Dear Magnolia

Dear Magnolia,

Today was Junie’s turn to go to the market with Daddy. Baby Snowdrop is sleeping so you got to have me all to yourself. You wanted to color so we took out the coloring box and you proceeded to take out every piece of paper and every crayon (broken or not) and began to scribble furiously on several pages at a time.

We worked on writing your name and my name (Mommy). You named every letter in your name, except you had a little trouble with “S” and “L”. Writing words is one of your favorite things to do. You colored a picture for Junie & Daddy, too. You told me about the broken crayons and were excited when you finally got the white crayon to work. In the past, you had tried to use the white crayon on white paper – this of course did not work. But when you used the white crayon on the kitchen tile and the cardboard from a coloring book – you discovered that the white crayon indeed does work!!!

We made chicken nuggets for lunch and waiting for Junie to come home before we ate lunch. You did not help me pick up the crayons and paper, so you’re not allowed to color for the rest of the day. It’s okay though, we can color tomorrow. I know Caillou is distracting sometimes and you’d rather watch him than clean up. Sometimes I feel the same way.

I love you so much my sweet Magnolia.


Mommy 🙂


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