Dear Snowdrop

Dear Snowdrop,

Thank you for sleeping from 1am – 5:50am this morning! That’s a long time to go without Mommy Mo-Mo!! You’re getting to be such a big girl. No seriously, you’re a fatty! My little chunker. Your sisters were chunky monkeys too, but it took them a lot longer than it has taken you.

Your Aunt Laura (one of Mommy’s best friends) sent you the most adorable hand-knit hat yesterday. It’s black with pink mouse ears. It’s so cute! Your head is almost too big but Mommy is going to make you wear it anyways. You’re just so cute in hats!!!

You’re getting a little better at falling asleep without someone holding you or being in your swing. And you’re starting to go longer at nighttime without needing to eat – that’s a good thing! We hope you start sleeping a lot longer soon but it’s okay if you’re not ready yet.

You love to watch your sisters talking and moving around you. They make you smile and sometimes you even talk to them! Your sisters love to feed you bottles although they get distracted easily. They can’t wait until you’re big enough to wrestle and run around. You have a stuffed Froggy, we call him “Mr. Froggy” – you like to talk to him, too. You hold delightful little conversations with him. You like his stories about fly-catching… although we’re both still not sure he’s serious about it.

You have such a lovely smile and like to look at yourself in the mirror! You think there’s another baby over there. Sometimes it makes me sad that you don’t have a twin. I know you would have such great joy from having one, like your older sisters did. Soon, there will be lots of baby girls for you to play with when Mommy & Daddy’s friends have their baby girls this summer.

I love you so much my little Snowdrop!


Mommy 🙂


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