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Are we moving or not?

Hubby would like to have the house on the market in about four months.

Are you laughing with me? 🙂

I think a more realistic timetable is like… a year? At the earliest, I’d say nine months from now but January really isn’t the best time to list our house. We’ve got so many beautiful flora & fauna that it’s in our best interest to list the house in the Springtime. (Ahem, one year from now. Like I said, one year.) Our house is NOT ready to be listed. I mean, we COULD list as it is right now but I think we’d get more money out of the deal if we waited a bit longer to complete what I think are necessary changes to the house. Like painting the big blue monster that is our main room.

Hubby promised me when we first looked at this house that we could change the color of the main room if we ended up buying it. Well like elephants, pregnant women never forget! 🙂 And the room STILL isn’t painted. I threw a fit (no, it was a big fit!) about a week and a half ago about it – so finally it’s going to be painted. We have it on the calender. Thank GOD. I’m so tired of the color. Everyone who comes to our house really likes it – I’m the only one who doesn’t. I’m also the only one who spends the most time here so… it’s getting changed. It’s not that I don’t like blue, I just don’t like THIS blue. It’s too… grey. Which you will think is bizarre considering I’m going to be painting this room grey. Haha. (I know I’m so weird!)

Other things we need to do to the house – are paint the master bedroom, the upstairs bathrooms, and hallways. We really don’t have too much more painting to do (that’s what I keep telling Hubby). We recently put a ceiling in our basement – and it looks SO nice! I’m so glad Hubby finally got around to doing it. We’ll also need to paint the basement, get it leveled (the floors a bit uneven), and install tile. That will be a big job but an absolute necessity before putting the house on the market if we want to be able to ‘bill’ the basement as liveable space. It totally is liveable space but with tile in place, it will be much cozier. We’re going to put all the toys down there and I can’t wait to get them out of our main room. It’s overtaking our life. And we need most of it in order to entertain the minds of our little ladies.

That’s another thing that makes me wary of putting the house on the market. As of September, the girls will be three – which gives us three children under the age of three. Which equals, toys, toys, and baby stuff. 🙂 I know I’ve heard that when you place the house on the market it’s a good idea to de-personalize your home and get rid (or store) anything that is in the way. And that for us, would be a LOT of stuff. Where oh where do I put it all? I sort of think those PODS are like an invitation for people to steal your things. Like, here’s my POD full of all my belongings while we try and sell our home – it’s yours if you can break in! 🙂

So do we complete the necessary projects and not worry about de-children-ing our home? Not worry about the multitudes of family photos on our walls? Our poster collection (in nice frames on a main wall in our home) from concerts we attended? Do we hope that the people who look at our home can look past the toys and personal photos & see the beauty of the home?

And then there’s another thought. Let’s not move. Let’s stay here for a few more years and wait until we have another child. It’s a tight fit right now, but we fit in this house. And I do love our yard. And the location of our home to the highway, restaurants, etc. I don’t love our location in terms of closeness to some pretty ghetto areas… and I don’t love the location in terms of type of hooligans passing by on a daily basis. And although I already have them designed… I’d rather not have to paint/redesign the kids’ rooms again if we moved – holy cow, that was an undertaking. 🙂

It’s so much to think about and the above is just a smattering of my thoughts on the subject. A mere smattering. 🙂

Have you moved homes with your multiples (or pack of children)? How did that work for you, as far as de-personalizing and packing up? Any pointers or tips to pass on?

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Our First Trip to the E.R.

Well. In hindsight Hubby says he thinks he overreacted (I agree). He also thinks that it’s good for peace of mind that we went (I agree).

During naptime, Mags & Junie weren’t napping. Of course, because why would you nap during naptime? That would be so weird. 😉 Anyways, they were running around and before we got up there to get them back to bed we heard a door slam and the inevitable screaming of a child. Not a mad scream, not a left-out scream – it was the “I got hurt and it’s BAD” scream. You moms out there know what I’m talking about – you just KNOW the scream means something bad happened.

