The Bunny Came to Our House!!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are having as lovely a weekend as we are(other than the RSV of course)!

Before dinner last night, we wrote a letter to the Easter Bunny and left him a carrot. And laid our baskets out on the doorstep so the bunny had something to put his treats in – IF he decided to come to the house. We left the girls with some extra anticipation.

After they went to bed, I stuffed plastic eggs with Raisinets and M&M’s and some plastic froggies that hop. I put together their baskets with grass, more plastic eggs, a few Play-doh eggs, new headbands (49 cents from Gymboree!!), a grow-a-bunny (put it in water and it will grow…), new sippy cups with straws and of course some bunny ears. Then I hid the baskets and ate the carrot.

I also laid out bunny footprints. They weren’t really fantastic footprints, in my opinion, but they would do for the occasion. Next year I plan on having better footprints in different colors. Both trails were white and I think that was confusing to my two year olds.

So when we went to bed (eh, like 12am), I went to check on the girls and leave eggs & footprints in their room. I was very excited. It would be fun for them to wake up with eggs and footprints in their room and it might have bought us a little extra sleep-time while they played in their room. No sooner did I leave their room – Juniper wakes up!!! She gets SO EXCITED!!!! She piled the eggs (10 eggs) and the footprints into the middle of their room, one big pile. And then she started crying- unconsolably, hystericaly middle of the night wants to go downstairs and see what else the bunny left. I mean, completely unconsolable. We must have gone in the room seven times to quiet her down. Every time we went in there, she wanted a yellow egg. So we’d give her an egg to sleep with and we’d leave. Then we’d go back into their room because she’d be crying again – and she would have put the yellow egg back into her main pile of eggs and footprints. It was crazy and didn’t end until Hubby took all eggs and footprints out of their room. Magnolia never woke up during the entire episode and kept snoring away.

He (Hubby) must not have closed their door all the way because we heard some rustling in the hallway a short time later. Junie had opened their door and found the footprints and eggs that led to the staircase, which is guarded by a gate. She was desperately collecting the footprints and eggs, trying not to fumble any as she stretched her arms under the gate in attempt to grab the eggs and footprints waiting at the top of the steps. It was a sight to see and I’m not quite sure how Hubby maintained his composure. I was watching from our room, wishing I had thought to get the camera out.

She finally went back to bed (this is like 1am by now) and we were able to get some sleep before Snowdrop woke up to eat. She has been sick the last few days so she had slept through the night twice this past week. Since getting on the breathing treatment has been waking up for her usual once-per-night feeding. I’d honestly rather her wake up once a night and a not be sick, than be able to get a full night’s sleep myself.

So the girls were up pretty early this morning (8am) screaming at their door to be let out. Junie was a little less excited than Mags, who scrambled and picked up all the upstairs eggs before Junie even left their room. But they had lots of fun following the footprints and finding their Easter baskets. And then they had fun finding all the eggs the bunny had hidden around our house! Oh, and the bunny left them sidewalk chalk and Shrek 2. What a thoughtful bunny!! 😉

One thing though that the “bunny” didn’t think of… was the Raisinets. I suppose when I bought them I thought that if it was chocolate covered raisins then it was healthier for the girls than straight-up chocolate. Right? Well what I didn’t consider was that the small piles of chocolate covered raisins would end up looking like little piles of bunny poop all over my house!!! Hahahahahaha. We definitely had a good laugh about this when the girls came downstairs and started dumping the egg contents everywhere.

The girls are now playing with their baskets and eggs while Hubby sleeps on the couch and I blog about our morning so as not to forget it. (Plus, I’m pumping in the kitchen next to the computer so… might as well, right? :))


I hope everyone else has a fantastic Easter today & don’t forget the reason for the season: Christ died for our sins and was resurrected today and this (the Resurrection) is why we celebrate Easter. We, as Catholics, I should say. I’m not so sure about other religions. ANYWAYS, to each his own and Happy Easter to all! 🙂


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