

What are Your Daylight Savings Time Tips and Tricks?

This is actually a pretty simple answer for me (GASP! I know! I won’t write a novella for this answer, I promise.)

My best tip is to act as normal. For example, today my daughters at lunch at noon like usual. (Without Springing Forward, it was really eleven. But they don’t know the difference.) If they still took naps, I’d still attempt a nap today at the regular time, perhaps just half hour later than normal.

Whether I lose or gain an hour, I just keep things as normal. Hubby is napping on the couch now because he “lost” an hour of sleep. I don’t understand his logic because I really feel it’s just a matter of turning the clocks forward or back. But that’s just me. 🙂

Play along on your blog and answer this week’s Question of the Week at Multiples And More! 


(see. i told you i wouldn’t write a very long answer.)


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Question of the Week: Are Parents of Multiples Really More Likely to Divorce?

Are parents of multiples really more likely to divorce?

I didn’t think about this until Kate Gosselin infamously said it.

I think that life for parents of multiples (most notably the first year) is absolutely, 100%, no question about it, harder than for parents of just one child. After giving birth to a singleton and experiencing what life “could have been” with just one – I do feel that I’m entitled to make such an observation and opinion. Life with one child is a breeze. Sure, you have the late nights, the same worries, the financial concerns – but with two (or more) it is literally twice (or more) as much. I think having those extra stresses can swing you both ways. Sometimes it makes your bond stronger, and sometimes it can pull you apart.

When our daughters were born, my husband and I were also dealing with becoming newlyweds, me moving to the Little City, us buying a house, him starting to support a family, etc. There was a LOT more going on for us than just “having babies”. We had a lot of support from family and most of our friends – and this was essential to our survival.

I think that if you had a strong bond before, you are more likely to come out ahead and far away from divorce. I’m not sure if I think that parents of multiples are more likely to get divorced. I can see how that phrase might be true (given the stresses of being a parent of multiples) but for the most part, I don’t really think it is true. I think that as  parent of multiples, you really become a TEAM and that the craziness of doing it together brings you closer. This is, at least, my experience. We don’t have a picture perfect marriage (believe me) but we’re able to work things out. We WANT to be married for the rest of our lives. We KNOW that we will fight and disagree. We ACCEPT that. We REMEMBER that we were by each others’ side during what seemed to be the worst of times, and that we survived.

So… I guess my answer is no. I don’t think we’re more likely. In fact, I think we’re less likely. I think that the more you survive as a couple, the more likely you’re going to stick together.

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