Hubby raced upstairs to find Mags in the hallway, her finger swollen as big as one of my fingers. He rushed her downstairs saying to me “We’re going to the hospital.” Hubby thought her finger was broken; I have no experience in broken fingers but it looked kind of gnarly. So I rushed around the kitchen grabbing our diaper bag, a snack, a drink cup. And we quickly decided that I would be the one to take her in.

On the way to the hospital, I realized we forgot to put shoes on her. And I didn’t take her to the Children’s Hospital… I took her to the other children’s hospital that was even farther from our house (the 1st is only five minutes, the one we ended up at is like ten minutes away, no biggie). I was clearly not thinking straight during this emergency – I would make a terrible EMT.

We got checked into the E.R. and were quickly taken back to a room. I was surprised that it went so fast – I guess Children’s E.R.s aren’t as busy as the ones on TV (haha)? Mags got a gown to wear and a bed to sit in. She looked so cute, and so pathetic at the same time. She didn’t like using the bag of ice I had packed for her. The nurse gave her some Tylenol. She suggested Oxycodone initially but I was like Hell No. I can’t take those painkillers myself, and I didn’t want to go overboard on the painkilling. (I don’t want my kid to suffer but Oxy seemed a little drastic.)

The doctor/nurse came in and looked at her finger. Mags become suddenly shy and was very hesitant to let the doctor touch her finger or high five her. She said it was good that she could touch it without Mags throwing a huge fit and that it was probably just fractured but that they would Xray it anyways just to be sure. A few minutes later someone showed us to the Xray room. They asked me if I was pregnant – and I said no, this time for sure. I laughed to myself remembering last April’s visit to the urologist for Mags. She had to get the dye-cathetar test (which includes an Xray) for her kidney. I had answered no to that question last April not knowing that I was indeed pregnant with Snowdrop. Funny how life works. (Snowdrop ended up fine for the record!)

Anyways, Mags did really well during the Xray and they gave her some stickers. She saved two of the stickers – one for Daddy, and one for Junie. (Daddy proudly wore his Snow White sticker when we got home.) What a sweetie to think of her sister who was responsible (we think) for slamming her finger in the door! 🙂

The doctor came in after the Xray and said that it didn’t look like anything was broken, and that they didn’t see any fracture lines but that sometimes with little bones it is hard to see fracture lines. They said that if she was still complaining about the finger in a few days that we were supposed to call her doctor. He ‘buddy-taped’ her finger, which lasted a whole second after he left the room. I convinced Mags to keep hers on if we taped Mickey’s fingers together (we brought her Mickey Mouse with us to the E.R.). Problem solved. 🙂 The tape really only lasted another hour or so before she ripped it off. Oh well…

Okay. Awesome! Her finger is not broken and I only feel mildly stupid for rushing her in. I feel worse for not seeing the Xray! I completely forgot to ask to see it (I really should have) but I really wanted Mags to see it, too. Sort of so she’d understand what we were doing taking pictures of her hand. I really blanked on that – she would have liked to see it, I think.

We were given the all clear to go home and so we did. Crisis averted. Yay! We took home the gown they had given her and the girls have been playing with it ever since. It’s really kind of cute. I wish I had thought to grab another one so they wouldn’t fight over this one. 😉

Today, Mags slept in a little bit (like fifteen minutes more than Junie, big whoop) and is only favoring the finger a little bit more than her others. It’s still a little swollen but not nearly as bad as yesterday. I’m so glad it’s not broken!! Next time, we’ll wait a while before taking her to the hospital, although I am proud that it took us 2 years and 7 months to make our first E.R. trip!! 🙂


I also want to mention that the girls are doing really AWESOME with potty training the last two weeks, and most especially since Thursday/Friday when I took them to purchase a potty seat for the Big Potty (you know, the kind that attaches to the adult potty so they don’t fall in). It is like every 20 minutes someone needs to potty. Yes, it’s so annoying how frequent it is but I’m sticking it out because the end result of NO DIAPERS is so much closer now than it ever was before and we’re really looking forward to having just one daughter in a diaper. 🙂 Well, no poopies on the Big Potty yet but there has been some attempts. I’m so proud of my big girls. 🙂


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Question of the Week: Are you involved in your local Mother’s (Parent’s) of Multiples Club?

