Question of the Week: Dear Pregnant Self…

This Question of the Week is a little different than other QOTW. This QOTW explores your (my, yours, etc) pregnant self… your pregnant-with-multiples self. The QOTW is:

If you could go back in time (ala Marty McFly) and have a chat with your pregnant self, what would you say?

There’s a lot I’d tell myself. A lot.

1. Read up on giving birth… perhaps I wouldn’t have needed a c-section if they had given Baby A a “flush/bath of water” in utero to calm her down. (They did this for Snowdrop at the same turning point when Juniper freaked out… and Snowdrop ended up coming out regularly.)

2. Ask for a seasoned nurse  – she might be able to help you have those babies naturally/without a c-section.

3. Take a breastfeeding class.

4. Don’t be afraid to take clothes back to the store and exchange them for store credit or an outfit you like better. You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

5. You’ll lose friends. It’s not your fault. Don’t feel badly when it happens. It’s difficult to learn who can and will be there for you… and who doesn’t really care to accept your new role in life.

6. Schedule the Baptism for when the babies are four months old. If you MUST get them Baptized immediately, have a priest do it in the hospital and save the celebration and a “re-Baptism” with family present until the babies are a little older. (I had the girls Baptized just before they were two months old… and that was a big mistake. We were still sleeping on a mattress on the first floor… and I had just started being able to go up stairs… talk about a nightmare in having a party at our house.)

7. Put your foot down about this whole wedding. (I’m not getting into this today. It has to do with having a wedding, not marrying Hubby whom I love very much.)

7 1/2. Since Mother is insisting on a big wedding, don’t saddle up with just SIX bridesmaids… include everyone you should have and go for 15 bridesmaids. Hey, you only get married once and who cares if you have the largest wedding party ever – you’re also pregnant with twins! This is a wedding to remember!! 🙂

7 3/4. Use more Instrumental Led Zeppelin in the ceremony. You’ll thank yourself for having more than one LZ song played in church. 🙂

7 5/8. Hey, if Mother wants to have HUGE flower displays, go for it! Spend their money like crazy!!! Why are you holding back? Get a $5000 dress while you’re at it. 🙂 (Honestly though, for $500, I got the dress of my dreams. I don’t regret my dress at all.)

7 9/10. Do your own hair. Just do it.

8. Fix things with your old roommate. You want her by your side when you get married and have your kids. Not hundreds of miles away. You were both wrong. (We are now friends again. But it’s still just so different.)

9. Get Internet as soon as you move into your new house and start a blog. Start your own, start reading others…. learn about multiples.

10. Don’t tell ANYONE the names you’ve chosen for your babies. ANYONE. Um, don’t tell until they’re born. 🙂

11. You won’t lose the weight until they’re over a year old. And when you do end up losing the weight… you’ll find you’re pregnant again with only ten pounds left to lose. (Yep, people, this is how it went for me! Haha)

12. Buy a swing that plugs into the wall. Buy two swings, for that matter.

13. Don’t be afraid to speak up about your wants when you’re in the hospital. You can be damanding and still be a nice person.

14. Buy a camera before the babies are born. You’ll want to videotape the c-section and have pictures on your own camera… instead of borrowing your in-laws.

15. Life will change and you’ll have no idea how you ended up at this place. Accept it, and love it.

16. Buy convertible carseats. You won’t be taking the babies anywhere (except for doctor visits) until they’re bigger anyways… so their small stature in the convertible seat won’t matter so much. They outgrow the pumpkin seats so fast anyways – it’s much more economical to buy convertible. And hey, when you’re suprised by a pregnancy when your multiples are 1 1/2 years old you’ll really wish you had invested in slim-fit car seats like the Radian seats (that I now own upon the birth of my third child) so you don’t need a new car. 🙂

17. Don’t feel like a failure when you end up not being able to breastfeed your twins. Some things aren’t meant to be. This is one of them.

18. Be sure to have regular date nights with your significant other once the kids are born. Even if it’s a quick bite to eat, just getting out and being adults is so important and will mean so much.

19. Buy a breastpump BEFORE you give birth. Going to Babies-R-Us the night you come home, breasts engorged, incision still fresh from the c-section, and exhauted from everything that just happened… is no way to meet friends of your husband’s from high school. Seriously. Talk about unpleasant. “Hi, nice to meet you. I’m on percoset right now and have literal bowling balls for breasts.” Awesome.

20. You are going to take so many pictures you won’t know what to do with yourself. Buy a nice computer, with a CD/DVD burner, so you can copy pictures and videos to CD/DVDs every time you unload your camera. This way, you won’t end up having a HUGE PROJECT to do two years down the road. And you won’t be so paranoid about the safety of your external hard drive. 🙂

Okay. Seriously, this list doesn’t even begin to say everything I want it to… but it was a good start. And I have two more QOTWs to finish before I’m caught up to date with them. Phew! 🙂


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