Seen & Heard Recently

Me (cleaning up the girls after lunch): “Juniper. Hold on hold on. Come back here. I need to wipe that peanut butter beard off your face. You don’t want to have a peanut butter beard!!”

Juniper: “I want peanut butter beard!”


J: “Mommy! I take clothes off!”

Me: “Junie, why did you do that?”

J: “Cause.” (runs away from me)


Magnolia: “I want Daddy O!” (Normally the girls have organic O’s cereal. When we’re out of it, they eat Daddy O’s – aka, Honey Nut Cheerios! )


Me: Girls, what do you want for breakfast?

M & J: Eat-meeeel (Oatmeal)


M: Baby Snowdrop eat Mommy boobie now??

Me: Yep! Baby Snowdrop is hungry!

M (climbs onto couch next to me, places hand on my shoulder): “I watch.”


(Anytime we’re in the car.)

M & J: Red mean ‘top. Geen mean go! (translation: red means stop, green means go. they learned this from Caillou.)

(And sometimes Mags will say “Geen mean stop. Red mean go!” And Junie will say: “NOOOOO Magnolia!!! RED MEAN ‘TOP. GEEN MEAN GOOOOOOO!!! NO NO NO NO NO!!! RED MEAN TOP!!!!”)


(Watching basketball with Daddy)

M (cheers for other team): YAY!!! (clap clap clap)

Hubby: No no no. We’re cheering for the blue team! We don’t like the white team.

M: Ooooh. Okay Daddy.

(White team scores a basket.)
(Hubby throws a fit, yells at the TV and sits back down.)

M (places hand on Hubby’s leg): It’s awl-right Daddy.


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