What is that again?? Naptime??? I don’t know if we’re familiar with that around here… Is that the two hours that the girls get to spend in the dark, in their room, running around and screaming like banshees? Destroying their room? Pulling all the clothes out of the drawers and throwing them about? Taking off all their clothes? (I’m lucky that they don’t take off the diapers, knock on wood this doesn’t happen tomorrow…) Piling all their “lovies” in the middle of the room between their beds? And then, hiding behind the big chair in their room or behind the curtain (that rests 20 inches off the ground, so I just see legs sticking out – yeah, try holding in that smile you angry Mother) when I come storming in to see “WHAT is going ON in here????”

Ah, yes, naptime.

(These girls are driving me craaaaaaaaaaaazy!!! I’ll post tomorrow when they go to Grandma’s and I get to go out to lunch with Snowdrop and my old roommate from after-college.)


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