Motherhood Has Made Me Forgetful…

So I thought I had finished catching up with all the QOTW from the last few weeks… but I haven’t. I don’t know what reminded me today that I still had to answer the QOTW about my multiples’ names and also about birth order. I’ll TRY to get those up tomorrow when they go to Grandma’s house but I can’t promise anything because tomorrow is SAINT PATRICK’S DAY!!! (And I’m making Irish Soda bread because the ones at the store were glazed with something and I don’t think glaze is traditional on Soda Bread. So I’m making my own, from scratch.)

Being the redheaded, Irish-Catholic girl that I am (I even have a shamrock tattoo… on my butt, ala Xavier Roberts and the Cabbage Patch Kids) – I LOVE LOVE LOVE St. Patrick’s Day. Corned Beef & Cabbage – ooh, I could eat that once a week all year round! Rye Bread!! Green River, when I was a kid. I wear a Proud to be Irish shirt year round. Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. I’ve had it since my 12th birthday and yes, it STILL fits. It’s got a few small holes in it, as of a year ago…and is becoming slightly more see-through as the years go by. I’ve begun washing it in a gentle cycle just to preserve it’s life. I’ve got a good story about my Irish Pride but it will have to wait until another day because it’s getting late.

Of course, in the past as a single gal, I’d celebrate by drinking with my girl friends and smoking the leprechaun’s lucky herb with my guy friends. Why, oh why, is Saint Patrick’s Day the big “get drunk” holiday? No I know, Irish people drink blah blah blah. Now that I’m older these things are less important to me. More important are things like corned beef, and cabbage, and surprising my children with leprechaun visits. THIS year will be a different Saint Patrick’s Day.

THIS year, the leprechauns came to our house. Well, they’re coming. Well, they came already but as far as the girls know, they’re coming in the night while we’re all asleep. I bought some lucky green coins from the dollar store and some green Peeps (not organic, but hey it’s a special day and they’re only getting two each) and new hats (dollar section of Target) and new dresses (no Irish theme to these dresses, just cute dresses that I hope fit because they’re size 24 months). Why would leprechauns bring my daughters new dresses? I have no idea considering new clothes is the last thing on their need list. Haha! But it’s fun to have a treasure hunt! I made a path of coins from their room to all the treasures downstairs in our family room. I even made a note from the leprechauns. There is nothing super creative about this, in fact my note was REALLY stupid. It went something like this:

Dear Redheads,

You have been very good girls this year. Hope you enjoy your treasure hunt. Follow the lucky coins!

Love, The Leprechauns

But I don’t think they’ll overthink the stupidity of my note. They’re two years old, so I think they’ll be excited about the leprechauns. We talked about leprechauns all week. I know they think leprechauns dress in all green (which they do) and that most leprechauns have red hair like them. Tomorrow they will wear these kelly green pants from TCP and shirts (also from TCP) that say “Big Sisters Are The Coolest”. I don’t know why they don’t have Irish wear. (Well, they have these Irish dresses my grandma made, I’ll have to post a picture of the dresses, maybe tomorrow?) Perhaps I’ll take Snowdrop to Target and scoop up some Irish wear on sale? For next year.

We’ll be eating Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes, etc, at my In-Laws house tomorrow for dinner, along with my Irish Soda Bread. I hope my MIL got rye bread. I don’t think I celebrate without some good rye.

What are YOUR Saint Patrick’s Day traditions? Do leprechauns visit your house? Do you wear a “Kiss Me I’m Irish” button all day? Dress in green? 🙂



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