A Virus, I Won a Prize, Another Virus, and the Happenings of This Week

Several weeks ago, my computer crashed to the dreaded “blue screen”. 😦 So, Hubby gave it to his business partner (a computer genius, perhaps) and I’ve been waiting ever since to get it back! Well, I was super bummed to learn that it was unfixable. I’m not positive as to what exactly was lost when he had to reformat the hard drive… but I’m sure something will pop up in the near future and I’ll realize what was lost. Oh well. I’m so thankful that we have an external hard drive on which we save ALL the photos from our camera. (I’m trying to save up for a desktop with a burner that I can use to burn copies of the pictures and videos we’ve taken over the last few years.  Any suggestions as to brand/model would be welcome! I want the best I can get for not a lot of money…)

So for the past month or so, I’ve been using Hubby’s computer for all my Internet needs. Until Wednesday morning. When I came downstairs to do my morning pumping (no, not pumping as in exercising – pumping as in MOO, I’m now a dairy maid pumping) and catch up on the news, be it Facebook or other news source. I turned on Hubby’s computer and within 20 minutes had contracted some sort of virus. He didn’t have virus protection (don’t ask me why…). So we were without the Interwebs until this afternoon when Hubby’s business partner brought both of our reformated, virus protection installed computers back home to us… *sigh* How I’ve missed, thee dear Interwebs.

I’d like to say that I got SO MUCH DONE without my computer being in the house… but I really didn’t. I mean, the dishes got into the dishwasher a little faster but I still didn’t do enough laundry. I got creative with cooking and watched a little more TV during naptime than I ever do. 🙂 I really missed reading the mutiple (hah, pun) blogs that I enjoy and reading the news online. While I was gone from the Interwebs, I also won a giveaway from a multiples blog I’ve been reading called Buried in Laundry!! I’m so excited! I don’t know if I’ve ever won anything online before – I’m not counting Ebay. COOL!! So thanks to QuadMama for the fantastic CD – we can’t wait to listen! 🙂

The computers arrived back home this afternoon just minutes after I sent Hubby back upstairs into quarantine on our third floor (the guest room aka Snowdrop’s room aka Quarantine Central). He had contracted a virus (?) of his own on Friday. I won’t go into the very disgusting details but let me just say, he lost a good 10-15 pounds on Friday night. So he had been in quarantine and convinced me this morning that he was feeling well enough to come downstairs and watch TV with the girls, and take them outside to play in the yard. He was not. Well, he was… but then he wasn’t. So back upstairs he went. I feel badly for him as there is no entertainment up there. Unless you consider bins and bins of baby clothes entertaining! Muhahaha. Poor thing can’t eat and has hardly drank much at all. I’m praying that the rest of us don’t catch anything. It’s widly known, if you read my blog, that I’m a germaphobe so yes, I’ve been sanitizing as much as I can. I Clorox-wiped our hardwood floors and all the door handles, and the bathrooms. And the backs of my hands are bleeding from being washed so much.

So far, so good though. Knock on wood, the rest of us will escape the dreaded illness that Hubby has. Yuck…. although…. it would be nice to quickly drop the last 15 pounds from being pregnant with Snowdrop! 😉

I made a “sling” for the baby using a slightly oversize fleece from Target. It has a cuff on the bottom that is preventing Snowdrop from dropping out the bottom and I can zipper it just enough to keep her from falling out the top. It has proven quite useful as she is napping as I’ve typed up this post. Sweet!!

Snowdrop went to the doctor last Wednesday for her two month check-up. She weighs 12.2 pounds and grew TWO inches last month! WOW!!! She’s in the 65 percentile for weight, and 75th for height! My mom said I was always under 10% for both, and I’m definitely sure that Junie & Mags are under 50th % as well. It’s amazing to me, the difference between raising premies (35w5d for Junie & Mags) and a full-term newborn. In fact, today she is wearing a 6-12 month onesie – the girls didn’t wear this until they were at least 6 months! It’s just wild to me the differences in growth between the three of them. Just wild!!

Okay. It is naptime for the girls, the cat needs to be let downstairs, and I’m pretty sure Snowdrop is going to wake up soon to eat. I can’t wait to get back online and finish writing out my answers to the Questions of the Week that I’ve missed this year. I was smart enough to ‘draft’ my answers in my email… so… they weren’t lost when my computer crashed.

Okay. Someone smells like poop… I really need to go change diapers and get them to bed.

(Yes, diapers. Still not potty-trained. Sadface.)


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