The Happenings…

Not much has gone on this week other than all three kids coming down with the same nasty cold! Mags had it first, followed by Juniper. Of course, I went into germ-freak-overdrive and disinfected everything, washed my hands a MILLION times over the course of five days, kept the baby in the kitchen to keep her away from the girls. It was my hope to spare her (Snowdrop, the baby) from acquiring this cold but alas, she caught it anyways. I suppose it was bound to happen. My poor kids have been coughing and sniffling, wiping snot off their faces, and dealing with us trying to clean their noses out. Well, it hasn’t gotten that bad yet with Snowdrop – I’m really hoping she avoids the worst of the cold. I’m breastfeeding her, afterall. Isn’t she supposed to get SOME immunities from that?

I narrowed it down to two days. The girls either picked up the disease from the circus two Saturdays ago OR they got it the next day from the sick college girl who sat in the pew in front of us at Mass. Either way, I’m disgusted. Carnie germs or College germs. They’re both pretty bad. In any case, I’m calling the doctor in about fifteen minutes because Snowdrop really sounds like crap and we think she might have RSV. Which sucks. The big girls had RSV when they were babies and it was one of the worst experiences of my life as a mother. The worst.

The receptionist told me on Wednesday when I wanted to bring Snowdrop in that I couldn’t give the baby Benedryl (like I would anyways) and that I could set up a humidifier to help her. The doctor is “on conference” and won’t be back until next week. If she wasn’t better the next day, I should call back & they’ll set up an appointment for next week even though a nurse practitioner is there this week. Well, I didn’t call back because she hadn’t gotten much worse but by last night she was wheezing. Ugh. I really hate it when my kids are sick! Mags has a low fever today (99.9 something) (well, it was 100.3 last night) & Junie feels a little warm but I didn’t take her temperature. Something about a morning melt-down about wanting a banana distracted me from taking her temperature – she’s such a little minx.

Anyways. So we’re missing an Easter Egg Hunt at the local YMCA today because they’re sick. And we’ll be skipping their friend’s birthday party tomorrow because they’re sick. And of course, I’m torn about what to do on Sunday. It’s Easter. It’s like the most important day to attend Mass. I think even maybe more important than Christmas! And if they’re sick, well, I can’t take them to church and get other people sick. Because clearly, you can get germs in church. Bad ones based on the way my children sound these days, let me tell you.

Okay. Time to call the doctor’s office. Blagh.


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