Are you involved in your local Mother’s (Parent’s) of Multiples Club?

I am not involved in our local Mothers of Twins/Multiples Club. They charge a yearly fee, plus require you to attend a certain number of meetings, dinners, etc. It’s not that I don’t want to be involved, I do, but fees and requirements just don’t work for us when it comes to something like a Twins Club. Plus, when I inquired the gal told me that most of the mothers are older. Nothing against older moms (seriously) but at the time I was 25. There is certainly a difference between 25 and 37. Certainly, a 37 year old might be able to offer me some good advice – and even though being MoMs might be something we have in common, I doubted there would be much else we’d be able to share. I was really looking to find MoMs (potential friends!!) my age who were raising multiples – moms that I could go out with for girls nights and moms that I could have over for playdates.

I put an ad on Craigslist once, looking for other moms of multiples. I didn’t get any replies. :/

I’m 27 now (will be 28 this year). More and more of our friends are having babies (no friends with multiples yet though – my fingers are always crossed that someone else will get to share in the magic of having multiples) so playdates with other kids are more common now than they were two years ago. I still don’t do girls night out but that’s mainly because I’m too tired at the end of the day to go out AND because although I really enjoy the company of my husband’s friends… I still feel like they’re not MY friends (I don’t know. That’s a whole other post right there!). (MY friends are up in the Big City, living out East, out West, and all over the world… not exactly accessible for Girls Nights Out!)

I’d love to start a multiples playgroup (a FREE group) but I really don’t know where to go other than Craigslist and that didn’t work out the first time – maybe I’ll try again this summer. I am absolutely hoping that when the girls start school there will be other multiples in their class that they can play with. Not that I only want them playing with multiples (that would be weird) but I think being a multiple is a special dynamic and to have friends that share that same quality would be nice.




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Seen & Heard Saturday!

So here’s the thing. On Sundays I (attempt to) follow and play along with Multiples And More! ‘s blogsite Question of the Week. They pose the question, I answer on my blog. It’s fun – and when I do end up getting around to completing the QOTW, I have a new post for my blog. Part of my “resolution” this year (and possibly last year) was to keep up on the QOTW (and write more often) – I really didn’t do well at my resolution after Snowdrop was born but I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. I also like to read the Things I’ve Learned This Week post on Fridays from Nucking Futs Mama and Way Back Wednesdays with Cheryl at Twinfatuation and doing things like participating in the Pioneer Woman’s Photography contests… oh gosh, I can’t think of any other but I know they’re out there! I don’t play along with those blogs but maybe I’ll start doing that, too.

I’ve been having fun with my recent Seen & Heard posts (you can find them here and here) lately. It’s been a good way for me to write down the funny (and definitely weird) things that my kids say… and so in the spirit of QOTW and other blogs that do a weekly post, I’m starting my own: Seen & Heard Saturdays! I’ll just post some cute things the girls have said over the past week. Feel free to play along on Saturdays and post your own! Leave me a comment with a link to your post. If I get crafty enough, I’ll figure out that Mr. Linky thing or make a button. 🙂

So here goes, this week’s Seen & Heard Saturday!


We’re in the bathroom, it’s “potty time” (for what seems to be the MILLIONTH time today). Mags is on the potty. Junie, her wing man, standing right beside her, diaperless. As she hops off the potty, she kisses Junie on the forehead and says to me: “I love her.”


Junie: “I want chocolate orange juice.” (They’ve been really into chocolate milk lately – as a treat.) (Oh. By the way, she didn’t get any chocolate OJ.)


