It’s RSV.

I called our usual pediatrician’s office knowing he was out of town. I really expected a nurse to be there today, but alas, no nurse to be found. Just a receptionist – who happened to be nice and helpful, which was good because usually they aren’t. She initially told us to go to the ER but we called back and she gave us a recommendation for a different pediatrician. I’m not about to take my kids to the ER until we have a finger on ice in a plastic baggie or someone’s not breathing. We’ve been thinking about switching peds for a while now so at least we’d get to check them out firsthand, right?

So I called the new pediatrician and they could fit in two of the girls to be seen this morning. YAY! Of course we brought all three and of course all three were seen by the doctor. Let me just say that this office is CLEAN. It was such a nice change from the other doctor. They had a wall ruler-thingy to measure height. (At our usual dr they measure with a tape measure…) A fancy head measuring thing! And a digital scale to ensure a correct weight measurement. And the scale had a mobile hanging over it and some stuffed animals, too. Seriously, this office is so much nicer. The exam room was so clean; in the usual office we go to, there are commonly crumbs and just plain dirtiness going around. We really liked this new office even before seeing a doctor.

Junie is 34 inches tall! And weighs 26 pounds. They didn’t measure Mags because she didn’t officially have an appointment. LAME. Snowdrop weighs 14.1 pounds and I didn’t see how long she is…. but it was nice to see how much she weighs. She’s such a porker, I’m not really concerned about her weight gain – it’s more the curiosity of seeing how big she actually is.

So the doctor checked everyone out – even Mags – and determined that they all sounded like crap. She checked Junie & Snowdrop’s oxygen levels, and those checked out just fine. And then she did an RSV swab on Snowdrop – just on her because if she has it, it means that the girls have it too. We do afterall, like to chew on the same toys. And I know at some point the girls snuck (sneaked?) a kiss to the baby when I wasn’t looking. They’ve really missed helping to feed her and hold her – so I’m relieved in a way that they’re all sick now, because now they can “play” together again. 🙂 Anyways, so the RSV swab came back positive (which I expected it would) and the dr wrote prescriptions for all three girls. My poor girls – at least the meds will help. We have a follow-up appointment on Monday with a different doctor in the practice. I’ll be sure to post about the follow-up.

So after a crazy 45 minutes at Walgreens (someone couldn’t figure out that two DIFFERENT people lived at the same address with the same birthday – um, hello, they’re called TWINS) we are now armed with two Opti-Chambers, three inhalers, and two prescriptions for Azithromycin (for the big girls, Snowdrop just has to do the inhaler).

THIS SUCKS. RSV really sucks. Back when the big girls were three/four months old they got it. They’re too young to blow their noses or cough the phlegm up. It’s just so miserable to watch your kids suffer – yes, it could be worse. WAY worse. But it stinks just the same.

But the silver lining of this craziness is that we’ve found a pediatrics practice with THREE doctors, a handful of fantastic nurses (ok, i’m just guessing on that because we only saw one nurse today), and a clean environment with the latest medical equipment (including but not limited to mobiles above the scale & stickers as a treat post-appointment).

We’ll be switching pediatricians officially as of Monday, I think. Hubby & I said we needed to discuss it first but really, what is there to discuss? Old Dr’s Office always said “Give them Benedryl” for EVERYTHING. (*sidenote: I do NOT benedryl my kids. I don’t even like to give them Tylenol when they’re sick. We’re not the type of people to skip right to medicines when it isn’t necessary.) New Dr’s Office says let’s test them all and see what we can do to help them. Is there really anything to discuss here? Nope. 🙂 I mean, we really do LOVE the doctor – it’s just the office and office staff that suck so much. And I really need the whole package to be awesome when it comes to my kids – not just one part.

All three girls are napping now. YAY! 🙂

PS. I’d also like to note that I KNEW, I KNEW, I KNEEEEEEEEEW that the girls had RSV. Mother’s Intuition (which coincidentally is a QOTW that I need to finish writing about). Anyways, I knew my kids were sick and that this wasn’t just a cold. I can’t believe I let some stupid receptionist in scrubs tell me on Wednesday that I’d have to wait until next week to be seen by the doctor. AS IF. Okay, so yes, now that I think about it for another minute… We’re switching doctors. 🙂


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  1. I’m sorry to hear that your girls have RSV. I have lots of friends whose multiples had that.
    The exact same thing happened to us at the pharmacy also when the girls were little with the confusion of two at one address…same birthdate, etc. Kind of crazy they aren’t set up for twins. LOL
    Happy Easter!

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