This was months ago but I wanted to include it anyways. The girls had just gotten back from a stay with my In-Laws. They requested cookies before we turned out the light:

Hubby: “Who lets you eat cookies in bed?”

Mags & Junie: “Papa!!” 


We took the girls to the market this morning and got mushrooms from the Mushroom Guy. We let Magnolia hold the paper bag full of crimini mushrooms. (Junie would get to hold the next thing.) A few stands down we were picking up some potatoes. I glanced down at the girls to see Mags chomping on a mushroom, her mouth covered in dirt. “I like mushroom”, she said. Dirt. All over. Her mouth. (Sidenote: We also caught her eating mushrooms (well, almost eating – she had picked it apart and we’re still not sure if she ate some of it) from our yard. We’ll have to watch her on this one. I don’t know what kind of mushrooms those are and I’d rather her not get sick, or worse!)


Junie: “I tired, I need nap.” Then she’ll proceed to grab a blankie & pillow and lay down… for approximately five seconds. Then she’s up and running again.


Seen & Heard, April 2010



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Seen & Heard…

Me: “I love your wild hair today, Junie!”

Junie: “Me hair not wild!! It RED!!!”


Hubby to Magnolia: “Are you my little girl, Mags?”

Magnolia: “No! I dragon!!”


Junie: (cough cough) “I sick, I go doctor!”


The girls were drawing with sidewalk chalk at my In-Laws house today. My MIL said that Junie just turned to her all of a sudden and said quite frankly: “Mommy says it’s going to rain today.”


Junie: “Let’s keep that.” (about an oatmeal choc chip cookie they made with Grandma)


Magnolia: “I no like that.” (about foods she loves, tv shows, anything and everything!)


Junie & Mags: “I want something else.” (anytime I sit down to eat MY food, and every time they don’t eat their breakfast/lunch/dinner – they’re always like “something else!” – they picked this up from Grandma’s house)


For some reason, they like to call out when they see a red car while we’re driving somewhere. Sometimes they talk about other cars or big trucks – but the red cars are their favorite!

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How My Life Has Changed…

On this day every year, I used to do things like this:

(my baking expertise allowed such fanciful creations for special “holidays”)


On this day THIS year, I’ll be doing things like this:

*Bringing Pampers coupons to my friend who uses Pampers for her kid

*Returning videos (Care Bears & The Blue Elephant) to the library that my MIL lent us

*Returning salad bowls to my MIL

*Potty Training my Two Year Olds (which has really gone well the last week! YAY!)

*Laundry – scores of laundry….

*Finding the source of the rancid smell coming from my fridge

*Breastfeeding my Baby (also going well! YAY!!)

*Cleaning off the “computer counter” in our kitchen to make room for our new desktop – I’m SOOOOO excited!! It even has a CD/DVD burner!!!!

*Watching Caillou, Monsters Inc, and Cinderella instead of Half Baked, Cheech & Chong, and Reefer Madness

*Reminiscing about my “former life”! 🙂





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Question of the Week: Child Leashes, Yay or Nay?

How do you feel about child harnesses?

We don’t use child harnesses but that’s only because every time we go to buy them… I figure I should save the money instead of spending it. I mean, we rarely take the girls out anyways so why would we need leashes? That said… I’m a fan of them and wish we had them because I think it would be nice for when we did take them out. Like, on walks around the neighborhood for example. Before Snowdrop was born, we could each “take” a kid and have a nice walk around our ‘hood’ while keeping on eye on whoever was under our charge for the walk. I think they really enjoyed walking by themselves and being able to pick up leaves, rocks, and flowers.

I don’t think they are an example of laziness – what’s lazy about following your kid on a lease? Wouldn’t it be easier (lazier) to have the kids strapped up in a stroller so you don’t have to “walk” them or worry about what their little hands are touching? Or lazier to not take them out at all?

I’m all for leashes. Maybe I’ll get one for Snowdrop when she gets older.

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